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5 Easy House Cleaning Hacks and Tips

5 easy house cleaning hacks and tips

Imagine you are suddenly told that your husband or brother or father are bringing over a group of friends with their families. Your house is a complete mess! You have been putting off cleaning your house for a quite some time now. You have no idea how you will clear up the clutter in a short span of time. What do you do? First things first, there is absolutely no point stressing about it because it will just make matters worse. Here is a list of five easy house cleaning hacks to help you from our professional house cleaners. These help you begin your cleaning task and be done in a jiffy for such situations:

Living and Dining Rooms

The area that your guests will be roaming around in the most will be within the confinements of these two rooms so it will be a great idea to begin de-cluttering these two rooms up. Dust the furniture, clear up anything lying around and use a hoover if you have a carpeted room otherwise sweep and mop the floors. Use a glass cleaner to quickly dust away the glass from the furniture and use a wood polish for wooden furniture. Starting in the busiest rooms is always one of the best house cleaning hacks.

Microwave Cleaning Hack

The inside of your microwave is the most used electrical appliance in your house. Vinegar is the best cleanser that will clean the inside of your microwave like wonders! Use a bowl to place some water and vinegar inside the microwave. Add a small wooden item as well inside the microwave, maybe just a toothpick, to prevent the water from boiling too much. Let the water heat up for about 3 minutes and then clear out the steam with a cloth. You’ll be surprised and the way this cleanses your microwave up from the inside.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is where all the commotion is at! From stains on the counters to splattered oil all around the oven and dirty dishes loaded up in the sink, the kitchen is the most dreaded place to clean up after all the action that goes on in there. One of the most used tip is to make use of a few drops of oil on a paper towel to wipe away greasy surface clean. You can wipe it with a clean cloth later on once all the grease has cleared up. This is by far the easiest method to get rid of greasy stains on steel.

Hard Water Stains

In order to get rid of hard water stains on steel, use vinegar on a cloth. You can make use of this tip on your faucets, stains on the bath rub or even on your refrigerator handles etc. Apply a little amount of vinegar to the affected areas. Leave for a while then wipe with a clean cloth an hour later to get rid of the nasty stains.

Sanitizing Sponges

Often times we forget to clean the items that we make use of to clean around the house. For example, sponges. It is very important that we sanitize our sponges so that we can continue to use them for long periods of time. Because they are one of the most used items that help with cleaning a lot of things around the house. Throw the sponges in your microwave after wetting them a little. Then let them dry in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Almost all the microbes will die out this way making your sponges as good as new. We use sponges everywhere and we have to replace ours very often. Getting longer usage out of them is a top house cleaning hacks.


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