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11 Top Action Items On Our Move In Checklist

11 Most Important Things to Do Before Moving into a New House

There are some things that most of us tend to forget until the last minute, which should really be done well prior to moving into a new house. This is why we have put together a checklist of 11 things you need to do prior to moving into your new living space. This list will make sure your house is clean with a move in cleaning but also many other tasks are taken care of ahead of time. Our move in checklist will make your moving day a lot less stressful.

Top 11 Move In Checklist Items

Move In Cleaning

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  1. Connect Your Energy

Set up Utilities

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Before moving into a new home, you have to disconnect the energy that is under the name of the previous tenant and reconnect it under your own name. This process is actually very simple as all you have to do is to simply call the energy provider in that area. Then give them your preferred connection date, your address, contact numbers as well as concession and identification details if need. It is very important that you do this before your moving day so that the previous tenants will not be charged for your energy consumption and vice versa. Having your utilities switched is always a top item on a move in checklist.

  1. Establish a Stable Internet Connection

Internet Connection

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This needs to be done in at least 3 weeks before you move in. As a matter of fact, most internet service providers nowadays are usually booked a few weeks in advance which means you have to do this right away. Living in a new home without a stable internet connection can be very inconvenient and frustrating so you have to book it early to save yourself the stress and hassle.

  1. Change Your Address

Update your address

It is best to change your address as soon as possible so that the tenants of your old address will not be bothered by your mails anymore and that way, you’ll never have to rely on them to forward your mail. To do this, simply notify the post office of your new location and then contact government agencies as well. Then contact any individual businesses promptly in order to make sure that your mail is going to the right place. Aside from that, you should never forget to:

  • Update box-style or magazine subscriptions
  • Contact your car registration and insurance provider in order to change your address.
  • Update the details of your electoral roll.
  • Update your superannuation funds details.
  • Let your bank know you have moved.
  1. Update Your Family and Friends with Your New Contact Information

Let family and friends know

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Even though it’s essential to make sure that you have officially changed your address to business-related contacts. It is also important that you update your relatives and friends. You can simply send around a template email or text message notifying people of your new phone number and address. This way your loved ones can contact you easily when you have already moved into a new house.

  1. Pack a Box for Unpacking

unpacking tools

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One of the most important things that you need to pack first when moving to a new home is an unpacking box. This should include allen keys or any tools that you may need in order to construct furniture. We recommend screwdrivers, scissors, masking tape, glue, dust cloths. As well as labeled ziplock bags that contain screws from the furniture you have dismantled during the move. Having these important things all in the same box can definitely help you save your sanity. It will also save time when it comes to setting up your new house.

  1. Have a Plan for Pets and Children

Pets and Children

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Make sure you have thought about your pets and young kids will do during your moving day. It can be helpful to ask someone, like your family member or friend to help out so that you can be able to focus on organizing your move.

  1. Organize House and Contents Insurance

Update Insurance

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The moment you move into a new home, it is very important that you contact your own insurance provider. It is crucial in order to make sure that you are covered during the entire duration of your move. Furthermore, your current house insurance policy must cease the day after you have moved out from your old home. Your next insurance policy must begin the day prior to your move. That way, you will be totally covered during the day of your move when you technically are not living anywhere. Insurance is often overlooked and while your furniture should be insured by a moving company if anything happens that you move yourself you want it to be covered. Using our move in checklist will help prevent this from being an issue.

  1. Have Your New Home Cleaned Professionally

Theoretically speaking, most residential properties will be given a thorough cleaning before the previous tenants or owners move out. However, a house or apartment will sometimes be empty for a longer period of time and that means it needs another cleaning session prior to moving int. This is the reason why you should make sure that you hire a house cleaning service. They specialize in thorough house cleaning and can have them steam your carpets. You can also let them perform a thorough cleaning job on the kitchen and the bathrooms.

  1. Have Spare Keys Cut

Have Spare Keys Made

Photo by Capri23auto / Pixabay

You should do this as soon as possible after you have received the keys to your new home. Often times it is recommended to change your locks when moving into a new house. This prevents anyone else that still has an old key from entering into the house unwanted. Moving days are really busy and stressful that’s why it is very easy for your keys to get locked inside the house or get lost most especially as you do not have a set key routine at the new residence yet. As much as possible, have all your keys cut for every member of the family and have another set for family members who live nearby if you want.

  1. Pack a Separate Box for Your First Night

Essential First Night Items

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The first night box is just as essential as the un-packing box. You both need boxes in order for you to have a successful, efficient and swift move. Your first night box must contain basic toiletries, change of clothing, pajamas, toilet paper, bed linen, towels. It should also have any other essentials you might require such as a coffee maker or tea bags. Your first night is definitely tiresome and the last thing you want to do is to search through piles of boxes at midnight just to find your toothbrush. Being prepared for the first night and every other night is key for our move in checklist.

  1. Check for Plumbing Leaks

Check for Plumbing Leaks

Photo by BBLDWP / Pixabay

A professional home inspector might have probably done this before you closed the deal. It never really hurts to double check the house. For instance, even if you do not have any plumbing leaks to repair, chances are that there are other fixtures that need repair or replacement such as a broken kitchen sink. You should also check for running toilets and dripping faucet. Also check the water heater of your new home for any signs of leakage.

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