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Duration of Cleaning Supplies

How Long Do Household Cleaning Items Last?

We use a variety of cleaning supplies everyday and take many steps at replacing cleaning supplies on a set schedule. At Crisis Cleaners, we do this for our customers and employment safety and well being. We hope to share with you some of our best practices and why do it this way. Many food items have product dates on them that indicate the product should be “used by”, or “best if used by” or “sold by” an assured date. In most of the cases, these dates are posted willingly by the producer to help the customer to know the time limit to purchase or use the product at its finest value. But, some cleaning solutions and other products don’t have a dates that can tell the recommend time an item is considered effective, fit for use or sale. Replacing cleaning supplies helps lead to a safer and overall cleaner home. The following are the products that often don’t have a product life and thus can affect their efficiency.


Sponge is the one of the most important household cleaning item used for washing and cleaning things. They are effective for 15 to 20 days thus they should be replaced between these days. They are especially good for water based solutions and gripping water. It contains more germs than anything else in your house. Thus, it is very important to keep the sponge clean if you want your sponge last longer.

 The following are some easy steps to clean the sponge:

  • After every use of the sponge, you should wash it with hot water and squeeze it for dry before placing in soap stand.
  • You should use a good and germ-free spray when cleaning your counters with your sponge daily.


The mop is a bundle of yarn or a piece of absorbent material such as sponge or cloth used to soak up liquid for cleaning surfaces. Mop heads are typically flat and are frequently removable so that they can be washed and used once more. As there is no product dates on it so you should replace the mop head when it shows signs of needing to replace

Photo by voltamax / Pixabay

 Following are some steps which will make your mop last longer for use on your floors:

  • Whenever you finished mopping you should wash the dirt and the cleaning detergent from the mop. If the traces of dirt left on the mop then it can be damaging.
  • Before storing the mop wring it and allow it to dry to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Hang the mop so that mop head is not brushing against the floor and store it in a cool dry place until the next use.

Dish Rag:

Dishrags are household cleaning items made by microfiber, cotton or other cloth that are used in kitchens to clean dishes and other surfaces. These are sometimes called dish cloth and towels.

Following are some steps that will make your dish rag last longer:

  • Use the dishcloth only for washing dishes and do not wipe anything else with your dish cloth.
  • After you wipe your kitchen surface wash your dish rags in hot water.
  • You should use the paper towels for wiping up a huge puddle of spilled milk instead of dish cloths.
  • Do not be afraid to use more than one dish rag per day, you should use more than one dish rag if needed.


A duster is a cleaning item which is used to remove the dust from floors and furniture. Cleaning dusters come in many shapes and sizes. There are many types of dusters available in the market such as feather dusters, vacuum dusters, microfiber dusters, compressed air dusters and much more. But the purpose of all dusters is to remove the dust. You should replace the duster when it shows signs of needing to replace.

Following are some points which will help you maintain your dusters for longer:

  • If you are using feather duster then clean it after every use.
  • Do not wash dusters in the washing machine.
  • By following the above methods your household cleaning items will last longer.


We can make this process easier for you with our residential maid cleaning service. Replacing cleaning supplies should be done at regular intervals for a safer home.

Organized House

How to Keep a House Organized

Having an organized house can improve many aspects of your life. Your home is the place where you feel most comfortable. So it’s very important to keep it organized and mess free. Some of us think that this is a challenging task, but we can make it simple by making a list and writing down everything that needs to be organized and then prioritizing the list by using a letter or the number system and deciding what needs to be done first that can help you know where to start.

Following are some of the ways to organize a house that you can add to your every day routine and notice the difference in how your house looks after that.


Bedroom is the room for sleeping. In the well-organized house, the bedroom should be clean, attractive and organized. The following are some points you should keep in mind if you want an organized bedroom:

  • In the morning making the bed as soon as you get up is the best way to clean and organize your
  • You should wipe your bed side table with dusting spray and microfiber cloth.
  • You should hamper a bag in your closet in which you can throw items that do not work anymore.
  • Throw clothes on a chair or bed is a bad habit. You should hang them in the separate section of your closet.
  • You should wash the clothes in the evenings so you have time to dry and fold the clothes. Don’t keep the unfolded clothes at chair or bed.


Keeping your bathroom organized is very important whether it is big or small. An organized bathroom is more sanitary and relaxing. You can organize your bathroom by using following points:

  • Spray your shower with cleaner after each shower and wipe the surfaces quickly.
  • Throw out the outdated things from the bathroom such as scissors or razors and any makeup over a year old.
  • Hang your towels on the hook in the bathroom. Do not leave the towels in the tub or on the floor.
  • You should clean your toilet daily with the toilet cleaner and then use a wipe to clean your seat.
  • You should keep your conditioner, razor, shampoo and whatever else you need within easy reach for an organized bathroom.


A kitchen is a place or a room that is used for cooking. Modern kitchens are equipped with stove, sink, refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. You use your kitchen daily so it is a critical place to maintaining an organized house. If your kitchen is well organized then it will look more attractive. So keep in mind these following tips:

  • Do not collect dishes in the sink for a long time. You should clean the dishes after breakfast, lunch.
  • Keep your kitchen counters clean before and after making food or anything else.
  • Wipe your kitchen stove and the microwave after every use.
  • If you want an organized kitchen then you should clean your refrigerator once in the week. Throw out the expired products from the refrigerator.
  • Use airtight containers for storing the sugar, flours, spices, herbs, candy, snacks, cereal, baking supplies, and more with the labels to help everyone in your family know where everything goes.

The above are the main parts of the house and how to keep those parts of your home organized. If your bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms are organized then it is very easy to keep your house organized.

Following are some other key points that you should keep in mind for an Organized House:

  • You should use the filing cabinets for a TV stand.
  • You should hide a cluttered bookshelf with curtains.
  • Keep your living room mess free.
  • You should decide the breakfast menu before sleeping at night.
  • Keep your keys and bags organized in the same spot. So you always know where they are.

At Crisis Cleaners we can help both with regular cleanings and with some general home organizational assistance. Keeping an organized house will help you save time daily and also make it easier to keeping it cleanly.

Hiring A Company or an Individual

Hiring An Individual Cleaner vs. Hiring A Cleaning Company

When you look into hiring a cleaner you have choices, the options are hiring a company or an Individual. If you thinking about hiring a cleaner there are some important factors to consider. There are two options available for you – you can select from different companies that provide their own cleaning services or you can hire an individual to clean your house.

Now, there are actually a number of reasons why you require a company instead of an individual worker and these are given below:



You may think that hiring an individual cleaner is easier since it cheaper and less annoying than dealing with a company. At the very least you may have to provide the cleaner with 1099 or other such forms as a contractor, or at least keep records of it. You will also have to verify employment eligibility and keep records of it. All of this could put the household at risk with the IRS.

Reasons to hire a company.


Insurance must be your greatest concern when hiring a cleaner. You will have to worry about it if the cleaner breaks something in your home. Individual workers are more more prone to break things than cleaning services. They are also less likely to be insured and bonded which can make getting reimbursed very difficult.

The reason is the services provided by the companies can afford to get the suitable coverage for each job in the house. When you hire a company, anything that goes wrong in your home during cleaning will be paid for by the company’s liability insurance.

While great care is taken not to break anything, accidents do happen. If they do and you cleaner doesn’t have insurance it will be very difficult to get reimbursed.


Individuals are humans. They have bad days and good days. They get sick and have families. When you hire a single employee, what happens when they get sick and cannot come in for a some days in a week? Do you let your house fall into a state of disrepair?

A home cleaning company makes sure this does not happen – they will always haves someone over when needed since they have an entire team of home cleaners to call upon when required.



This is a common problem raised by most home cleaning customers with individual workers on their payroll. There is nothing as irritating as having to go to local store to purchase the tools or products your cleaner says they require for the cleaning.

Hiring a Company

If you hire a cleaning company, though, the cleaners arrive  with all the chemicals and products they require to leave your house span and spick. From all the details above it should be obvious why hiring a company or an individual shouldn’t be a question a customer considers.

The right home cleaners should make your life easier and home beautiful. After all, the reason so many homeowners hire others to clean their houses is so they do not have to worry about that. Enjoy the advantages of a clean house and cut out the worries and risks of legal issues by simply finding the best professional  home cleaning service in your area and making the call.

Contact Crisis Cleaners to see how we can help in your home cleaning needs.

Save Time With Home Cleanings

We all know that hiring someone to perform a task saves us time so it isn’t surprising that our customers save time with home cleanings. It is also interesting that hiring a home cleaning company not only saves time but also improves happiness. A new research reveals and challenging the long time theory that money can’t buy happiness. It turns out; actually it can – if you use that extra money to buy yourself some free time by hiring somebody to do ordinary household tasks like cooking cleaning, washing & gardening that means you can buy happiness.

Money Can Buy Happiness

Home Cleaning Tops List

Besides food preparation household cleaning is the number two chore in an average house. On top of that items like household activities and kitchen cleanup can also be completed by a thorough household cleaning. The average household spends one and half hours on those three tasks every day. While obviously a cleaning service can’t do your dishes each night after dinner it can greatly reduce the amount of effort done each evening after work on household chores.

Average amount of time spent on household tasks

Buying Time and Increased Happiness

According to an analysis of the data showed that people who spent money in ways that gave them more free time to relax & stay stress free reported greater life satisfaction.

A new study published Monday in the Proceeding of the National Academy of science revealed that those who spent money on time-saving purchases and services had greater life satisfaction, the results of which hold up after accounting for income. If adults regularly paid for cleaning, cooking, doing the groceries, and some other household tasks done then they reported higher life pleasure.

Time Versus Material Items

To test whether buying time actually led to the better life satisfaction and happiness or not, the researchers employed 30 adults to spend $30 on a time-saving purchase on one weekend and a separate $30 on a material purchase on another.

Increased optimistic effects, less pessimistic effects, and less stress was noticed by most participants for the time-saving purchase rather than material purchase. With this research it is harder to ignore the fact that money can buy happiness. When done to free up time to spend on more important parts of their lives.

If you look at the scientific research and studies on how to buy happiness, you will get evidence supporting numerous other ways to achieve this. Buying your favorite item, delicious food, or material goods. Also spending money on things that match your values, or can please your need for establishing or expressing your identity. Spending money on other social welfare items through charitable giving or to get better relations with people we care about – helps to fulfill our desire for human connections. Spending on experiences has been repeatedly shown to increase happiness.

There’s no magical answer for how to have more money to get the greatest happiness. For several people, spending money to save time and improve well-being isn’t even on their radar. Some actually they don’t even care about it. We hope this research will give people a new, refreshing and an existing understanding of the abstract value of investing money in free time to buy happiness.

Moreover, giving ourselves a bit more time could make us a lot happier in the long run.

Home Cleanings Provides A Large Time Savings

At Crisis Cleaners our house cleaning service can save the average customer more than 6 hours of their time. While most of our clients need less than 4 hours to clean their house our teams have all the supplies in hand when they walk in. This enables them to clean your entire home quickly and save you even more time then you paid for. This enables our customers to spend even more precious time with their families.

Allow us to show you how to save time with home cleaning. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or discuss other ways we can better serve you.

Why You Need a Deep Clean for Your Home

Major Benefits

This may come as a shocking to you, but there are actually many advantages of having your house deep cleaned. It is not just because it makes your home look nice, but there are many mental and physical health benefits to deep cleanings as well as beneficial for your actual house. Here are some ways that deep cleaning your house can benefit you –


Aids Creative Thinking:

As unusual as it may sound, organized homes provide a way to organized thoughts. Clean and neat house give way to innovative ideas and clearing your home may actually mean clearing your mind. You now understand what to do to crack that project you have been working on for long time, but still have not gotten anywhere.


 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness:

That’s true, removing unwanted objects and dust from your home can make  your house feel lighter and fresher. Cleanliness helps uplift the energy of your home and maintains a peaceful vibe.


 Do It For The Hygiene:

There is only so much your regular mopping, brooming and dusting can take care of. A deep-clean gives you a chance to explore areas that not visible to the naked eye. It also prevents the ever-multiplying pests and harmful bacteria at bay. Let your home sparkle and shine.


Get Child-Friendly:

With harmful bacteria, toxic substances and dust particles all around, children are more prone to infections, allergies and diseases. If you have children at home, a house deep clean could be one of your best investments. Once you have childproofed your home, let the children mark stains, make dirty and create a mess, they are kids, after all, free play is good for their development and growth. At regular intervals of time, get your house deep cleaned without stressing yourself out.


 Long Term Investment:

Yes, a clean house does speak volumes about your personality. Cleanliness adds to the overall elegant appeal of your home along with other elements like furnishings and décor. Also, regular maintenance by deep cleaning boosts up the shelf life of your mattresses, carpets, sofas and curtains, etc. So what you waiting for? Book our Crisis Cleaners services and experience the difference.

Our experts at Crisis Cleaners offer detailed and ultimate residential cleaning services for our valued customers, designed to keep your house looking its best all year round. We can save you time, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Deep Cleaning Services Offered

Well Deserved Praise!

Feedback is often from negative experiences as opposed to providing well deserved praise of others. I was reading an article earlier how Comcast no longer has the lowest customer service ranking. This article was timely for two reasons.

Comcast Customer Satisfaction

One was last year we switched to Comcast for our business. Overall their technicians were prompt and gave us realistic expectations on what to expect and how long everything would take. After everything was setup I got an email for a survey and I, like most people, usually ignore them. As their team did a good job and explained other items we needed to take care of sure as call forwarding between our incoming lines and how to do so through the web interface I felt that I would comment on how courteous they were.

Less than a week later I got an email from a manager saying how pleased he was to hear back from us and that I gave his team well deserved praise. The truth is that most people only remember the worst of any service they receive. That doesn’t mean that when we get bad service we shouldn’t comment on it but all too often we don’t let people know when someone goes above and beyond to do a great job.

How to prepare your home for cleaning

Prepare for an Initial Cleaning

We commonly hear from our customers before initial cleanings on how to prepare your home for cleaning. Although each customer is different when it comes to what should or should not be done within their home there are some best practices we can share. The following are a few suggestions on what can be done to prepare for the cleaner’s arrival.

Declutter Floor and Counters

Be sure to declutter as much as possible. The fewer items sitting out on surfaces, the more effective dusting can be. If table tops or counters have too many items to remove, dusting will be done around those items. Also, pick up as much as you can from your floors to ensure our cleaners are able to vacuum or mop all areas of your flooring.
Our cleaners will change the bed sheets if you want them to. If you want your sheets changed be sure to place the clean sheets on the bed the day of scheduled cleaning. This allows the cleaner to have no doubt whether the beds should made or the sheets need to be changed.

De-clutter your home

While are staff is trained to move items around to give your house a thorough cleaning the more items that are out on floors or counters will limit how much they can get to in one cleaning.


Special Cleaning Supplies

If you prefer the cleaners to use your cleaning products, be sure to leave them out in an area where the cleaners can find them when they first arrive to your home. While our cleaners use safe cleaning products we recognize that many of our customers have different sensitivities and allergies. Making our staff and our cleaners aware that you will provide cleaning supplies helps us avoid confusion and be better prepared for your home for cleaning.

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