House Cleaning Pricing Options

At Crisis Cleaners we have a variety of house cleaning pricing structures to fit our customers needs. Most of customers typically fit into our two main product offerings. One is based on square footage of the house and is ideal for an initial cleaning for our customers. This works because it gives our cleaners an opportunity to clean your home and determine how we can best clean your home in the future. Then for our returning and recurring customers they typically go by our hourly cleaning price structure. This works as the cleaner or cleaning team know the house and the customer well to clean it well and hit all the points of concern that the customer lets them or our office know about.

Main Pricing Tiers

Square Footage Pricing

Our current square footage plans vary from 1,500 square feet up to 4,000 square feet. If your home is larger than that please call us for pricing your house cleaning. Some things to consider is that we only include 2 main floors in our cleanings. If you have a 3 or 4 story house or townhouse there will be additional charges.

Hourly Pricing

We offer a variety of hourly pricing for returning customers. Our standard hourly rate is $50 per hour per cleaner and that rate drops as more hours are added to any cleanings with most averaging between 4-5 hours per cleaning. We also offer discounts for regularly scheduled cleanings that lower the prices even more. As with our square footage pricing structure any cleanings greater than 2 will result in additional charges.

Other Options

Still unsure if these two plans work for you then contact us and we can see if we can create a custom house cleaning plan for you. Crisis Cleaners also reserves the right to charge a $10 rescheduling fee. We usually do our best to work with our customers and to accommodate their needs.