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Guests Coming Over in An Hour? Here’s Our Quick Home Cleaning Guide to Rescue You

We have all been there before with guests coming over shortly and we need to get the home cleaned quickly. When it comes to organizing and cleaning your home in a fast manner, the best thing to do is to have a reliable cleaning system and to move quickly. You can follow this quick cleaning guide to clean your home from top to bottom. You will certainly be done in no time at all.

Family room

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Part I: Spend At Least Ten Minutes Per Bedroom

Crisis Cleaners Bedroom

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  1. Doing a Quick Clean Sweep

This is the right time to empty the wastebasket, strip dirty linens and blankets and toss them in the hamper. You can also stash unnecessary things clogging your nightstand or dressers in nearby closets and drawers. Think of hotels – of course, you want to clear the floor and surfaces in your room in order to make it look much tidier.

  1. Making the Bed

The fastest way to make the bed is to follow what hotel housekeepers often do. Instead of tucking the sheets under the end of your mattress, you can try lifting up every corner of your mattress with one hand as well as tuck with the other. Try this out and you will never have to spend too much time in making your bed.

  1. Dealing with Dust in the Bedroom

With the use of a dry microfiber cloth, you can begin dusting the room starting in one corner with one piece of furniture. Then work your way through the room. You should dust every surface in the room. Start with lifting trinkets as you go and working back to front, and dump the dust onto the floor. The cloth must only touch every part of a surface once. Which means a constant back and forth motion should be done. If there is a lamp on your night stand, consider cleaning from top to bottom. Then dust the table top. When cleaning wall art and mirrors, you can use a long-armed duster.

  1. Vacuuming

For vacuum cleaning, start from the back corner, vacuuming your way out of the exit, making long firm strokes. You can save so much time through only running your vacuum cleaner once over each strip of your carpet – not twice. In addition to that, you should not worry about missing some small areas. You can certainly won’t be able to do a deep clean when you already have limited time. Though the help of a professional home cleaning service company would help if time permitted. While many guests may not go into your bedrooms having the appearance of being organized will make all the effort of getting your home cleaned quickly worth it.

Part 2: Spend At Least 9 Minutes When Cleaning the Bathroom

Quickly Clean Home

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  1. Preparing for the Work

Spritz the vanity, sink, shower, and tub using an all-purpose spray and let it sit.

  1. Cleaning the Toilet

Sprinkle some baking soda into the toilet bowl. Then give it a thorough and deep scrub using a toilet brush, and then flush. After that, spray a clean microfiber cloth with a safe and effective all-purpose spray and then wipe down the tank and the outside surface of the toilet.

  1. Cleaning the Mirror

Spray a glass cleaner on your mirror and wipe the solution in a circular motion, starting in the topmost corner.

  1. Cleaning the Sink

Go back to the pretreated sink in your bathroom and scrub thoroughly. You can use small brushes like an old toothbrush to scrub the fixtures’ hard to reach areas. After that, working back to front, you can start wiping in one corner and then move horizontally, wiping the vanity, counter, handles, and fixtures.

  1. Cleaning the Tub and Shower

Simply wipe down the tub and shower – no need for a thorough, full scrub. To clean your shower and tub, simply give them a quick wipe using a clean, dampened cloth and then shut the curtain.

  1. Cleaning the Floor

To mop the floor in your bathroom, simply use a microfiber mop dampened by water. Then mop your way out of the door quickly, starting from the far corner of the room as well as ending at the doorway. Bathrooms are key to getting a home cleaned quickly.

Part 3: Spend at Least 12 Minutes in Cleaning the Kitchen

Straighten out Kitchen

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  1. Tackling the Dishes

The best way to achieve a clean look in your kitchen is to make sure that the dishes are not piled up on the countertop. So, load the dishwasher to start the cycle.

  1. Decluttering

You should spend at least a minute or two to declutter your countertops. Put unnecessary items back in the drawers or cabinets, and stash papers in organizers. Your kitchen will certainly look much cleaner and organized if the counters are empty.

  1. Pretreating

If there are hard to remove gunk on the countertop or stove in your kitchen, you can scrape it up using an old credit card and use an eraser sponge in order to tackle any stains that are hard to remove.

  1. Cleaning the Counters

To clean your kitchen counters, simply wet a clean piece of a microfiber cloth with antibacterial all-purpose spray and wipe the countertops in your kitchen back to front while brushing crumbs and specks of dust onto the floor.

  1. Wiping Down Appliances

To minimize the risk of creating any damage to your appliances, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe your stove, dishwasher, and fridge.

  1. Cleaning the Floor in Your Kitchen

Starting in the room’s far corner, you can sweep your way out the door. This will give the kitchen floors with a quick once-over using a microfiber mop dampened with water, working your way out once again. Getting your kitchen and home cleaned quickly goes a long way to impressing your guests.

Part 4: Spend at Least 15 Minutes in the Living Room

Living Room

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  1. Decluttering

Scan the room quickly to see what are the things that are out of place. You should neatly stack magazines and newspapers on the coffee table, as well as stash scattered items such as DVDs and remotes in drawers or cabinets in the living room.

  1. Dusting

When dusting your living room, you should start in one corner and follow the same things that you’ve done in the bedrooms, working back to front and top to bottom, so that dust will not fall onto the floor. In addition to that, if you have blinds installed in your living room, swipe them with a long-armed duster.

  1. Making Glass Gleam

To get a nice  clean glass surface in your living room, spray a clean piece of a microfiber cloth using your glass cleaning solution and start wiping in wide circular motions, you should work from one corner at the back to the front.

  1. Vacuuming

Starting in the farthest corner, you can use the vacuum and make your way out of the room. Voila, you’re ready to entertain your guests. In less than an hour your home may not be perfectly clean but you have made your quickly cleaned your home.

Home Cleaned Quickly – Now Ready for Guests

With these tips your house will be ready for guests in no time. Obviously if you have more time or want Crisis Cleaners to get your house ready for a party you can contact us. There are times when you can’t get professionals out to clean and need your home cleaned quickly so we hope these tips help get you ready!


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