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5 Ways to teach your kids to clean up

Clean Up Routine For Kids

Teaching your kids how to clean up is important because it teaches them responsibility. It is a challenge to teach any kid to clean because they live in a moment, which means they will forget about cleaning after themselves almost every time. They don’t think about causes and consequences, they only want to play. Now, that is a good thing because having a happy and careless day is something every child should experience. There are ways you can teach your kids how to clean up and I want to share with you 5 ways which were proven to be the most efficient:

Children Playing with Toys

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Be a role model

You can’t expect your child to clean after themselves if you aren’t showing him that it is something which is needed to be done. When you are cleaning your home, make sure that your child is around you, looking at you. Kids reflect their parents and if your child sees you running around with a mop, he will probably use a toy similar to the mop and do the same thing. Make sure that your kid understands the perks of having a clean home.

Make a routine

Your kid is playing in his room and your husband comes home after work. Your kid is running to greet his father which means that toys in his room aren’t interesting anymore. That is a routine your kid has adjusted to and you can change that routine. Right before your husband comes home from work, tell your kid that now is a good time to tidy his room a little bit.  First, help him with this task and gradually move away so that he cleans his entire room all alone. That way he will have a clean room right before his father comes home. Which means they can both spend time together in the living room.

Start small

Cleaned up Room

Photo by Marcela Rogante on Unsplash

Teaching someone how to clean up is a process, especially when they have no idea about cleaning. Due to that, you have to start with something simple like putting toys away. First few times help your kid in that and after a while let him do it alone. He will feel proud and that is the moment when you can take the lesson to another level. First few weeks your kid can be your little helper and it will help you see which chores he is good at. Those chores you can slowly leave entirely up to him and others do yourself.

Think about the age of your child

It is completely natural that you can’t ask your kid to do the dishes because he can break something or even hurt him and that is definitely something you want to avoid. Make sure that you show him chores which are appropriate for his age and don’t put too much chores on his little back. The best first chore is definitely putting away his toys all over the house. After that, you can teach him how to make his bed, how to put on a pillowcase or even how to change sheets. Those simple tasks will keep him occupied and they are more interesting than mopping the floor.

Reward your child

Kids often need some motivation to do chores and there is nothing bad in rewarding your child when the work is done. I am not talking about buying another toy every time he does what he has to do, I am talking about something much more sweeter. Appreciate what he has done, show him that you are proud of him, and give him a kiss and a hug because those things can go a long way.

Don’t forget to have fun. Turn on the radio, put some music, talk and laugh while you are doing chores because there is no better way to learn than through fun.

Author bio:

Mark is a foosball player who has played on numerous foosball tables all over the country. During years he has gathered practical knowledge about foosball and foosball tables which lead him to write a blog about foosball. On that blog he shares information everyone should read before deciding to buy a foosball table and tips and tricks how to properly clean and maintain your foosball table.


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