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How to Clean Your House for New Year’s Eve

How to Clean Your House for New Year’s Eve

The holiday season is right around the corner and the first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind is how to get the house ready for the swarm of guests that will arrive for feasts. Families and friends will definitely pay a visit on the festive occasion of New Year and will surely not be impressed if you have a messy house awaiting for their welcome. Not even the festive decorations look appealing to the eye if you hang them up in a messy house. Using these tips will make your New Year’s Eve house cleaning a snap.

Do not worry about house cleaning for the occasion because here is a list of just the right tips and tricks to clean your house for New Year’s. While using a maid cleaning service or house cleaning service would be ideal it is often tough to schedule one during the busy holiday season. Take a note of the tips and your house will be clean and ready just in time.

New Year’s Eve House Cleaning


Take a good look around your house and clear out old magazines, newspapers lying around taking up unnecessary space. Throw away items that have not been used in a long time or are old and broken. De-cluttering is one of the best New Year’s Eve house cleaning tips for a gathering.

Take care of the laundry

Make sure you clean up and throw all the dirty laundry in the wash a good week or two before the occasion. It looks very bad to have dirty laundry lying around, even in the bathrooms. So make sure the bathrooms are kept clean from any dirty laundry for your guests to lay eyes on.

Floors and Walls

Make use of a good liquid cleaner with a mop to clear out any stains or dirt on the floors. If you have a carpet, invite the carpet cleaners over for a thorough cleaning job. To get rid of stains on wall, make use of the same cleaner or simply apply a dish washing liquid on a cloth and clear them off.


They say you can judge a lot about a person from the way he or she keeps their bathroom clean. Make sure there is no hair lying around the bathroom counters, sinks or shower area. Clean the toilets thoroughly with bleach and toilet cleaners. Have an air freshener in the bathroom. It is always good to have a nice fragrant coming from the toilets. Keep the exhausts on and place towels where need be.


It is highly unlikely that any of your guests will end up going to your bedrooms. However, family and relatives just might. In any case, you never know. So it is a good idea to clean up your bedrooms, spread new bedsheets and covers on your bed to make it look as good as new.


Sweep all the dirt and stains off your kitchen and bathrooms counters properly as these will be easily noted by the naked eye. Try using a dish washing liquid again to wipe of any dirt from these counters. Keeping your kitchen counters clean before a gathering helps to make the entire house appear cleaner.


Send your curtains to the laundry to have them dry cleaned and then hung and stem ironed. If you can manage to clean them up yourself in the washing machine then do so because what can be better than clean and fresh looking curtains for the new year?

Trash Cans

A lot of people will have a happy and clean looking home but the one thing they will miss out is the trash bins which just ruins the entire look of the house. Trash bins from every room are very important to be cleared out. Trash lying around for too long can begin to smell. Not only this but, overfull trash bins look very unkempt and leave a very negative impression.

Doorway and Garage

Ensure that you have your doorway cleared out from any dust or dirt because it will be the first area that will come in contact with your guests. Your garage must also be kept clean. Do not forget to take a good look around the garage before your guests arrive.

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