1. Do the cleaners bring their own supplies?
    Yes, we supply them with all the supplies needed to clean your home. If requested, “green products” can be used for a small additional charge.
  2. What services are provided during cleaning?
    See list here.
  3. Do we have cleaners that are okay with animals?
    Yes, we prefer you contain them in a room within the house if possible but if not, we have employees that enjoy the company.
  4. Are our cleaners bonded and insured?
  5. How many people would we send?
    Depending on availability, we would send 2 employees for 2 hours or less of cleaning or 1 employee for 4 hours or less of cleaning.
  6. Do we work weekends?
    At this time we do not offer weekend cleaning.
  7. Do our cleaners speak English?
    We do have several employees who can speak english well enough to take direction from the customer.
  8. Do we accept credit cards?
    Yes, service can be paid online using a credit card.
  9. Does the customer need to be home when the cleaner is there?
    Not always. We have numerous customers who have provided us keys to their home that the cleaner picks up the day of the cleaning and returns once the work has been completed.