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9 Living Room Organization Tips

9 Living Room Organization Tips You Should Follow

Sometimes, your home is not as dirty as it is cluttered, with these living room organization tips you can tackle one major room in your house in no time. Things you do not use, need, or simply know where to keep can accumulate and overtake your house quickly. Even when they these objects are being cleaned thoroughly, you might not still get your desired satisfaction. In this post, expert residential housekeepers shared some tips on how to regain space in your home by decluttering.

Living Room Organization Tips

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  1. Utilize Wastebaskets

Trash may accumulate in your living room, where your family gathers most of the time. Adding a wastebasket may help in cutting down clutter. Nowadays, some homeowners are actually using a waste basket in their family rooms. Wastebaskets can possibly smell and they are not attractive. You can counteract this through choosing a basket or a trash can that can fit the décor of your living room. However, if you know that food may be thrown away here, you can get one with some deodorizing trash bags and those with a lid.


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  1. Declutter with Baskets

Use the central wooden drawer and built in baskets in order to store the things you need to keep them close by. You can also stack all the magazines in a tray by choosing a round woven tray, which mimics the basket’s texture.  In order to hold remotes, you can get a kitchen caddy from your local hardware store and its texture often goes with your baskets, shaping the tray’s echoes. You can also use a built-in basket to stow toys because it is low and kids can be able to help put their toys away when they are done.

Keeping supplies close at hand is also important. Keep your coasters and napkins tucked away in the drawer but make sure they are accessible. You can also stash all your multimedia things. Slip the CDs and DVDs that you watch frequently in near built-in baskets. So that they are just nearby whenever you want to play them.

Wicker Baskets for Storage

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  1. Keep Flat Surfaces in Your Living Room Free from Clutter

Magazines, brochures, papers, and books tend to accumulate not only on the flat surfaces of your living room but also around the house. You need an information center for your household and your living room can be where that happens. The truth is that your living room is usually cluttered since it is the major gathering place in your house. The ideal recommendation of experts is to use a two-drawer lateral file or if you do not have enough space on the floor, you can also use a stackable file cart.

Start the cleaning and organizing process by making a quick sweep of all the flat surfaces in your living room. Then start by piling papers in a bin, while purging and sorting whenever necessary. Do this regularly and get all the members of the family to follow it and you’ll likely see a dramatic improvement. This is one of the living room organization tips that does have to be done periodically as papers do pile up.

Keep Flat Surfaces Cle better visuals

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  1. Use Trays to Organize

To encourage the family members to snack safely, you can try setting refreshments on a cleverly hidden tray, which tuck away when they are not in use. You should also store other items that are used daily in a lower tray for easy access. Combine trays in order to set up zones. Smaller trays hold items such as coasters, remotes and candy dishes. Using living room organization tips like this help in many different ways, in this case using a tray also limits the amount of crumbs or spillage that may happen.

Trays for organization

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  1. Controlling Cords that are Out of Control

Until the whole world goes wireless, we’ll surely forever be facing tangled cables behind every appliance. Luckily, there are a lot of options available for taming cords in the living room. You can actually purchase a cable organizer that often sticks behind the console of your television or onto a computer. As these areas usually have a large space for a lot of cables to clamp into.

Straighten up Cords

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  1. Reuse Your Office Supplies

You can actually make the most of the small areas using a scaled down style. Which is to hide lots of storage spaces behind sliding doors. It’s important that you organize in the most creative manner. Which is why you might consider using office supplies in order to contain small necessities.

Protect your table from food and drink spillage. Set plates and glasses on a tray or coasters. Make sure that both of them are completely visible so that your guests will also know to use them.

It’s also important that you conceal your magazines, however, but also keep them accessible too. You can also stack them in organized letter trays in order to keep them tucked away in an orderly manner.

Office Organizers to Help Clean Up

Photo by Webandi / Pixabay

  1. Create a Play Area

Toys can tend to take over the living room in your home. If they do then this is the right time to put this habit in timeout. You can transform the unused areas of your living room, especially the corners, into great play zones. The walls help to block the clutter. In addition to that, the corners of your family room can also be a great spot to put a children’s table or small book case. Aside from that, you can also add rolling bins for keeping toys so that your kids don’t have to feel confined. Instead, it will encourage them to pick up after they are done playing.

Kids and toys are always a challenge but keeping a somewhat defined area can help in limiting toys being everywhere. This makes it easier to tidy up an area if guests to come by often. Using living room organization tips like this can help in keeping a room ready to entertain and live in.

Create a Play Area

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  1. The Functionality of Your Coffee Table

If your family room currently has a coffee table or maybe you only forgot you had one due to the clutter. It is the right time to have its organization capacity reassessed. Coffee tables are truly great to look at especially if it complements your family room aesthetically. However, if the coffee tables in your living room don’t have any storage at all for your remote controls, newspapers, or even drink coasters, they are probably making your life even more difficult. If you do not have the budget to buy a new coffee table, you can also try adding low storage cubes and rolling bins or baskets that you can stick under your table.

Functional Coffee Table

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  1. Take Advantage of the Space Behind Your Sofa

 Organize extra pillows and blankets in an accessible area – behind your sofa. It is really a great place to display a low bookcase, cabinet or a trunk. Furthermore, it can give you another surface to show off some of your treasured objects such as a decorative lamp.

Space Behind Sofa

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The Next Steps

Getting and keeping your home organized are key to maintaining a cleaner home in the long term. With these living room organization tips one of your homes busiest rooms will be a lot more usable. At Crisis Cleaners we can help with organizational work around your house or in just regular cleanings to keep your house looking it’s best.


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