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10 Spring Cleaning Tips for your House

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for your House

Spring cleaning is celebrated across cultures. The annual spring clean has become a tradition across many countries. It is a day when the house is thoroughly wiped clean off all kinds of dust and germs. These spring cleaning tips will help jump start your house cleaning process. Spring cleaning is important today because it often happens right after the winter season when you’ve over-used the fireplace. Stayed indoors for months on end with dirt building up. Also we make efforts to prevent the heat around the house from escaping. Right after this when the summer arrives, you make every effort possible to get fresh air back into the house. We then clean it properly from all the grime that has accumulated over the winter months.

Here is a compilation of useful 20 spring cleaning tips that may come in handy when you’re all set with your spring cleaning checklist:

Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Circle your way around the kitchen –

Always begin cleaning your kitchen right from the oven and then move clockwise. Often times the dishwasher is close to the oven. That is why it is a good idea to move clockwise and clean the dirty dishes then the counters and then the bigger appliances. Soak all the dirty pans and knobs from the oven in soapy water and then let them wash away the grease off themselves for a while until you clean up the rest of the kitchen. Then, at the end, wipe away the grease from these items

2. Cabinets –

Ugly looking build up starts collecting around the cabinets and their handles. It is very important to keep this grease from settling in on the cabinets otherwise it becomes really difficult to clean up. Try to purchase a good cabinet cream from your nearby store whenever you go to collect your cleaning supplies and wipe the grease away from your cabinets by applying it on a fiber cloth.

3. Sanitizing the sink –

The sink in your kitchen is reported to have even more bacteria than your toilet. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you sanitize it at all times on a regular basis to keep it germ free since all your dishes go in there as well and you do not want to end up sick and unwell because of these bacteria. To disinfect your sink, you need to clean your sink with water and soap. Then, use vinegar with a mist of hydrogen peroxide and clean the sink with a cloth.

4. Dishwasher –

Use baking soda on a cloth to wipe away dirt from your dishwasher. Try to follow this routine once every week so that your dishes are washed in a clean and healthy dishwasher.

5. Windows –

Often people forget to clean the windows just as well from the outside as they do from the inside. Remove all spots and smudges from the outside of the windows as well to effectively spring clean your windows. A good tip would be to wash these windows on a cloudy day. This way the sun will not be around the dry up the cleanser before you are done wiping it off.

6. Stainless Steel –

All items with stainless steel start to look extremely unpleasant if they are not bright and shining. To keep these items sparkling for a long time make sure your spring clean them by using a mix of waxed based aerosol spray on a cloth and wiping off all sorts of grimy dirt from it.

7. Counter tops –

Granite stains are the toughest to remove. The best tip to prevent this is to make sure that as soon as your countertops are installed you get them sealed properly a few times. You can check the quality of the seal by the water beads from droplets on its surface.

8. Disinfect –

Cut up some lemon, mix with salt and a few ice cubes to prevent the odors that sometimes arise in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will not only help prevent the bad smell but also keep the areas disinfected from bacteria.

9. Bathrooms –

A good tip to clean the glass shower doors in bathroom is to rub a teaspoon of lemon oil at least two times in a month so that the stains from waters beads are easily washed off. Make sure you scrub and clean the toilet, bathtub, toilet sink, faucets and counter tops effectively.

10. Wooden Floors –

Mopping your wooden floors every single week will end up ruining them. You should only wet clean them once or twice a month. Use a good furniture protector to avoid scratches from being formed on these wooden floors.





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