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Ultimate Move Out Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Top 5 Move Out Cleaning Checklist Recommended by Experts

Moving into a new home is definitely stressful and quite a time-consuming event since it consists a lot of tasks. From looking for reliable moving service providers to the packing and unpacking of your boxes and huge furniture at your new house, there’s definitely a lot of paperwork and legwork involved during the entire moving process. In addition to that, cleaning your old house prior to moving out and your new home prior to moving in is considered as a very important step.  Lucky for you, we have asked advice from some cleaning experts. Which is why we were able to come up with this move out cleaning checklist. This checklist is definitely a must have when cleaning your home regardless if you would want to hire a professional cleaning service or do all the cleaning on your own.

Move Out Checklist

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If you’re currently renting your place, then it’s imperative that you leave your rented apartment or home well cleaned. It is often this is required by a landlord to get back your security deposit. Furthermore, if you’re selling your home, then organizing and cleaning it is really important to boost your chances for getting a better and reasonable deal. Aside from that, in order for you to save time, it’s highly advised that you come up with a detailed cleaning checklist as well as make a list of all the cleaning supplies and tools that you need for the entire cleaning process. Below, you will learn the most important areas in your home that you should clean before moving into your new home.

From Top to Bottom

The move out cleaning process can be daunting for anyone in the process moving. We hope this checklist along with other guides and tips in other blog postings will help in making that transition easier. This blog along  our other with guidelines of what to do several weeks before you move and what to do before you move in to a new house should all provide a checklist of items you may overlook. This move out cleaning checklist is probably the most crucial in this series of posts as it should be addressed as all your belongings are packed up and everything will feel rushed.

It’s essential that you must clean every spot in your house in order to make your home shine. Then start cleaning the window frames and doors by scrubbing them since they are usually skipped during the cleaning process. You should also mop hard floors and steam clean carpet. This will make sure that you give your home a thorough cleaning and for you to leave a spotless flooring anywhere in the house prior to your move. Aside from that, you should not forget to thoroughly clean light fixtures. You can do this by wiping it and you should clean up wall stains as well. Below, you will be able to learn a more detailed cleaning checklist.

  1. Achieving a Spotless and Shining Kitchen

Spotless Kitchen

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The kitchen is often the hardest area of the house to clean. Special consideration should be taken if you’re moving your huge appliances like your microwave, stove, and fridge, or even your dishwasher. You should clean and dismantle them at least 3 to 4 days prior to your move. This way, your large appliances will be ready to move on moving day. During your moving day, you can order a delivery or eat out. Food is something that you should limit when you pack to move into a new home.

Clean your appliances in and out using the right detergent and make sure to clean the oil stains thoroughly. Furthermore, if you are planning to leave some appliances behind, ensure that you leave these appliances in good condition to. Before moving, consider cleaning the floor under the stove and the fridge. Wipe countertops and scrub sink. After packing glasses and dishes, clean drawers and cabinets well.

  1. Thoroughly Inspect and Clean the Bathroom

Clean Bathroom

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Sanitize and scrub every inch of the bathroom from top to bottom. Make sure to get rid of any mold and mildew. You can do a thorough cleaning of the bathroom a few days prior to moving. Then you can be able to do a quick clean the moment you leave the place. Wipe and empty drawers and only leave a small container or pouch with toothbrush, toothpaste, a towel and soap for the last days.

Make sure to throw away expired cosmetics and medications. Wash vanities and cabinets. Wipe mirror frames and mirrors. You should also scrub drains and sink, as well as shine faucets. Make sure to clean the bathtub and shower and sanitize the toilet. You may also use an abrasive product to achieve a much better result. Lastly, wipe the toilet paper holder, all hooks, towel racks, and dust light fixtures. The bathroom is often where a lot of grime builds up don’t forget to address this on our move out cleaning checklist.

  1. Clean Your Living Room and Bedrooms

Clean bedrooms and living rooms

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Cleaning as well as moving large appliances and furniture can be very hectic. However, cleaning the living room and bedrooms before your move is very important. This is the reason why most people choose to hire a professional residential cleaning service because they want to make sure that every corner of the house will be cleaned before they move out. Aside from that, hiring a professional residential cleaning service also lets you have a stress-free and hassle-free move.

On the other hand, should you decide to clean the house on your own, consider following this guide in order to achieve a swift and effective cleaning system. Make sure to empty and wipe shelves and closets. Empty and clean wardrobe thoroughly. Mop the floor, steam clean your carpet, as well as dust furniture. You should also never forget to clean the area under the bed. Wash all the curtains and drapes even if you’re planning to leave them behind.

  1. Make Sure to Clean Your Garage and the Outdoors

Clean Garage and outdoors

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The outside area of the house as well as the garage are often neglected by most people when moving into a new house. If your garage is messy after you have packed all the things that you’re taking with you on your move, make sure to discard any items that you are thinking of leaving behind. Make sure to take out all the garbage and clean oil stains or any other stains if there are any. You should also sweep dirt as well as clean shelves. Most importantly, clean your landscape and mow the lawn.

  1. Consider Professional Help When Cleaning

Professional House Cleaning Services

A professional house cleaning service can definitely help you during your moving day. But, the point is, regardless of who will do all the cleaning stuff, just make sure that you leave your apartment or house tidied and cleaned thoroughly. Furthermore, if you’re selling your residential property, you may even consider renovating some parts of it. The 5 items listed in this move out cleaning checklist will help keep your stress down while moving.

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