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General House Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning

How General House Cleaning is Different from Deep Cleaning

Everybody tries to put in extra effort to keep their house extra clean, however, sometimes you need to go an extra mile to clean the dirt inside your refrigerator or under your bed set. It is highly impractical, let alone economical, to cover all these tasks yourself. Hiring a professional house cleaning service would be the ideal solution to your problems. The differences of general house cleaning versus deep cleaning are important to know.

Professional house cleaning services often offer their services in two different types of packages: 1) General House Cleaning; 2) Deep Cleaning Service. The packages are also priced differently. Often times, people simply opt for the first package without having full knowledge of what the second one entails. This is especially true if the second one is more “costly” package. It is good to keep an idea about the different type of tasks that are included in each type of cleaning service. Here is a quick list of differences between general house cleaning and deep cleaning services:

General House Cleaning Versus Deep Cleaning

General House Cleaning

House cleaning services will include easy and everyday cleaning tasks to make the house look clean and tidy on a regular basis:

Dusting –

Regular dusting of the house furniture is essential for general house cleaning services. Ensure that whenever you order a house cleaning service and you check the general house cleaning service, the cleaners dust your tables, dressers, lamps, and other wood furniture items.

Sweeping –

Get the floors around your house swept up regularly with a good fragrance furniture cleaner. It will help subside the dust and keep the house smelling nice.

Dishes –

Our general house cleaning service will typically clean several items in your sink. Yes, dish-cleaning is included as part of general house cleaning services so you should make sure this is a task ticked off on your list. These items are cleaned so that the sink itself can be thoroughly cleaned. However there are limits to the number of dishes we can wash in the time period we are at your house.

Changing bed linens –

Ensure that you change your bed sheets regularly so that any beg bugs are avoided and all the dust that gather around the house regularly is kept at bay. It can be very unhealthy for the individuals living in a house to have dust on the beds that they sleep in. Regularly changing the bed sheets will help avoid this risk.

Counter cleaning –

Keeping the kitchen and bathroom counters clean on a regular basis is a sign of a healthy household. Ensure that the house cleaning professionals  wash the counters and swipe them clean thoroughly.

Cobwebs removed –

Last but not the least, make sure that the cobwebs, that tend to reside on the ceilings, have been wiped out thoroughly so that your house is completely deep cleaned and no corner has been left untouched.

Sanitizing bathrooms –

Ensure that house cleaning professionals who visit your house for deep cleaning services sanitize your bathrooms thoroughly by making use of bathroom cleaning tools including the counters, bathtubs, toilets etc.

Vacuuming inside out –

A deep cleaning job entails vacuuming the vents, the corners of your rooms, under the beds, the carpets, the sofas. As well as every other place around the house that typically gets overlooked in a routine cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

In a nutshell, deep cleaning involves cleaning every nook and cranny of your house thoroughly and in detail including the following:

Door knobs and doors –

Deep cleaning means cleaning every single area of the house that you would not have cleaned on a regular basis. Thus, swiping the dust off your door knobs and doors is also a deep cleaning task that needs to be done when deep cleaning your house.

Cleaning blinds –

Blinds tend to attract so much dust mostly because they are white. Also because they are made from a material that holds the dust on their surface. We recommend that your blinds are included as part of the deep cleaning job whenever you go for it to get rid of the dust.

Cleaning the curtains –

Once in a while, the curtains of your house also needs to be washed, dried and draped back on to give them a fresh new look. Therefore, deep cleaning professionals will be given this task as part of their service ordered. At Crisis Cleaners we take care of this task by carefully dusting the curtains.

Tiles and walls –

When you have decided to deep clean the house, then why leave out the walls and tiles? Ensure that the walls are swiped clean and get them repainted if required to get rid of stains. Tiles need to be polished every once a while to ensure that they remain looking as good as new.

Cabinets and wardrobes cleaned –

Ensure that your deep cleaning professionals clean the kitchen and bathroom cabinets properly cleaned by removing each item from the inside and then cleaning them. We also clean your wardrobes in the same manner. They need to be cleaned by removing the dust so we recommend removing all the clothes first.

Interior of Refrigerator –

Cleaning all of the shelves as they get dirty with small spills and crumbs over time.

Oven Cleaning –

As we bake and cook a lot the oven builds up lots of grease and leftover food. We will scrub the inside of the oven. Running the oven self clean cycle if it has one.


How Often is Cleaning Needed?

At Crisis Cleaners we have customers who want to have their houses cleaned weekly with our regular service. All the way up to ones who only call in a few times a year. The important part is to schedule the service as often as you need for you house to stay clean and in order. For our deep cleaning service we recommend that 1-2 times a year to clean those hard to reach areas.



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