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Challenges Cleaning Dirtiest Rooms

The Challenge of Cleaning your Kitchen and Bathrooms

The rooms around your house that require the most cleaning almost every, single day – any guesses? Given the fact that each day the sinks, toilets, tubs and utensils are put through the toughest jobs handled by multiple beings around the house. It is true to say that the kitchen and bathrooms require special cleaning attention. Many people consider cleaning their kitchen, bathrooms and all items or utensils within them tougher than a challenge. As the kitchen and bathrooms are some of the most used rooms in the home they present the biggest challenges cleaning dirtiest rooms in your house.

If you have some if not all know-how regarding how to go about cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms at a quick pace, overcoming this challenge would seem like a cup of tea. Here are a few tips on how to tackle the kitchen and bathroom cleaning challenge to make your life easier:

Challenges Cleaning Dirtiest Rooms

  1. Sinks –

Sinks are prone to be the dirtiest, and germ-filled areas in both the kitchen and bathrooms. All the dirty dishes are left rotting in the kitchen sink whilst the bathroom sinks get to experience bacteria storming out of your mouth as well. Use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to keep the sink clean. To get rid of more abrasive deposits, use a soft scrub to wipe the stains off.

  1. Shower and Tub –

Shedding off old skin and hair from the body in the shower and tub can result in bacteria from dead skin cells being deposited in the area. Spraying all-purpose bathroom cleaner in the shower and tub and leaving it to stay for a while will help soften deposits. You will be able to remove the grease easily.

  1. Appliances –

Use a citrus based cleaner to wipe off stains from your appliances. It helps remove stains easily and also leaves a pleasant fragrance afterwards.

  1. Counter tops –

Your bathroom and kitchen counters are to be cleaned regularly. Especially if they are white you should take regular and special care whilst cleaning them. Use baking soda and lemon to make a lemon scrub and clean your countertops with it. It is very effective to get rid of hard, old stains and marks on your counters.

  1. Garbage –

Make sure you empty the garbage bins from the kitchen and bathrooms in a timely manner. Leaving the garbage untouched for days could result in a bad odor spreading around the vicinity. Try to have an air freshener placed in close proximity to your garbage bins so that you are able

  1. Refrigerator –

Use a citrus spray to clean the refrigerator’s gaskets. This will help ensure that the doors seal tightly. To clean the dust that sometimes enters the refrigerator, try attaching a little round cardboard piece to your vacuum and suck all the dust out.

  1. Oven –

Spills and burns around the oven can become very hard deposits over time if they are not taken care of instantly. This may even result in bad odor from the hard food deposits. Sprinkle salt around the deposits, allow it to sit for a while and then remove the deposits will an all-purpose oven cleaner.

Conclusion –

As we stated earlier challenges cleaning dirtiest rooms is tough to stay ahead of. With some effort it is possible to keep up with the kitchen and bathrooms and then the rest of the house should fall in line.

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Total House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your whole house with a checklist

Taking out time to clean your entire house is one big achievement in itself. Now that you have devoted a time and day, you need to start planning on how you’ll go about this cleaning task otherwise it will all end up with you trying to clean your house in a haphazard manner. Do not waste time trying to figure out where to start or how messy your house is, will you ever be able to clean it? The best solution to all your problems would be to maintain a standard cleaning checklist that you can use and reuse every time you decide to clean your entire house. Our total house cleaning checklist will guide you through the process and get your home clean.

Here is a list of things to include on the checklist that will help you make it through your cleaning schedule:

Total House Cleaning Checklist

  1. Checklist of all cleaning supplies

The first most important task on your list has to be of all the items that are required to get your cleaning task done. Check your supplies of dish washing liquid, glass cleaners, mops, dusters, etc. that will all be required while cleaning. It is important you do this task first so that when you are in the middle of your cleaning and you realize something is missing or a product has finished, you do not end up getting agitated and giving up. Let’s be honest you can’t clean if you are missing items so this is why this is our top item on our total house cleaning checklist.

  1. Shopping for required items

Once your cleaning supplies have been listed down, it is time to go shopping. Get everything you need. Make a separate list for all these items if you are not very good at remembering things.

  1. Having a good playlist ready

The next most important list that you need to have ready is a good music playlist. This playlist will keep you up and running during your cleaning. It will also help lighten up the mood and make the cleaning task fun.

  1. Starting with the bedrooms

Have your bedrooms on the list next because the most mess you’ll clear up is from your bedrooms. Once you’ve dusted the beds and made them, picked up all your dirty laundry lying around, you’ll be able to breathe better in your room. Next cover the bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen. Try it, you’ll feel the difference.

  1. Dusting the furniture

This is a task that should be on your daily or weekly cleaning checklist. It is important that you dust all furniture of dirt piling up so that it doesn’t become permanent. It becomes almost impossible to get rid of dust and dirt that accumulates from leaving the furniture untouched for days.

  1. Walls and ceilings

A good tip to clean up the walls and ceilings is to first dust them. Then use a little bit of dish washing liquid to get rid of any stains or marks. If you do not want to risk using a dish washing liquid then make sure you have an all-purpose cleaner in the cleaning supplies for cleaning up walls.

  1. Counters

Ensure that you have wiped away your kitchen and bathroom counters thoroughly. Messy counters are not at all pleasing to the eye. Make use of warm, soapy water or a nonabrasive counter cleaner to clean laminate countertops. To clean stains from edging, use a soft toothbrush. Counters always get dirty and that is why they are a key item on our total house cleaning checklist.

  1. Vacuum

Once all the dusting of the dirt is over with you can begin vacuuming around the floors and/or carpets to wipe it off. Ensure that you vacuum in every nook and corner of the house. Otherwise a little bit of the dirt lying around in corners can leave a very bad impression. Vacuuming should always be towards the end of every house cleaning list. Because the purpose of the vacuum should be to swipe away all the mess that you have cleaned. All that dusting, sweeping off the furniture, walls, ceilings etc leaves the residue on the floor.

  1. Mopping the floors

Mopping up after a round of vacuum is imperative. A vacuum will help get rid of the large chunky bits out of the way whereas the mop will help clear out the small particles of dirt. Use a damp mop to remove any excess soil or leftover dust from the floors.

  1. Emptying the waste bins

Last but not the least of all the steps is to empty out your garbage from each and every room including the bathroom and kitchens! Do not miss this step because garbage that has been piling up in the bins for too long can start to smell bad.



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Things to do with Spring Cleaning Junk

Things to do with Spring Cleaning Junk

With spring season just around the corner, a lot of people will begin to gather up their energy to declutter around the house. For all those people who carry out this decluttering job once a year, there will be a ton of junk that you will come across. It may be stuff you have bought but never used, or things that have been over-used. What to do with the spring cleaning junk we find is always a tough question. One case or another you will want to, at some point, do something about these items.

Here is a list of tips that you may want to note down to make good use of the junk that you come across whilst spring cleaning:

Spring Cleaning Junk

Sell things online –

eBay is the best platform to sell used things online. It may be a good idea to put stuff that you do not use anymore online for sale. Why not make some good money out of these things? You can sell as many as 50 items or more on some platforms. It is an excellent way to capture a large audience online.

Hold a yard sale –

Why not invite people from your neighborhood over and hold a yard sale. It will be a good idea to socialize, feel fresh and you will be surprised at the kind of items that will get sold at yard sales. You don’t have to have a predefined price. You can even sell off these unwanted items at the best prices one wishes to offer for them when they are in front of you in person.

Donate –

You have things lying around the house that could be put to good use if you donate them to those in need. Think about all the reward you would get for giving these things away to people. They would actually really appreciate getting them for free. You can pack them up in a box and keep them outside your house. Put a mark allowing people to understand that these items are free for anyone in need to pick up and use. In this way you will save taking any pain to actually go to donation houses and then the items away. Another idea would be to call up non-profit organizations and letting them know about the items you want to donate. They often arrange pick-up of these items, again saving you the trip.

Recycle and reuse –

This tip is most important for electronic items lying around the house. Most of which you would think are useless and throw away. Unused batteries, an old DVD player, or even a broken laptop in some cases can easily be recycled and put to good use if you put just a little bit of effort. Take these items to a local electronics shop. They would recycle these items for you and may even buy them off you.

Discard –

Lastly, the most important tip of the day. Throw away items that you think are not worth donating, selling or recycling. There is no point keeping things that are visibly of no use at all. These items will be easily spotted as those having no value. Spotting them is simple – they would look completely worn out to the naked eye. Ripped or shredded shoes and clothes are pretty much an embarrassment to even donate. So just throw these items away and save everyone the trouble.

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Professional Spring Cleaning

How to Spring Clean your House like a Pro

Everyone tends to put off spring cleaning their homes for as long as they can. It is a tough job and no one looks forward to it ever. Most people try to avoid incurring any extra expenses and try to get this job done themselves. Professionals definitely do a perfect job but they charge just as perfectly as well. Our professional spring cleaning tips will help your in clearing your house out. Here is a compilation of great tips from professionals to spring clean your house:

Professional Spring Cleaning

Do not rush

Take your time to get the cleaning done. Nothing is achieved if you rush through things. You will simply be putting things out of your way and into the wrong places while you clean across the house. It is very important to understand that clearing the clutter is a different task as compared to cleaning the house. People often tend to confuse the two to be one task. Before you begin spring cleaning, it is important that you pick up things lying around the house and keep them back into their original place so that cleaning would become a lot easier.

Start from the top

If you have more than a single story house then a good tip would be to start from the top and work your way downstairs. Imagine cleaning the dirt from downstairs and then bringing dirt and trash from your other stories downstairs. It would turn out to be double cleaning of your house downstairs. Why take the pains to carry out the double cleaning when you can simply start from above, bring all the dirt down and sweep it away when you start cleaning downstairs?


Do not forget to clean your curtains as well when you decide to go for spring cleaning your house. Curtains are often ignored and leaving them unwashed for quite a while can result in giving them a very wore-down look. Remove your curtains and drop them at the dry cleaner’s to give them a proper wash.

Brighten up

Check if any of your lights need replacements. Install new ones to replace old ones and brighten up your house. If no new bulbs are required, it would be a good idea to remove light shades and wash the removable parts with a damp cloth.

Freshen up the air

Open up your windows to let out the winter seal and welcome fresh air into your house. Touch up your walls with paint to give them a bright new look for the new season.

Replace the sheets, covers etc.

Throw all your old bed sheets and covers in the laundry. Throw in some good smelling fabric cleaner and wash your covers. Spread some new covers on your bed and give it a fresh new look.

Share the load

Lastly, ensure that you share the cleaning load with other family members. It is always a good idea to get some help with the cleaning. Besides, if you share the load you will get the cleaning task done quicker.


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Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

It is that time of the year when you finally decide to get some cleaning done. Especially because spring is just around the corner. You have made up your mind that this time around your spring cleaning will be thorough and through the entire house. You will swipe away every bit of dirt and dust that the winter season brought along with it. We all fall for some common spring cleaning mistakes but avoiding them with our guide will help your out.

Before you dive into the spring cleaning business, we suggest you step back take a good look at these common spring cleaning mistakes. These are mistakes that you want to avoid. So sit back, relax, go through them and learn from them.

Accumulating clutter

Stop the clutter before it enters your house. For instance, sort your mail right outside the house so you do not end up bringing in any unnecessary promotional magazines, brochures etc. at all. You could keep a cardboard box right at your doorstep to pile up all the clutter in that box and then sort and empty that box on a monthly basis.

Letting go more than needed

It is a good idea to let go off your emotional attachment with items. Such as clothes of a loved one who has passed away, or old books and furniture. But, do not let go of too many things at one go. Spread this over a period of time so that you do not end up completely emptying your house.

This is NOT a one-man show

This is the most common mistake that almost every woman makes when she sets out to get cleaning done. It is NOT a one-man show. Do not try to clean your entire house from top to bottom all by yourself.

Incomplete tools or cleaning supplies

Brooms, mops, buckets, a good amount of cleaning cloths, appropriate cleaning liquids, scrubs are just some of the right tools needed to get any cleaning task done. When you decide to spring clean, you need to ensure you have the correct tools and supplies required to get the task done efficiently.

Trying to get it all done in a day

Do not underestimate the amount of time that you will need to get your spring cleaning done. This is important to note especially if you decide to get on with spring cleaning once in a whole year. You need to jot down what is it that you plan on cleaning. If by cleaning the whole house you mean going over the attic, store rooms, garage, etc. then you might even need to include a full weekend devoted to the entire spring cleaning activity. Do not try to get it all done in a flash. Devote the right amount of time to it. Now that you have decided to get the task done, you might as well be patient and get it done properly.

Avoiding the difficult, spaces or rooms

Do not be complacent. Act responsibly and clean every space difficult to reach thoroughly. Do not avoid such spaces because this is the exact reason why they are left unattended every time you decide to clean. Imagine the kind of garbage, dirt, bacteria that must have piled up in these spaces over time. That should be motivating enough to put that extra amount of effort into cleaning these rooms and spaces.

Waiting until spring to deep clean

We understand that it is extremely difficult to take time out of your busy routine everyday specifically to clean and organize your home. But, if you add just one or two hours of your time daily to keep stuff away. Then clean around the house little by little. You will notice the kind of positive difference it will make in your life. You will not have heaps of cleaning tasks at the end of the year when you finally decide to spring clean.


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Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

‘Tis the time to welcome spring and start sweeping away the winter dust from our homes. The one room that everyone spends most of their time in once they are home is their bedrooms. A clean and tidy bedroom is heaven for all. Using this bedroom spring cleaning checklist will help guide you to getting it cleaned faster. It is the one room everyone pays extra attention to because at the end of the day, it is the place to be to relax and refresh.

Before you begin spring cleaning your bedrooms, here is a checklist that you might want to go over and prepare for yourself so that you make sure you have every important item covered:

Cleaning Supplies

Make sure you have all the cleaning cloths, dusters, mops and liquids required to get your cleaning job done intact. It can be very frustrating if, in the middle of the cleaning, you suddenly realize that you are out of floor cleaning liquid. You tend to become off track if you are forced stop in the middle. Then momentum is lost. So make sure you stock up on these supplies before you begin. Here is a list of supplies that we suggest should be included as part of your everyday cleaning kit:

–          Mops

–          Micro-fiber cleaning cloths

–          All-purpose sprays

–          Baking soda

–          Vacuum

–          Toothbrush

–          Duster and brush

–          Garbage bag

–          Steam cleaner

–          Dish washing liquid (yes it works for cleaning other items too)

Strip those beddings

Bedding spread over the bed for longer than 2 weeks can tend to become old and weary. Strip those beddings off your bed and throw them in the laundry. Spread clean and fresh new laundry on your bed. It really makes all the difference.

Pillows and cushions

Ensure that you strip your pillow and cushion covers off the fillings as well. Vacuum those fillings to get rid of unwanted dust and hair particles. This is a really good tip because often times people do shed off the dust from the bed but the pillows are neglected. Pillows need to be kept clean as well because they come in direct contact with your face and skin. Re-apply fresh, new covers to the cushions and pillows. As this isn’t normally included during a professional house cleaning it is important to take care of this routinely and why we include it in our bedroom spring cleaning checklist.

Mattress dusting

Ensure that you dust your mattress and probably make one round of vacuum on it as well. If you neglect the mattress then overtime bed bugs may develop on it. Bed bugs can be difficult to spot. This could be really bad for you and your family’s health. Ensure that you dust the mattress off dirt and dust at least once a month.

Rearranging the closets

Make sure that you include your closets in this checklist otherwise they will remain unchecked for months. Closet cleaning and sorting is highly important so that you, yourself feel organized. You will also remain aware of what clothes you have and here you have kept them.


Make use of soapy water and a micro-fiber cloth to wash the window tracks and sills. Use of a newspaper and a good liquid glass cleaner to wipe the windows clean. Make sure you repeat the same from the outside of the windows as well. Windows get overlooked throughout the year but hey can really make an impact on your house and shouldn’t be overlooked for a bedroom spring cleaning checklist.

Surface Cleaning – Use a damp cloth to dust away dirt from table tops, frames, décor items. Make sure that when you begin dusting, you start from the top so that anything that falls on lower surfaces is picked up while dusting the items below.

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Smart Ways to Spring Clean Your House

Smart Ways to Spring Clean Your House

Spring cleaning your house can be a tough job especially when you do not know where to start from. Use our smart ways to spring clean your house with tips straight from our professional house cleaners. Procrastination is at its peak whenever you decide to set your mind into cleaning your house thoroughly. It is either overpowered by natural laziness or just the idea of putting the cleaning off until later – that results in just about never getting the task done.

Keep the clutter aside –

The first step that you should begin any cleaning task with is to get rid of all the clutter lying around the house. It will not only ease your task of cleaning the house up but will overall leave a good, organized impression of your house once the mess is out of the way. Try to get rid of all the unnecessary junk lying around the house. You will know exactly what this refers to if you have children in your house.

Cleaning the Dishwasher –

For all those lazy household keepers, a dishwasher is godsend. But, you need to bear in mind that it does not just clean dishes. Anything that is safe to go in the dishwasher, will be cleaned without any extra efforts. You can fit in shoes, caps, light covers, stove hood filters and what not. This will save you from all that manual hours of scrubbing.

Let the bathroom clean itself while you sleep –

Spring cleaning is all about cleaning just about everything around the house, from the smallest of items to the big, impossible ones. Here’s a little tip to help spring clean your bathroom utilities without any extra effort. Soak your shower, toilet, sink in white vinegar overnight and you will be surprised to see that the stains you would otherwise spend hours scrubbing away will be wiped away clean. Use a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar and wrap it around your shower head. Watch the results the next day and you will be amazed.

Make efficient use of the bathtub –

Before you spring clean your bathtub, you must take advantage of its space and use it to clean just about everything else inside it. You can clean your curtains, blinds, oven racks and any other item that requires a lot of space to clean, easily in the bathtub. Make sure you thoroughly scrub the bathtub once it has been utilized to its full potential.

Revive the fluffiness of pillows and towels –

Everyone frets over the overuse of pillows and towels and how they lose their charm after years of continuous use. A very good tip to bring back their fluffiness and revive their life is to use vinegar and baking soda when you throw them in the washing machine. This is a very good way to clean the inside of your washing machine too.

Microwave cleaning trick –

Microwaves are the single most used electrical appliance in the kitchen after the refrigerator. To get rid of the stains inside the microwave, you need to steam clean it. Use lemon water, vinegar in a bowl and place it inside the microwave. Let it heat up for about thirty seconds and then wipe away the steam with a cloth.

Get a helping hand –

Lastly, it is always a good idea to have a helping hand around the house to clean up and mop after your scrubbing and washing. Hire a professional house cleaning service to help you achieve the best results. Especially when you set out to spring clean your house. If you have children, you will be aware of how good this will be for you as these professionals know just how to do their job and offer the best spring cleaning packages as well.

Happy cleaning!

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Successful Realtors Partner With Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services and Successful Realtors

They say first impression is the last impression and when buyers come to buy a potential home, cleanliness of that home is the first thing they will take good note of. Successful realtors partner with professional cleaning companies all the time to help convey the true value of a home. Realtors use multiple strategies to make the potential home look like it is bright and shiny, gaudy and what not. But, everything falls apart when you notice a dusty or dirty rug or furniture. A clean home is worth ten times more since it communicates value.  Therefore, realtors have started making use of home cleaning service providers to make potential homes ready to be sold off look as good as brand new. Why does the involvement of cleaning services make these realtors successful in the market? Let’s take a look:

Successful Realtors Partner With Professional Cleaning Services

Market Ready Home

So you are getting a house constructed to sell it off in the market. How will you keep up with competition if the most basic requirement of keeping the house clean is not met? Adopting a cleaning service to do the job for you will benefit you as these professionals will know exactly how to clean up the place. Before you put up pictures of the house for advertising purposes, you will definitely need to ensure its cleanliness.

Cleanliness is healthiness

Keeping the house clean is not just good for advertising or business reasons. Staying clean and keeping the environment around you clean will boost your overall health. Therefore, a clean home is a healthy home. Professional house cleaning service providers have good, hygienic equipments that they use to keep the house healthy. Realtors make use of their services so that they can keep the new or renovated house healthy.

After Construction Necessities

You already know the kind of mess that results post-construction of a new house. Would you like it if you as a realtor were showing a potential client around the house and they happen to spot debris lying around? Be very careful about keeping those brand new items around the house sealed and protected. To ensure that it seems brand new whenever a potential client visits to have a look around. Professional cleaning service providers can be ideal for cleaning up after the construction mess and to help keep the builder’s equipment in a tidy place.

Vacation Spot

You could be even planning to set up your newly built house as a vacation rental property. Well these vacation spots require cleaning not just before use but after the customers have left as well. Thus, hiring a professional house cleaning service will definitely stand in good stead for realtors who have houses set up as vacation spots for tourists.

Surprise the New Owners

When someone is moving, they are moving due to an occasion. Usually it is because of a new marriage, relocation, retirement or any other life turning event in a person’s life. In order to make this new “move” memorable, realtors should surprise their clients. By getting the property deep cleansed by a professional deep cleaning service. The clients will definitely never forget the personal touch that you will add to their special day.

Property conditions have a big impact and influence on the realtor’s ability to make a sale. Most clients shy away from a property that requires a lot of work. Because they will be looking to reduce expenses and buy a house that does not require any maintenance or cleaning work. Professional cleaning services often recognize this difficulty that realtors face in their everyday business routines and help ensure that the property is kept spick and span.

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Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not many people enjoy it, often times people keep putting it off until later and then comes winter and it is a task forgotten about until next spring. There are numerous reasons why we should be spring cleaning our houses. Our professional house cleaners see the differences in houses that routinely declutter during the spring. These benefits of spring cleaning From mental to physical benefits, here is a list of what benefits you will feel you have achieved once you’re done spring cleaning your house:

The feeling of being motivated –

An unclean, messy home is the first reason why you feel depressed or lazy. No one feels motivated to do anything around a house that itself is so messed up to begin with. You may sometimes feel very lonely in your own little space when you don’t ever get out of it. This is all triggered by the dirt, dust and clutter that you have surrounded yourself with by not cleaning enough. Once you start cleaning this mess up you will realize the kind of positive motivation it brings to you and your entire house.

Everyone appreciates change –

It is good to move furniture or other things around the house once in a while to give it a new look. Giving your house a new and clean look will not just change the look of the house but will also give you the feeling of a changed person overall. Waking up to a clean looking home and a fresh environment around you will give you a refreshed feeling.

Being liberated –

Spring cleaning will give you the ultimate feeling of being liberated from all the mess and clutter and piled up junk that you no longer need. In order to feel liberated you will need to start discarding the clutter that has been piled up in your house over a period of time. You may donate it, sell it off, re-use it but at some point there will be some items that have just worn out so much that there will be no other option than to discard them. Once you discard these things, you will feel much lighter, as if a big load has been lifted off you.

Feeling energetic and happy –

Clean and fresh air around the house often promotes an energetic and happy environment. Cleanliness is directly associated to happiness. Therefore, keeping the house clean will result in you feeling happier than ever before.

Organized and focused –

Once you start spring cleaning your house, you will realize that while de-cluttering you will automatically be organizing items. This will allow you to be more focused in everything that you do. You items will be organized in a more meaningful manner. It will give a very positive outlook to your house for family and friends to see. Not just that but, you yourself will feel very good about it.

House will be lighter –

Once you have decluttered and gotten rid of items you do not need, your house will automatically feel lighter. By the end of the entire spring cleaning exercise you will be feeling more satisfied, organized and fresh. Your mind will be less stressed about the cleaning tasks that had to be done. You will feel new and enjoy the spring season as it approaches.



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Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks

Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks

To freshen up after a long winter is always a good idea. Shedding away junk and putting away clutter is the best feeling ever. You may be planning to begin the spring cleaning as soon as spring approaches but the reality is that you may never even get on to doing it.  These Simple spring cleaning hacks will help prioritize your cleaning this spring that our professional house cleaners will now share with you. Procrastination works at its best whenever you plan on spring cleaning. Suddenly, you realize that guests are coming over and your house is a mess.

Do not worry though as everyone has a little mess here or there around the house. No house is always perfectly clean. Here are a few simple basic spring cleaning hacks that you can make sure of when you begin to spring clean your house:

Use the dishwasher, not just for dishes –

the dishwasher is the best help you can get around the house whenever you set out to spring clean your house. Make use of it not just to clean your dirty dishes but also throw in the oven racks, any part of the microwave and a lot of other kitchen tools that you cannot be bothered to stand up and clean yourself. It will help save you ample time as well.

Make use of the laundry detergent for external surfaces –

Did you know that you could make use of your detergent to clean up walls and counters? That’s right. These detergents are not just handy for your clothes but, can wipe away stains from your furniture as well as walls. Try using some applied on a wet sponge to clean away stains and marks.

Vinegar and taps go hand in hand –

Apply a few drops of vinegar on your taps and you will notice how it works wonders when you want to clean silverware. It leaves the kitchen and bathroom taps looking as good as new.

Sponge cleaning in the microwave –

We often spend most of our time spring cleaning the items around the house. But, what we do not pay attention to is the cleaning that our cleaning utilities require. Spongers are the most used items when you clean things around the house. To clean sponges, let them set in a bowl full of water and leave the bowl in the microwave for a minute or so. The bacteria in the sponge will die out itself.

Soda helps keep the oven clean –

Leave baking soda spread over your oven overnight or for 12 hours at least and then wipe it away with a wet sponge or damp cloth. The result will be that the hard stains from splattering of food will be easily washed off.

Rubber glove can be pet hair’s worst enemy –

Furniture, especially those surfaces that are easily loaded with pet hair if you have pets roaming around the house can be a nightmare to clean up. Give these surfaces a rub with your rubber gloves. The hair is easily removed by rubber. If you do not have rubber gloves an alternative trick is to stripe away pet hair with scotch tape.

Olive oil for stainless steel –

Apply a very little amount of olive oil on a cloth and wipe away stainless steel with it. This will help you remove any stubborn smears and old marks of fingerprints. It leaves a gleaming finish.


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