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A Complete Chirstmas Cleaning Checklist

How to Clean Your House Before, During and After Christmas

In order to maintain an organized and clean home before, during, and after Christmas, this article will guide you to prepare a complete Christmas cleaning checklist that includes the following:

Preparing a clean house for Christmas

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  1. Cleaning activities before Christmas, which includes stocking up on your cleaning products.
  2. General cleaning activities that you can do everyday for over the festive season like addressing spills and stains as soon as they take place.
  3. Cleaning activities after Christmas like washing, drying as well as storing any glassware or dishes that you only use for the holiday season or other special occasions.

Complete Christmas Cleaning Checklist

Certainly, we can all look forward to the holiday season, most especially to spending time with our dearest and nearest. In addition to sharing sumptuous traditional meals, as well as to celebrate during the festive holiday. However, where there is a celebration, there will also be cleaning up later on. Tackling spilled juice, dirty dishes, as well as crumbs under foot are definitely just some of the important chores, which will still has to be done during the holiday season. However, they should not keep you should not stop you from enjoying the Christmas and holidays like everybody else. Whether you are hosting a family dinner, visiting neighbors and relatives, or even receiving guests, here are some important suggestions as to how you should stay in control of all your housework.

Helpful Tips in Cleaning Up

  1. Get Organized Beforehand

A thorough cleaning before holiday in order to make sure that everything is tidy and spotless before your visitors arrive will definitely go a long way as to how you maintain your housekeeping routine. In addition to that, this will also help minimize the amount of time that you’ll have to spend in cleaning up when all your guests have already gone home. Below, you can be able to use the cleaning checklist below in order to get ahead.

  1. Cleaning Checklist Before Christmas

    Holiday cleaning checklist

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  • Rinse or clean out any glassware, cutlery, and special dishes
  • Source crockery, extra chairs, and cutlery
  • Consider utilizing paper plates (it’s ideal if you choose recyclable ones) as well as napkins during buffet meals for ease.
  • Break out upholstery and carpets
  • Iron or shake out any table linens
  • Make sure that empty rubbish bins are accessible and placed in all communal spaces
  • Empty the washing hamper
  • Distribute boxes in all communal areas
  • Dry clean or launder any special outfits
  • Stock up on dishwasher powder, washing detergent, rubbish bags, as well as kitchen and toilet paper
  • Take decorations out of your storage
  • Stock up cleaning products such as stain removers
  • Replace and inspect any missing bulbs on your Christmas lights
  1. Giving Back to Your Community During Christmas

Giving back to the community

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The holiday season is not just about socializing and eating – it is also the time to be charitable and generous. In addition, during Christmas holidays, we’re also encouraged to help others. Think about some ways how we can help those people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Below, you will learn some tips on how you can practically help and give back to your community at Christmas holidays.

  • When making a plan for Christmas meals, include dishes that you can donate to homeless shelters. As well as food that you can donate to food banks.
  • Sort out and clear closets of any unused items. Give any unwanted toys, clothes, and books to charity or friends and relatives who need it.
  • Distribute leftover flower bunches to elderly neighbors or community centers.
  1. How to Maintain a Home Cleaning Routine

Complete Christmas Cleaning Checklist

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It’s important that you come up with a well-organized house cleaning routing since it will make the transition much easier back to your normal home cleaning routing when Christmas holidays already come to an end. Having said that, it’s highly advised that you keep these important tips in mind when organizing a house cleaning routine. Keeping a good cleaning routine will help make the complete Christmas cleaning checklist easier to stay ahead of so you don’t have to redo chores.

List of Daily Cleaning Activities During Christmas Seasons

  • Address stains and clear up spills right away in order to make sure that they come out.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors in the kitchen and communal areas.
  • Empty recycling and rubbish bins.
  • Check tissue box and toilet paper stocks.
  • Do a quick cleaning of your hand basins and toilets.
  • Put and or cover food away in your fridge before going to bed in order to avoid spoilage and wastage.
  1. How to Clean Your Home After Christmas

    House Cleaning a Christmas Mess

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  • Wash, dry, and store all your cutlery and dishes
  • Dry clean special outfits prior to storing it
  • Take down all your strings of lights and decoration. Also gently clean them before you store them for the next celebration or holiday season.
  • Prepare a family meal plan for the following week so that you can use up your leftovers
  • Make a list of any missing items that you should make or buy next Christmas and store it together with your Christmas decorations. In that way, you will never forget it and it will make you more prepared even before the next Christmas arrives.

With only a couple of weeks until Christmas holidays, we are sure that you are now scrambling around. Trying to look for the perfect decorations, best gifts, as well as ways to have a stress-free and lovely holiday. However you are still going to have to find time in order to make sure that your house is tidy and neat. As you may have to welcome more guests to your home when they come to your home to celebrate the holidays.

Whether it is scrubbing your floors or cleaning the toilet, the Christmas house cleaning tips we have mentioned above will surely make things much easier. But, if you are one of those people who are busy in their career, business, and family-related issues, hiring a professional maid cleaning service is definitely the best option. This is because professional maid cleaning service providers are all well-trained, experienced, and knowledgeable, not to mention they also carry the right tools and materials to get the job done right the first time around. This complete Christmas cleaning checklist should provide you with a sound guide to make it through the stressful holidays.


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