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Duration of Cleaning Supplies

How Long Do Household Cleaning Items Last?

We use a variety of cleaning supplies everyday and take many steps at replacing cleaning supplies on a set schedule. At Crisis Cleaners, we do this for our customers and employment safety and well being. We hope to share with you some of our best practices and why do it this way. Many food items have product dates on them that indicate the product should be “used by”, or “best if used by” or “sold by” an assured date. In most of the cases, these dates are posted willingly by the producer to help the customer to know the time limit to purchase or use the product at its finest value. But, some cleaning solutions and other products don’t have a dates that can tell the recommend time an item is considered effective, fit for use or sale. Replacing cleaning supplies helps lead to a safer and overall cleaner home. The following are the products that often don’t have a product life and thus can affect their efficiency.


Sponge is the one of the most important household cleaning item used for washing and cleaning things. They are effective for 15 to 20 days thus they should be replaced between these days. They are especially good for water based solutions and gripping water. It contains more germs than anything else in your house. Thus, it is very important to keep the sponge clean if you want your sponge last longer.

 The following are some easy steps to clean the sponge:

  • After every use of the sponge, you should wash it with hot water and squeeze it for dry before placing in soap stand.
  • You should use a good and germ-free spray when cleaning your counters with your sponge daily.


The mop is a bundle of yarn or a piece of absorbent material such as sponge or cloth used to soak up liquid for cleaning surfaces. Mop heads are typically flat and are frequently removable so that they can be washed and used once more. As there is no product dates on it so you should replace the mop head when it shows signs of needing to replace

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 Following are some steps which will make your mop last longer for use on your floors:

  • Whenever you finished mopping you should wash the dirt and the cleaning detergent from the mop. If the traces of dirt left on the mop then it can be damaging.
  • Before storing the mop wring it and allow it to dry to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Hang the mop so that mop head is not brushing against the floor and store it in a cool dry place until the next use.

Dish Rag:

Dishrags are household cleaning items made by microfiber, cotton or other cloth that are used in kitchens to clean dishes and other surfaces. These are sometimes called dish cloth and towels.

Following are some steps that will make your dish rag last longer:

  • Use the dishcloth only for washing dishes and do not wipe anything else with your dish cloth.
  • After you wipe your kitchen surface wash your dish rags in hot water.
  • You should use the paper towels for wiping up a huge puddle of spilled milk instead of dish cloths.
  • Do not be afraid to use more than one dish rag per day, you should use more than one dish rag if needed.


A duster is a cleaning item which is used to remove the dust from floors and furniture. Cleaning dusters come in many shapes and sizes. There are many types of dusters available in the market such as feather dusters, vacuum dusters, microfiber dusters, compressed air dusters and much more. But the purpose of all dusters is to remove the dust. You should replace the duster when it shows signs of needing to replace.

Following are some points which will help you maintain your dusters for longer:

  • If you are using feather duster then clean it after every use.
  • Do not wash dusters in the washing machine.
  • By following the above methods your household cleaning items will last longer.


We can make this process easier for you with our residential maid cleaning service. Replacing cleaning supplies should be done at regular intervals for a safer home.

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