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Save Time With Home Cleanings

We all know that hiring someone to perform a task saves us time so it isn’t surprising that our customers save time with home cleanings. It is also interesting that hiring a home cleaning company not only saves time but also improves happiness. A new research reveals and challenging the long time theory that money can’t buy happiness. It turns out; actually it can – if you use that extra money to buy yourself some free time by hiring somebody to do ordinary household tasks like cooking cleaning, washing & gardening that means you can buy happiness.

Money Can Buy Happiness

Home Cleaning Tops List

Besides food preparation household cleaning is the number two chore in an average house. On top of that items like household activities and kitchen cleanup can also be completed by a thorough household cleaning. The average household spends one and half hours on those three tasks every day. While obviously a cleaning service can’t do your dishes each night after dinner it can greatly reduce the amount of effort done each evening after work on household chores.

Average amount of time spent on household tasks

Buying Time and Increased Happiness

According to an analysis of the data showed that people who spent money in ways that gave them more free time to relax & stay stress free reported greater life satisfaction.

A new study published Monday in the Proceeding of the National Academy of science revealed that those who spent money on time-saving purchases and services had greater life satisfaction, the results of which hold up after accounting for income. If adults regularly paid for cleaning, cooking, doing the groceries, and some other household tasks done then they reported higher life pleasure.

Time Versus Material Items

To test whether buying time actually led to the better life satisfaction and happiness or not, the researchers employed 30 adults to spend $30 on a time-saving purchase on one weekend and a separate $30 on a material purchase on another.

Increased optimistic effects, less pessimistic effects, and less stress was noticed by most participants for the time-saving purchase rather than material purchase. With this research it is harder to ignore the fact that money can buy happiness. When done to free up time to spend on more important parts of their lives.

If you look at the scientific research and studies on how to buy happiness, you will get evidence supporting numerous other ways to achieve this. Buying your favorite item, delicious food, or material goods. Also spending money on things that match your values, or can please your need for establishing or expressing your identity. Spending money on other social welfare items through charitable giving or to get better relations with people we care about – helps to fulfill our desire for human connections. Spending on experiences has been repeatedly shown to increase happiness.

There’s no magical answer for how to have more money to get the greatest happiness. For several people, spending money to save time and improve well-being isn’t even on their radar. Some actually they don’t even care about it. We hope this research will give people a new, refreshing and an existing understanding of the abstract value of investing money in free time to buy happiness.

Moreover, giving ourselves a bit more time could make us a lot happier in the long run.

Home Cleanings Provides A Large Time Savings

At Crisis Cleaners our house cleaning service can save the average customer more than 6 hours of their time. While most of our clients need less than 4 hours to clean their house our teams have all the supplies in hand when they walk in. This enables them to clean your entire home quickly and save you even more time then you paid for. This enables our customers to spend even more precious time with their families.

Allow us to show you how to save time with home cleaning. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or discuss other ways we can better serve you.

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