Well Deserved Praise!

Feedback is often from negative experiences as opposed to providing well deserved praise of others. I was reading an article earlier how Comcast no longer has the lowest customer service ranking. This article was timely for two reasons.

Comcast Customer Satisfaction

One was last year we switched to Comcast for our business. Overall their technicians were prompt and gave us realistic expectations on what to expect and how long everything would take. After everything was setup I got an email for a survey and I, like most people, usually ignore them. As their team did a good job and explained other items we needed to take care of sure as call forwarding between our incoming lines and how to do so through the web interface I felt that I would comment on how courteous they were.

Less than a week later I got an email from a manager saying how pleased he was to hear back from us and that I gave his team well deserved praise. The truth is that most people only remember the worst of any service they receive. That doesn’t mean that when we get bad service we shouldn’t comment on it but all too often we don’t let people know when someone goes above and beyond to do a great job.

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