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How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day

A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your House in Just 20 Minutes Each Day for 30 Days

No one says that you have to do everything at once. Even when the time is short, if you can be able to manage at least one task a day, it is for certain that things will start to work out themselves. You can adjust this list as to the requirement and needs of your family. Those with less or more children may require doing certain activities less or more. Using these tips will help clean your house in no time and keep it clean.

If it is much easier, then you can take a calendar and then fill it in accordingly. So that much easier and less time-consuming cleaning activities are on days where you are busy. As well as reserve the more difficult and time-consuming ones for certain days when things are a bit lighter. Below, you will be able to learn the top five important tips to help make this 30-day cleaning guide a success.

Clean Your House

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  1. Dealing with Anything That Comes Through the Door

It’s definitely worthwhile to consider setting up a small area by your front door to act as the landing strip for any incoming items to your living environment.

  1. Do the Dishes After Every Meal

Cleaning the Dishes

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As a matter of fact, this technique will help homeowners stay on top of their kitchen rather than having it turn into a messy space. Certainly, no one in the family wants to do them. But, if you will wait for another meal or until there’s enough to fill your dishwasher, chances are it will just make things feel much easier and more overwhelming to put off and the same goes for throwing or taking out your trash too. If you need to take your trash out, you can have it placed by the front door of your house. Then take it  out the next morning or dispose of it right away during the night so that you’ll get over and done with it.

  1. Laundry

Keep up with the laundry

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If you have a washing machine and a dryer at home, you can definitely a little bit of laundry every day. As much as possible, you can spread things out so that you do not feel bogged down by two hundred stinky socks and towels. On the other hand, if you decide to take your dirty clothes to a laundromat, make sure to sort all your clothes as you go. So that everything will be much easier to load into washing machines the moment you get there. In addition to that, fold them before you go home so that you are not dumping baskets out on your bed or sofa and your clothes can go straight into your closets and drawers. If you are not feeling inspired, you can treat yourself by buying a new laundry basket. After all, it’s the little things that count.

  1. Whistle While You Work

Music while cleaning

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Certainly, no one likes to clean the house, but, humming, singing. Even turning up the stereo or even whistling are all great alternatives in order to keep the beat as well as have fun while you are working.

  1. Set a Timer

Time your cleaning

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What you will like on most of the items listed below is the fact that it will not take more than twenty minutes a day in total. It is definitely easy to rationalize twenty minutes, however, it is also easy to get completely distracted by emails, phone calls, children, as well as any other project that is tempting you as you try to tackle each house chore. Because of that, you can set a time for five or ten minutes (whichever works best for you) so that when it alarms, you know exactly the amount of time you have left. And, a timer can also help you get back on track easily the moment you find yourself off task.

Clean Your House in 30 Days

The 30-Day Schedule Cleaning Guide

House Cleaning supplies

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  1. Surface clean kitchen and living room – vacuum, sweep, dust, and pick up stray items
  2. Surface clean bedrooms – dust and put away clothes and toys
  3. Clean bathrooms – mirrors, walls, showers, toilets
  4. Surface clean other rooms or extra rooms in your house such as the play room, home office, or basement
  5. Surface clean the kitchen and living room
  6. Clean the bathrooms
  7. Vacuum and sweep all floors in your home and do not forget the stairs
  8. Clean all interior windows using a newspaper and white vinegar – this works really great and very affordable
  9. Surface clean all the bedrooms in your house
  10. Clean the bathrooms
  11. Deep clean your living room including the baseboards and mirrors, and then dust artworks
  12. Clean out closets by hanging up jackets, mittens, clothes and hats
  13. Deep clean bedrooms by organizing drawers, tidying the closets, checking under bed, dusting fans, lights, artwork, and mop the flooring
  14. Surface clean extra rooms in your house
  15. Surface clean kitchen and living room
  16. Deep clean bathrooms by cleaning the tiles, mopping the floor, cleaning inside drawers and emptying trash cans
  17. Clean all entertainment equipment and remote controls, phones, switch plates, banisters as well as other things, which are touched repeatedly.
  18. Organize pantry, take stock of food, clean out the refrigerator
  19. Sweep porch, clean entryway, clean out your car since they are often our home when we are away from home
  20. Thoroughly surface clean the kitchen and living room
  21. Surface clean bedrooms
  22. Surface clean bathrooms
  23. Vacuum and sweep all floors in your house
  24. Straighten towels, clean linen closet, straighten sheets
  25. Surface clean kitchen and living room
  26. Deep clean your kitchen by washing baseboards, trash cans, scrubbing appliances, wiping down as well as straightening cabinets
  27. Surface clean bedrooms
  28. Surface clean bathrooms
  29. Clean one item that you have been wanting to get to and have not – wipe down any light fixtures, deep clean your stove, tackle a particularly unruly space in your house
  30. Vacuum and sweep all floors in your house

30 Day Clean House Guide

In this 30-day guide, you can also add house chores that has to be done either monthly or quarterly. It is actually much easier to plan for larger activities. Such as steam cleaning heavy traffic hallway or a sofa, when it feels like it is a part of the routine rather of that thing you keep dreading and putting off. Using this guide will make it a snap to  clean your house.


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