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Top House Cleaning Service Questions To Ask

What to Ask Your House Cleaning Service Providers

Hiring a reliable house cleaning service providing company to give your house a cleaning make-over can be a tough decision to make. Rising competition in the service industry has resulted in a variety of options one can take days to choose from. Asking a potential house cleaning service questions before starting service is ideal. The various price ranges of services offered also makes it all the more cumbersome to arrive at one house cleaning service providing company for your home. It is essential that you have a good idea of not just the packages that are being offered by the various house cleaning service providers available in the market. It is also imperative that you have a good background check on the company itself. Such as its reputation and various other pointers listed below:

Introduction – House Cleaning Service Questions

Make sure that you introduce yourself thoroughly to your house cleaning service providing company. As well as the cleaner assigned to your house. Be very clear about what you expect to achieve out of this house cleaning service. Let them know beforehand that you have employed their services to take the extra load off your shoulders, enjoy some quality time with your family or whatever the reasons may be.

Prescreening of Employees

A very significant question that you need to ask the house cleaning service providing company is how they prescreen and hire their employees. It is important that you are comfortable and feel fully secure about the type of people they hire. This is because these are exactly those people who will be coming into your house to perform the services. You need to know whether all criminal records and references are thoroughly checked for or not. Ask for proof if you wish to. You have all the right!


It is a good idea to ask the house cleaning service providing company about the cleaning products they use. Some may be too strong for your home. You will be able to customize your packages accordingly and take a look at better options available in the market if the company does not have to offer what you are looking to avail. Make sure you ask the house cleaning service providing company what their strengths would be if you were to ask their customers the same.


Another good idea would be to research about any weaknesses that you think your house cleaning service providing company may have. Ask people around who have been using their service for a long time to comment on this. Take notes and make sure you ask your house cleaning service providers about these weaknesses by rephrasing them so as to avoid making it too obvious.


You will need to know what will happen in case one of the employees of the house cleaning service providing company breaks or any valuables in your house. An uninsured company will definitely have lower rates than an insured company but, it is always better to go for an insured company so that you valuables are not at stake!

Packages Offered

Ask the house cleaning service providing company in question about the different types of packages that they have to offer. You might need to mix and match some services are per your needs so make sure you ask them if they allow you to customize the services being offered.

Rates and Discounts

These service providing companies often have fixed rates that they offer customers. However, they also may have discounted coupons or membership cards. Or other offers for customers that they might not inform you about when you simply inquire about their services. Therefore, it is suggested to ask them. Some like, Crisis Cleaners, offer deals for customer referrals.

Set Objectives

Both you and your house cleaner should be on the same page regarding what you want to achieve out of the services being rendered. This will ensure any misunderstanding is avoided and you will get exactly what you want to get done around the house.

Next Steps

Now that you are armed with all these questions to ask your house cleaning service providing company, you will make a rightful and informed decision about which company’s services to hire. Happy house cleaning!


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9 Living Room Organization Tips

9 Living Room Organization Tips You Should Follow

Sometimes, your home is not as dirty as it is cluttered, with these living room organization tips you can tackle one major room in your house in no time. Things you do not use, need, or simply know where to keep can accumulate and overtake your house quickly. Even when they these objects are being cleaned thoroughly, you might not still get your desired satisfaction. In this post, expert residential housekeepers shared some tips on how to regain space in your home by decluttering.

Photo by ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay

  1. Utilize Wastebaskets

Trash may accumulate in your living room, where your family gathers most of the time. Adding a wastebasket may help in cutting down clutter. Nowadays, some homeowners are actually using a waste basket in their family rooms. Wastebaskets can possibly smell and they are not attractive. You can counteract this through choosing a basket or a trash can that can fit the décor of your living room. However, if you know that food may be thrown away here, you can get one with some deodorizing trash bags and those with a lid.

Photo by Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay

  1. Declutter with Baskets

Use the central wooden drawer and built in baskets in order to store the things you need to keep them close by. You can also stack all the magazines in a tray by choosing a round woven tray, which mimics the basket’s texture.  In order to hold remotes, you can get a kitchen caddy from your local hardware store and its texture often goes with your baskets, shaping the tray’s echoes. You can also use a built-in basket to stow toys because it is low and kids can be able to help put their toys away when they are done.

Keeping supplies close at hand is also important. Keep your coasters and napkins tucked away in the drawer but make sure they are accessible. You can also stash all your multimedia things. Slip the CDs and DVDs that you watch frequently in near built-in baskets. So that they are just nearby whenever you want to play them.

Photo by Hans / Pixabay

  1. Keep Flat Surfaces in Your Living Room Free from Clutter

Magazines, brochures, papers, and books tend to accumulate not only on the flat surfaces of your living room but also around the house. You need an information center for your household and your living room can be where that happens. The truth is that your living room is usually cluttered since it is the major gathering place in your house. The ideal recommendation of experts is to use a two-drawer lateral file or if you do not have enough space on the floor, you can also use a stackable file cart.

Start the cleaning and organizing process by making a quick sweep of all the flat surfaces in your living room. Then start by piling papers in a bin, while purging and sorting whenever necessary. Do this regularly and get all the members of the family to follow it and you’ll likely see a dramatic improvement. This is one of the living room organization tips that does have to be done periodically as papers do pile up.

Photo by StockSnap / Pixabay

  1. Use Trays to Organize

To encourage the family members to snack safely, you can try setting refreshments on a cleverly hidden tray, which tuck away when they are not in use. You should also store other items that are used daily in a lower tray for easy access. Combine trays in order to set up zones. Smaller trays hold items such as coasters, remotes and candy dishes. Using living room organization tips like this help in many different ways, in this case using a tray also limits the amount of crumbs or spillage that may happen.

Photo by StockSnap / Pixabay

  1. Controlling Cords that are Out of Control

Until the whole world goes wireless, we’ll surely forever be facing tangled cables behind every appliance. Luckily, there are a lot of options available for taming cords in the living room. You can actually purchase a cable organizer that often sticks behind the console of your television or onto a computer. As these areas usually have a large space for a lot of cables to clamp into.

Photo by Kichigai Mentat / Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

  1. Reuse Your Office Supplies

You can actually make the most of the small areas using a scaled down style. Which is to hide lots of storage spaces behind sliding doors. It’s important that you organize in the most creative manner. Which is why you might consider using office supplies in order to contain small necessities.

Protect your table from food and drink spillage. Set plates and glasses on a tray or coasters. Make sure that both of them are completely visible so that your guests will also know to use them.

It’s also important that you conceal your magazines, however, but also keep them accessible too. You can also stack them in organized letter trays in order to keep them tucked away in an orderly manner.

Photo by Webandi / Pixabay

  1. Create a Play Area

Toys can tend to take over the living room in your home. If they do then this is the right time to put this habit in timeout. You can transform the unused areas of your living room, especially the corners, into great play zones. The walls help to block the clutter. In addition to that, the corners of your family room can also be a great spot to put a children’s table or small book case. Aside from that, you can also add rolling bins for keeping toys so that your kids don’t have to feel confined. Instead, it will encourage them to pick up after they are done playing.

Kids and toys are always a challenge but keeping a somewhat defined area can help in limiting toys being everywhere. This makes it easier to tidy up an area if guests to come by often. Using living room organization tips like this can help in keeping a room ready to entertain and live in.

Photo by Dion Hinchcliffe / Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

  1. The Functionality of Your Coffee Table

If your family room currently has a coffee table or maybe you only forgot you had one due to the clutter. It is the right time to have its organization capacity reassessed. Coffee tables are truly great to look at especially if it complements your family room aesthetically. However, if the coffee tables in your living room don’t have any storage at all for your remote controls, newspapers, or even drink coasters, they are probably making your life even more difficult. If you do not have the budget to buy a new coffee table, you can also try adding low storage cubes and rolling bins or baskets that you can stick under your table.

Photo by ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay

  1. Take Advantage of the Space Behind Your Sofa

 Organize extra pillows and blankets in an accessible area – behind your sofa. It is really a great place to display a low bookcase, cabinet or a trunk. Furthermore, it can give you another surface to show off some of your treasured objects such as a decorative lamp.

Photo by Reiner Kraft / Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

The Next Steps

Getting and keeping your home organized are key to maintaining a cleaner home in the long term. With these living room organization tips one of your homes busiest rooms will be a lot more usable. At Crisis Cleaners we can help with organizational work around your house or in just regular cleanings to keep your house looking it’s best.


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10 Easy Cleaning Tips

10 Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Maintain a Vibrant Home

These ten easy cleaning tips can help keep a house more organized and overall keep it cleaner. Having a tidy and clean house has nothing but upsides. All houses get dirtier than we want and there are places that are more prone to it. Every homeowner would love to have some help in cleaning their house daily, and knowing some tips and tricks can certainly help them get things done in an efficient and effective manner. From baking soda to vinegar, the products can do wonders for a cleaner and fresher home.

Of course, the very first thing you want to is to make sure your house is clean in a daily manner. From making your home look great and smell great all the time to keeping allergens out of your residential property, all you want is to do all of these the easy and all-natural way. These absolutely easy home cleaning tips and tricks can help you get things done faster you keep your home clean and vibrant at all times.

  1. Start By Decluttering


Photo by podlesakpetr / Pixabay

Extra items in your living space will just crowd your rooms and make it even harder to keep the surface thoroughly as it keeps dust at bay. Start by sorting out all your things and donate the items that you don’t use or need any more to a friend, relative, charity, or sell them to your local thrift shop. Once you have sorted the things to keep and let go, you will reduce the possible hiding places for allergens, dust, and germs, and this is where the cleaning comes in. 

  1. Rugs Collect Dusts


Photo by TanteTati / Pixabay

Rugs are active dust, dirt, and dead skin cells collector. Every week, people can lose up to 30g of skin, which is equivalent to a bag of chips, and a paradise to dust mites. Shake your rugs outside in order to get rid of dust, dirt and dead skin cells, and vacuum extensively to completely remove dust mites as well as their droppings. As we use rags and towels all throughout the house the chance of spreading the dust is even greater. Keeping rags and towels clean is maybe on of the most important of the ten easy cleaning tips.


  1. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Handy and Organized

Photo / Nick Youngson / Alpha Stock Images / CC BY-SA 3.0

With pets and kids around, you are at a much higher risk of having pet messes and accidental spills. Most stains actually become more difficult to remove if left unnoticed or unattended for a longer period of time, which is why it’s important to keep you cleaning supplies handy in a spot where you can easily access so you can immediately tackle any mess.


Some of the most important cleaning supplies you might consider buying are paper towels or cloths, an all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant wipes, including a supply caddy so you could keep all your supplies organized in one place. A handheld, lightweight vacuum cleaner is also an excellent thing to have at home as it is a perfect tool for spot cleaning your baseboards, couch, etc. most especially when you are expecting a guest but you only have a few minutes left to clean the house.


  1. Stuffed Toys are Dust Mites’ Favorite Hiding Place


Photo by webandi / Pixabay

Make sure to clean your stuffed toys once in awhile to prevent dust mites from thriving and hiding into it. One important tip we can share is that you place your stuffed toys in a plastic bag then put in the freezer for twelve hours – you can do this method once a month. Dust mites hate cold and when you leave your stuffed toys to that naturally, this would kill adult dust mites as well as stop them from breeding

  1. Use a Doormat


Photo by Oyvind Solstad/ Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Doormats can really do a good job at reducing the dirt that enters your home, which will inevitably lessen the frequency of your cleaning sessions. It is also a smart idea to use a second doormat inside your home for an additional dirt barrier. You can also make a space in your home where you can take off as well as place your shoes. In that way, you can also encourage your family members and guests to leave their footwear at the door.

  1. Always Check Your Blinds and Curtains


Photo by TanteTati / Pixabay

Your blinds and curtains can also harbor pollen and dust. So, it’s imperative that you clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a dusting brush and whenever necessary, you can use a safe cleaning agent to effectively remove all the harmful elements present on your curtains and blinds. You can also ask recommendations from professional cleaning service providers regarding with the most effective and safest products that you can use at home.

  1. Get the Family Involved


Kotivalo [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret, but if you really want to lighten your home cleaning activities, try to convince everyone in the house to participate. Those people with kids can certainly attest that convincing your children to get involved with the house chores is easier said than done. However, if all people in the house can help even in their own little ways such as practicing the habit of placing their used garments in the hamper, putting the cereal box back in the kitchen pantry, and or packing away their toys before bedtime, your home will remain picked up and cleaning will be more attainable in a regular manner.

  1. Pay Attention to the Stairs


Photo by Goodfreephotos_com / Pixabay

Hair, dirt, fibers, and dust collect on these high traffic areas. The perfect cleaning tool to use in order to get into all those crannies and nooks is to use a vacuum cleaner with an attached stair tool. There are barrel vacuums available in the market that house cyclones, which capture more microscopic dust and dirt than any other. You can also hire professional home cleaners to do this task for you.

  1. Come Up With a Convenient Way in Organizing Items


Photo by StockSnap / Pixabay

Certainly, everybody in the house will be more motivated to help when your home is more organized and they understand where every item is supposed to be placed. Thus, designating a convenient spot where your family members can easily access to store bills, papers, menus, keys, etc. is definitely an intelligent way to keep mail and excess clutter sorted, yet off the counters in your kitchen. Even an organized junk drawer can be an excellent spot to keep loose change, pens, batteries, etc. close at hand.

  1. Clean Your Shower Curtain – The Easiest Way


Photo by Quinn Dombrowski / Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It’s just easy for most people to simply trash a filthy shower curtain have it replaced with a new one.  Sure, plastic ones are quite cheap, but why not save a few bucks by giving your dirty shower curtain a deep, thorough clean? The fastest and easiest way to do this is to chuck it in your washing machine with a bunch of bath towels, in order to keep it from bunching, as well as a cup of white vinegar. This will clean your shower curtain but remember not to include it in the dryer.

  1. Explore the Attachments of Your Vacuum Cleaner

Photo by Stevepb / Pixabay

Your vacuum cleaner, along with your washing machine and dryer, is the most effective, efficient, and powerful cleaning tool and it should be used to the maximum level. If you are guilty of just utilizing the vacuum and not exploring its attachments, then from now on you should make sure that you get to use at least a few of them when hovering. Using the soft bristle attachment of your vacuum cleaner, thoroughly clean your soft furnishings, sofa, curtains and dining chairs. You can also use the narrow attachment your vacuum to clean your dust from your windows, windowsill, as well as the corner of your floor and the tiny crevices.

Ten Easy Cleaning Tips and What to do Next

All of these cleaning tips along with having your house regularly cleaned help in maintaining overall happiness. Crisis Cleaners is here to help with all of your cleaning needs. Give us a call or contact us to see how we can help you to maximize the ten easy cleaning tips.

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Duration of Cleaning Supplies

How Long Do Household Cleaning Items Last?

We use a variety of cleaning supplies everyday and take many steps at replacing cleaning supplies on a set schedule. At Crisis Cleaners, we do this for our customers and employment safety and well being. We hope to share with you some of our best practices and why do it this way. Many food items have product dates on them that indicate the product should be “used by”, or “best if used by” or “sold by” an assured date. In most of the cases, these dates are posted willingly by the producer to help the customer to know the time limit to purchase or use the product at its finest value. But, some cleaning solutions and other products don’t have a dates that can tell the recommend time an item is considered effective, fit for use or sale. Replacing cleaning supplies helps lead to a safer and overall cleaner home. The following are the products that often don’t have a product life and thus can affect their efficiency.


Sponge is the one of the most important household cleaning item used for washing and cleaning things. They are effective for 15 to 20 days thus they should be replaced between these days. They are especially good for water based solutions and gripping water. It contains more germs than anything else in your house. Thus, it is very important to keep the sponge clean if you want your sponge last longer.

 The following are some easy steps to clean the sponge:

  • After every use of the sponge, you should wash it with hot water and squeeze it for dry before placing in soap stand.
  • You should use a good and germ-free spray when cleaning your counters with your sponge daily.


The mop is a bundle of yarn or a piece of absorbent material such as sponge or cloth used to soak up liquid for cleaning surfaces. Mop heads are typically flat and are frequently removable so that they can be washed and used once more. As there is no product dates on it so you should replace the mop head when it shows signs of needing to replace

Photo by voltamax / Pixabay

 Following are some steps which will make your mop last longer for use on your floors:

  • Whenever you finished mopping you should wash the dirt and the cleaning detergent from the mop. If the traces of dirt left on the mop then it can be damaging.
  • Before storing the mop wring it and allow it to dry to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Hang the mop so that mop head is not brushing against the floor and store it in a cool dry place until the next use.

Dish Rag:

Dishrags are household cleaning items made by microfiber, cotton or other cloth that are used in kitchens to clean dishes and other surfaces. These are sometimes called dish cloth and towels.

Following are some steps that will make your dish rag last longer:

  • Use the dishcloth only for washing dishes and do not wipe anything else with your dish cloth.
  • After you wipe your kitchen surface wash your dish rags in hot water.
  • You should use the paper towels for wiping up a huge puddle of spilled milk instead of dish cloths.
  • Do not be afraid to use more than one dish rag per day, you should use more than one dish rag if needed.


A duster is a cleaning item which is used to remove the dust from floors and furniture. Cleaning dusters come in many shapes and sizes. There are many types of dusters available in the market such as feather dusters, vacuum dusters, microfiber dusters, compressed air dusters and much more. But the purpose of all dusters is to remove the dust. You should replace the duster when it shows signs of needing to replace.

Following are some points which will help you maintain your dusters for longer:

  • If you are using feather duster then clean it after every use.
  • Do not wash dusters in the washing machine.
  • By following the above methods your household cleaning items will last longer.


We can make this process easier for you with our residential maid cleaning service. Replacing cleaning supplies should be done at regular intervals for a safer home.

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