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How to Hire Home Cleaning Services

Tips to Hire a Home Cleaning Service for the First Time

When looking to hire a home cleaning services company there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Keeping your home clean is not an easy task. Especially when you have to hire someone else to do the job because of your busy schedule. Domestic work is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to make a choice when it comes to returning home to a sink full of dirty dishes. However, thanks to the wide variety of options available online, you can now even book your maid online.

Services such as these were previously only accessible to the elite class. Over time and with growing availability and access to the internet, everyone can find these services on their own convenience. Even though there are plenty of services and options and features to choose from online, it always good to have prior knowledge of how these services can fool a first-timer and take advantage of their limited knowledge. Therefore, here is a list of tips that can help you make a choice if you are hiring a maid for the first time:

Matthew G. Bisanz [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Knowing exactly how long it will take to clean one room in your house

This tip may sound futile at first because who doesn’t know their way around their own house right? Try cleaning your house yourself with a timer on and you will understand its significance. It is important that you know just how long it will take to completely clean a room. For instance for your bedroom how long does it takes to clean all of the dirt, dust and making up the sheets etc. Usually home cleaning services charge per hour. When they take more hours than it actually takes to clean up one room in your house, you know they are trying to trick you by earning more for less work actually being done or demanded.

  • Keeping informed of the market rate for an hour worth of cleaning service

First-timers are usually so desperately looking for someone to take up the job of cleaning their homes that they will do very little to inform themselves of how much their friends or relatives are paying for the service itself. The best way to compare would be your neighbors. Always ask your neighbors for their rates that they pay to their home cleaning services provider. This way you know that you are also being asked a fair price. This will protect you from being cheated. Though be aware some companies have minimum amount of time their maids will spend at a home.

  • Check if you need to actually pre-clean before the cleaner gets home

By pre-clean we mean picking up unnecessary objects that are lying around in the wrong places for example your socks on the floor that your maid will certainly not bother to move out of the way when mopping your floor. Being aware of these small things will help you to make the most of the home cleaning service. Instead of this ending up as additional tasks for you after the maid has left.

  • Staying at home when your maid is hired

It is completely up to you if you wish to be at home or not when the maid is cleaning your house. We suggest you be present for the first one or two times your house in cleaned. This helps to ensure that your home is being cleaned as per your demands. You will even be able to better monitor and guide the maid as and have a better experience overall if you stay at home.

  • Choose which chores you wish to divide between yourself and the maid

It is important to clarify whether you wish to hand over all the cleaning chores to your maid including the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and basements. Or do you wish to keep some tasks to yourself. This could be because they are very important to you or you simply want to save up on cost by saving up on the expense? Try to make sense of which tasks actually need to be hired out. Otherwise you will have to spend hours trying to complete them. For instance, you may be very particular about where your personal belongings are kept around the house. So, you may leave out the dusting part from the home cleaning service and you will save up on the hours the maid is hired as well.


The concerns highlighted above will keep you safe when hiring a home cleaning service for the first time. An advice on tipping would be to check whether the overall cost of the service includes the tipping charges as well. If not, then you can tip about ten percent of the overall cost. Happy cleaning!

Next Steps in Hiring Home Cleaning Services

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Hiring A Company or an Individual

Hiring An Individual Cleaner vs. Hiring A Cleaning Company

When you look into hiring a cleaner you have choices, the options are hiring a company or an Individual. If you thinking about hiring a cleaner there are some important factors to consider. There are two options available for you – you can select from different companies that provide their own cleaning services or you can hire an individual to clean your house.

Now, there are actually a number of reasons why you require a company instead of an individual worker and these are given below:



You may think that hiring an individual cleaner is easier since it cheaper and less annoying than dealing with a company. At the very least you may have to provide the cleaner with 1099 or other such forms as a contractor, or at least keep records of it. You will also have to verify employment eligibility and keep records of it. All of this could put the household at risk with the IRS.

Reasons to hire a company.


Insurance must be your greatest concern when hiring a cleaner. You will have to worry about it if the cleaner breaks something in your home. Individual workers are more more prone to break things than cleaning services. They are also less likely to be insured and bonded which can make getting reimbursed very difficult.

The reason is the services provided by the companies can afford to get the suitable coverage for each job in the house. When you hire a company, anything that goes wrong in your home during cleaning will be paid for by the company’s liability insurance.

While great care is taken not to break anything, accidents do happen. If they do and you cleaner doesn’t have insurance it will be very difficult to get reimbursed.


Individuals are humans. They have bad days and good days. They get sick and have families. When you hire a single employee, what happens when they get sick and cannot come in for a some days in a week? Do you let your house fall into a state of disrepair?

A home cleaning company makes sure this does not happen – they will always haves someone over when needed since they have an entire team of home cleaners to call upon when required.



This is a common problem raised by most home cleaning customers with individual workers on their payroll. There is nothing as irritating as having to go to local store to purchase the tools or products your cleaner says they require for the cleaning.

Hiring a Company

If you hire a cleaning company, though, the cleaners arrive  with all the chemicals and products they require to leave your house span and spick. From all the details above it should be obvious why hiring a company or an individual shouldn’t be a question a customer considers.

The right home cleaners should make your life easier and home beautiful. After all, the reason so many homeowners hire others to clean their houses is so they do not have to worry about that. Enjoy the advantages of a clean house and cut out the worries and risks of legal issues by simply finding the best professional  home cleaning service in your area and making the call.

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Well Deserved Praise!

Feedback is often from negative experiences as opposed to providing well deserved praise of others. I was reading an article earlier how Comcast no longer has the lowest customer service ranking. This article was timely for two reasons.

Comcast Customer Satisfaction

One was last year we switched to Comcast for our business. Overall their technicians were prompt and gave us realistic expectations on what to expect and how long everything would take. After everything was setup I got an email for a survey and I, like most people, usually ignore them. As their team did a good job and explained other items we needed to take care of sure as call forwarding between our incoming lines and how to do so through the web interface I felt that I would comment on how courteous they were.

Less than a week later I got an email from a manager saying how pleased he was to hear back from us and that I gave his team well deserved praise. The truth is that most people only remember the worst of any service they receive. That doesn’t mean that when we get bad service we shouldn’t comment on it but all too often we don’t let people know when someone goes above and beyond to do a great job.

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