Other Cleaning Services

We offer professional, thorough and cost-efficient solutions.

Pantry Organization

Professional Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning
Crisis Cleaners will clean and restore your carpet with a steam cleaning system with hot water extraction technology. Our cleaning system not only cleans but also protects your investment in your carpets.

Professionally Clean Carpet● Vacuum all open areas
● Move light furniture
● Pre-conditioning to treat stains
● Grooming to help open fiber for quick drying
● We also treat pet odor, stains and apply fiber protection!



Professional Window Cleaning
Professional Window CleaningWe provide professional exterior and interior window cleaning service. Please be sure that your windows can be opened before our window technician arrives.

We also ask customers to clear a path to your windows, and to remove any items from window sills for our technicians.

Additional services include:

● Dusting out window sills between glass and screen of bugs, cobwebs, and dirt at no additional charge.
● We also wash screens @ $1.00 per screen.

Organizational Services

We all lead hectic lives and sometimes the biggest challenge we have is keeping our house neat. At Crisis Cleaners our Professional Organizing services can help you de-clutter your home or office. We can help you with straightening up and organizing and developing a solution to get your area back in order.

We specialize in the following areas

Storage● Closets
● Family room/Living rooms
● Kitchens
● Kids’ playrooms
● Offices
● Storage Areas


Initial Consult
Cleaning ConsultWe offer an initial consult to evaluate your lifestyle and area and will develop a custom solution to assist you in meeting your household or office needs.

Our staff will work with you to decide what to keep, discard or store away. The first step is getting started and we will get you there with a plan to maintain your living space. We can then follow up periodically to help you continue to achieve a new organized lifestyle.