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How Often Is House Cleaning Service Required?

A lot of customers utilize a recurring house cleaning service to make keeping the upkeep simpler. The tough part is determining how often is right for you. Do you think you are keeping your house clean enough? Think again. Often times we tend to believe our house is staying fairly clean. We fail to understand that there are a variety of factors, both internal and external, that effect this decision. Here is a list of factors to consider while deciding how often you should get a house cleaning service done for your home:

Number of household members

The number of people that share your house with you be it friends or family, are a significant factor to consider when you want to order a house cleaning service. The frequency of the house cleaning service needed will be higher if you have more people in your house. Many people in one house tend to create a large amount of mess. Not only this but, their age groups also play a pivotal role in determining how frequently your house cleaning service should be ordered. The smaller the age, the greater the amount of time house cleaning will be required.

Size of the house

A larger house will require a greater amount of cleaning time. However, be sure to take note that a large house may require more time to clean up than a regular sized house. Therefore, when ordering a house cleaning service you may want a more customized schedule. You can split the house cleaning into two different days or areas or however you like to suit your needs.

Typical Recurring House Cleaning Service Schedules


It is essential to wash the floors around your house, whether it is the kitchen floors or the bathroom, at least once a week. When you need your floors mopped and the furniture surfaces scrubbed, be sure to book a house cleaning service. Weekly cleaning essentials also include dusting around the house, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning kitchen appliances etc.

Recurring House Cleaning Service Calendar

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Bi-weekly is the most popular recurring house cleaning service typically. It affords the customer enough time to enjoy a clean home but not the added stress of preparing for a house cleaner each week.


If you plan on getting your house cleaning services booked once a month, then it is a good idea to include cleaning and vacuuming of the vents, woodwork and light fixtures. Than that you might want to go into a little more detail and get your blinds dusted off. Or also possibly the inside of the laundry machine


If electing a schedule for longer periods than monthly it may be needed to consider a deep cleaning. Every six months it is a good idea to get the insides of your fridge, microwave, oven etc. cleaned up and your comforters and mattresses properly washed out. So when you order a house cleaning service after six months, be sure to include the above along with your other cleaning activities.


Once a year your fireplace and chimney, vents and drapes, curtains and windows will need to be deep cleaned. So when you order a house cleaning service after a year’s time, be sure to consider also finding a company that handles this as well.

Other Considerations


In the end, it will all come down to the amount of you have budgeted for house cleaning. Then deciding whether to allocate it weekly, monthly, or annually to the house cleaning service from your expenses. The greater the budget, the most frequent can be the house cleaning service.

Crisis Cleaners provides services are going to offer a wide range of schedules to choose from including weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual cleaning. The most common cleaning schedule ordered is almost always bi-weekly. Typically customers that get this prefer the convenience but also recognize that keeping up in between cleanings is difficult. A large amount of customers prefer weekly so they keep their home spick and span. This is also often determined by the greatest length of time your house can remain clean from the last time the house cleaning professionals provided you’re their service. So be sure to follow the tips given above when wondering how often to order your house cleaning services.

There are many consideration to consider when determining how often to have a recurring house cleaning service come to your home. The items discussed above are just some of the things to consider. As you have any questions or wish to discuss the frequency of your cleaning in more depth please contact us.




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