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6 Post Holiday Cleaning Tips After Your Guests Leave

6 Tips on How to Clean Your House After Your Holiday Guests Leave

With all the stress of Christmas holiday preparation, cooking, and gifting, the last thing that you want is to face the mess left. And, if no one even thought of giving you a gift card for professional residential maid service, then you came to the right place. These post holiday cleaning tips will give you a head start in the cleaning process. In this article, you will be able to learn some ways on how to handle a post-Christmas holiday cleanup.

Post Holiday Cleaning Tips

  1. Tackle it as it happens

Photo by chefkeem / Pixabay

There will truly be a lot of mess to clean from plates in the sink to spilled beverages. This is the reason why it is really best that you deal with these messes as you go. While it may seem kind of exhausting to clean them as you go. It is actually more stressful compared to facing a mountain of dirty dishes as well as no clean forks. Addition to that, spills are also less likely to become stubborn stains if they are handled right away. Plus, there is a good chance if your holiday guests see you cleaning and they will also be a little more neat and helpful.

  1. Know the Difference Between On a Day and Right Away

Photo by peapod labs / Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

If you will break down all your tasks into manageable chunks, then you will surely save a lot of energy in time. As a matter of fact, you can be able to remove all the stress of the post-Christmas clean. This can be done after deciding what should be done now as well as what are the things that can wait. Furthermore, cleaning your kitchen should also be done right away. While making the bed for your guests and change it with clean or freshly laundered bed sheets can surely wait. We think this is the most important of the post holiday cleaning tips. As many people stress over doing everything all at once.

  1. Make Sure Your Linens Are Clean

Photo by spectagal / Pixabay

Even if they look spotless, you should make sure that you clean all your table linens every after gathering. Spots from clear juices or salad dresses can actually look fine at first. The truth is that they usually turn into a brown permanent and stubborn stain the next morning. Even if you only have a little time left, it is very important that you clear your table linens. As well as pretreat all the spots that you see and have them soaked overnight while doing the rest in the morning prior to receiving guests.

  1. Give Your Bathroom A Thorough Scrub

Photo by banksy07 / Pixabay

Usually, bathrooms might be considered as one of the most disgusting areas in a home. However, they are actually rewarding to clean since the effects of having them thoroughly cleaned are very obvious. Scrub the bath and shower, wipe down your sink and the mirrors. The clean the toilet as well as mop the floors. These chores are surely worthwhile since you can be able to see that the result is amazing.

In addition to that, your bathroom will be the second area in your home that will be frequently visited by your guests next to your dining area. This is the reason why you should make sure that it’s always presentable.

  1. Deal with Stubborn Stains

Photo by gromgull / Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Spills and stains, most especially on your tablecloth can possibly happen during the holiday season. This is the reason why we have come up with these helpful suggestions on how to deal with stubborn stains on your tablecloth, carpet, or other fabric:

  • For candle wax stain on your tablecloth, simply place a brown paper bag right over the affected area of the cloth and iron it, preferably on an ironing board. This tip really helps because the brown paper bag can absorb the melted wax.
  • For red wine stain on your table cloth or any fabric, try pouring white wine into the red wine spill right away. Then wash in ammonia and cold water. When wine are on the fibers of your carpet, you can pour yourself a glass and repeat until it is no longer a concern.
  • For muddy shoe prints, you should remind yourself to put a lot of runners down the next year. This will protect your carpets in the future. Next, depending of the thickness of the mud, you can either let it dry as well as brush it.  This is the same with having thick mud on your carpet. Or you can also use a chamois in order to soak the stain up. For mud or wet sludge spray using an effective but mild carpet cleaning solution.
  1. Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help

As a matter of fact, the amount of work that you will invest in hosting, preparing for a gathering. As well as recovering from the holiday season can be very exhausting and tiresome. Another tip to get your house spick and span after the holiday season is to start right away through recruiting someone to host the holiday gathering for next year.

But, seriously, holiday gatherings generally means enjoyment of the good times as well as togetherness, which leads us to our 6th tip – to ask for help.

Through asking help from your guests, may it be your friends or relatives, you can have a designated cleaning crew. Most of the time, people are actually willing to help if you have hosted them so you should never be afraid to ask. But, if they say no, then it is a way to shorten your list of guests for the next holiday season.

To make sure that you will have a stress-free and hassle-free post holiday cleanup, you can consider hiring a professional and experienced residential maid cleaning service provider. Professionals are highly trained and skilled in their own chosen field. This means you can be able to rest easy knowing that your residential property is in good hands. Aside from that, they are fully licensed and qualified, which means you can certainly depend on their honesty and level of workmanship. Thus, hiring a professional and experienced residential maid cleaning service will lighten your load when it comes to restoring the appearance of your living space after an extremely busy holiday schedule.


These post holiday cleaning tips should give you a quick guideline to get your house in order after the holidays.

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How to Clean Your House for New Year’s Eve

How to Clean Your House for New Year’s Eve

The holiday season is right around the corner and the first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind is how to get the house ready for the swarm of guests that will arrive for feasts. Families and friends will definitely pay a visit on the festive occasion of New Year and will surely not be impressed if you have a messy house awaiting for their welcome. Not even the festive decorations look appealing to the eye if you hang them up in a messy house. Using these tips will make your New Year’s Eve house cleaning a snap.

Do not worry about house cleaning for the occasion because here is a list of just the right tips and tricks to clean your house for New Year’s. While using a maid cleaning service or house cleaning service would be ideal it is often tough to schedule one during the busy holiday season. Take a note of the tips and your house will be clean and ready just in time.

New Year’s Eve House Cleaning


Take a good look around your house and clear out old magazines, newspapers lying around taking up unnecessary space. Throw away items that have not been used in a long time or are old and broken. De-cluttering is one of the best New Year’s Eve house cleaning tips for a gathering.

Take care of the laundry

Make sure you clean up and throw all the dirty laundry in the wash a good week or two before the occasion. It looks very bad to have dirty laundry lying around, even in the bathrooms. So make sure the bathrooms are kept clean from any dirty laundry for your guests to lay eyes on.

Floors and Walls

Make use of a good liquid cleaner with a mop to clear out any stains or dirt on the floors. If you have a carpet, invite the carpet cleaners over for a thorough cleaning job. To get rid of stains on wall, make use of the same cleaner or simply apply a dish washing liquid on a cloth and clear them off.


They say you can judge a lot about a person from the way he or she keeps their bathroom clean. Make sure there is no hair lying around the bathroom counters, sinks or shower area. Clean the toilets thoroughly with bleach and toilet cleaners. Have an air freshener in the bathroom. It is always good to have a nice fragrant coming from the toilets. Keep the exhausts on and place towels where need be.


It is highly unlikely that any of your guests will end up going to your bedrooms. However, family and relatives just might. In any case, you never know. So it is a good idea to clean up your bedrooms, spread new bedsheets and covers on your bed to make it look as good as new.


Sweep all the dirt and stains off your kitchen and bathrooms counters properly as these will be easily noted by the naked eye. Try using a dish washing liquid again to wipe of any dirt from these counters. Keeping your kitchen counters clean before a gathering helps to make the entire house appear cleaner.


Send your curtains to the laundry to have them dry cleaned and then hung and stem ironed. If you can manage to clean them up yourself in the washing machine then do so because what can be better than clean and fresh looking curtains for the new year?

Trash Cans

A lot of people will have a happy and clean looking home but the one thing they will miss out is the trash bins which just ruins the entire look of the house. Trash bins from every room are very important to be cleared out. Trash lying around for too long can begin to smell. Not only this but, overfull trash bins look very unkempt and leave a very negative impression.

Doorway and Garage

Ensure that you have your doorway cleared out from any dust or dirt because it will be the first area that will come in contact with your guests. Your garage must also be kept clean. Do not forget to take a good look around the garage before your guests arrive.

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7 Day Holiday Housecleaning Guide You Can Follow Before Christmas

7-Day Holiday Housecleaning Tips You Can Follow Before Christmas

Entertaining guests during the holiday season can be very stressful, most especially if your home is not always tidy. Fortunately, with our helpful house cleaning tips and plants, you can be able to make your home spiffy. Our 7 day holiday housecleaning guide provides steps to get your house clean. We also break down key areas of your house to clean to get ready for guests.

Photo by JD Hancock / Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Cleaning Your Home for the Christmas Holidays

Preparing your house for overnight holiday guests or holiday parties can be really hectic. But, you can totally eliminate your cleaning chaos through dividing your home cleaning tasks into even doable segments. In this article, you will see a 7-day housecleaning plan in order to prepare your house before your guests arrive. Here, you will find simple yet effective solutions for tricky and stubborn stains as well as emergency holiday house cleaning guide in order to make sure that you’ll have a stress-free holiday entertaining.

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How to Clean Your House for Christmas

How to Clean Your House for Christmas

The Christmas season comes along with heaps of tasks and responsibilities to take care of from gifts to décor, and groceries as well as cooking. It is easy to run out of time and not be able to clean your house for Christmas. However, one task that almost all of us delay till the last minute is that which requires keeping our house clean. But, you will have to ensure that your house is clean enough to keep guests happy in this holiday season. A thorough deep cleaning of your house can make a huge difference in how your holiday event goes.

The first thing that your guests will notice when they enter your house is the smell of your house and you will definitely want to ensure that it is good. Besides, all the effort you put into setting up your Christmas decorations will go to waste because they will definitely not look pretty in a messy house. Here are a few suggestions on how you can clean your house for the Christmas holidays:


The floor in your house whether it is carpeted or hardwood or even marble tiles, you need to ensure that it is squeaky clean before the guests arrive. Wash down a carpet-less floor with a mop, use a tile cleaner in the mop liquid. For carpeted floors you could send all your carpets in the carpet laundry otherwise just vacuum it thoroughly.


You definitely need to get all your glasses clean because you would not want your guests to be drinking out of dirty, smelly glasses. Christmas season is full of drinking and eating. Therefore, you must ensure that you clean your glasses with a clean sponge and some nice smelling dishwashing liquid.


You need to ensure that you make the meals even more appetizing for your guests by keeping your cutlery clean and shiny. A good tip is to rub the insides of banana peels along your silver spoons, knives and fork. Then wash with warm water to bring out the shine. Again, scrub with a nice smelling dish washing liquid to leave that after effect on the cutlery. We don’t use fancy silverware often but if you are entertaining around the holidays this is a good time while you clean your house for Christmas.


Clean towels are essential in every bathroom, especially the ones that your guests will be using. Ensure that you not only have clean and laundry-cleaned face towels but keep some mini hand towels as well. It leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


Your kitchen will be the busiest area of your house during the Christmas season while you entertain your guests with food and drinks. It is imperative that you keep your kitchen clean at all times. Empty out the garbage as soon as it piles up. Wash those dirty dishes as soon as they pile up. Mop the floor and keep wiping the counters off any spills or leftovers.


A messy and unclean toilet reflects a lot about a person without any words said. It is very important that you scrub the floors, toilet, bathtubs, counters and sinks thoroughly for each and every bathroom in your house to make sure that no matter which bathroom your guests end up in they open the door to a clean one. You could also install an automatic air freshener in the bathrooms so that it smells nice at all times.


Christmas is all about the décor. You would want to hang fairy lights and display your decorations on the windows as well. So make sure these windows are clean and tidy. Dust the cobwebs and dirt away and wipe the windows with a glass cleaner for cleaner looking windows.


Curtains add to the beauty of any room. Ensure that you have washed all of  your curtains before your guests arrive so that they are spotless. This is also a good time to clean your curtains as they should be cleaned periodically and we all often put this task off. Your décor will also look extra nice displayed alongside clean and brand new looking curtains.

House Cleaning Service

With all of these tasks to be completed don’t be afraid to use a local house cleaning service to get your house spotless as you entertain for the holiday season. We hope our list of items helps you clean your house for Christmas.

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Top 10 Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

10 Steps to Get Your House Cleaned Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With lots of dinners and guests to attend to, hosting thanksgiving can turn out to be a really big deal. There is so much to do in the kitchen that most people do not even give a second thought to any other chore that might need to be completed for general house cleaning. Cleaning your house, however, before thanksgiving and before any guests arrive is of utmost importance. Don’t stress about it though. Here a few simple steps, using our Thanksgiving cleaning tips, to get you through the cleaning part before thanksgiving:

Top 10 Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

  1. Cleaning Supplies

    Before you start the cleaning task, you need to ensure that you have all the supplies required to get this done at home. Take a good look at your supplies and make a list of items to get. Then, head to the market and get all the cleaning equipment and tools you need.

  2. Bathroom

    They say that you can tell a lot about a person’s personality by the way he or she keeps their bathroom clean. Since every guest of yours will definitely pay a visit to the bathroom at least once while they are at your place, you must make sure that the bathroom is clean and tidy. Wipe the bathroom counters off any unnecessary items and keep the filled hand wash or new soap bar on the counter along with a new hand towel cloth. Ensure that the floors are wiped and the toilets are well-scrubbed and bleached. Make sure you leave a good air-freshener in the bathroom so that it smells good all the time.

  3. Vacuum and Mop

    Ensure that all the rooms where you think your guests might be are vacuumed and mopped properly. This includes but is not limited to the entryway, your dining room, living room, perhaps a guest room and the bathroom as well. With people moving around your house all day this may be the most important of our Thanksgiving cleaning tips.

  4. Replacing all the bed sheets and blankets

    It is pivotal to replace your bedsheets and covers before your guests arrive. Thanksgiving is an occasion for which you need to replace any old covers or mattresses around the house with cleaner, new ones.

  5. Fluff up the pillows/cushions

    Once you’ve replaced your bedsheets and covers, make sure you fluff up your pillows and cushions as well. Don’t forget to replace them when you replace your sheets and covers. Also, do not forget to fluff up those sofa and seat cushions for the guests as well.

  6. Keeping the Kitchen tidy

    Let’s face it. The kitchen will be the busiest area of your house around Thanksgiving. It is important that you keep tidying up your kitchen after every few hours so that the mess does not pile up. Keep wiping up the counters once you are done making a dish. Ensure that the floor is mopped from time to time and keep emptying the trash.

  7. Emptying the Fridge

    You will need ample space in your fridge before and after your thanksgiving dinner. The space before thanksgiving arrives will be needed to stuff up all the chicken or meat that you will cook on Thanksgiving Day for your family and friends. Obviously, the space that you will require after the occasion will be to store any leftovers.

  8. Dust the Furniture

    Keep the dust and dirt out of your house on a weekly basis by dusting your furniture. Dust is most likely to pile up on wooden and glass furniture. Make sure you use a good wood cleaning liquid or glass cleaning water to wipe off all dust.

  9. Lining up Garbage Bins

    Garbage bags and bins are one of the most important items that you will need. They will ensure that you have enough of so that you can keep emptying the trash whether it is disposable items or food leftovers that you need to get rid of. Therefore, make sure each and every bathroom has a garbage bin with a garbage bag in it. Also, make sure your garbage bin in the kitchen is emptied right away once it piles up. It is important that you take good care of this step because garbage piled up for too long will begin to leave an unpleasant smell around the house.

  10. Porch/Driveway

    Ensure that your porch or driveway is swiped clean off all the dead leaves or trash lying around. It is the first spot that your guests will hit as soon as they land to your house so make sure they receive a clean and clear entrance into your house.


All in all, before the Thanksgiving Day you will need to keep a check on all of these necessary cleanliness routines around the house. Make sure you don’t miss any spot for anyone to complain about later. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Crisis Cleaners and we hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving cleaning tips!

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