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4 Steps To A Clean Bathroom Vanity

There’s something about the vanity that brings a sense of style and order to every bathroom. A premium bathroom vanity is a beautiful piece of furniture, which adds personality to any bathroom. It also provides much needed storage space for all those sundry items that need to live in the bathroom.

In some ways, the vanity performs its job almost too well. It can hold so much stuff that opening the doors can be frightening at times. Never fear, though. There is a way to clean and organize your bathroom vanity so that it can be as beautiful and as functional as you need it to be.


Clear The Space. Begin by removing all the toothbrushes, soap dispensers, hair ties, and anything else that is living on the vanity countertops. Then remove all items in the drawers.


The Light Wipe. Dampen a clean cloth with water. Wipe down the countertop and interior surfaces of the vanity. This step allows you to clean up any loose hair, light stains, and other residue.


Elbow Grease. Once all the loose dust and dirt has been removed, you can get in there with a good cleaner. Use your favorite store-bought cleaner or make your own natural cleaner with vinegar, lemon juice, and water. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.


Toss or Keep. At this point, take a really good look at all of the stuff that you removed from the vanity. Separate any objects that can be thrown out and place objects to be kept in drawer organizers.


How often do you clean your bathroom vanity?


Steam Showers Inc is a premium retailer for all things bathroom-related. We carry trusted brands with a focus on customer satisfaction. With a decade of industry experience, Steam Showers Inc has something for everyone. For more information, please visit us at

Top House Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning Checklist

Everyone enjoy a well-kept, tidy looking house for themselves but when it actually comes down to the cleaning part, procrastination tops the list of things to do. Cleaning a house requires good planning and our house cleaning checklist will help you stay on track. To begin with, you need to start going around the house to take a good look of what needs to be cleaned and whether you need to hire the services of house cleaning professionals or not. Once you are done investigating your house, a good idea would be to prepare a checklist of things to do so that you are well-prepared to start cleaning.


Here is a list of items and tasks that you might add to your checklist. Adding these to your house cleaning checklist before starting the job:

  1. Analyze the need for a deep cleaning professional service. Before you start cleaning your house yourself, you need to decide whether you can perform the task on your own. Or whether you will require the services of a deep cleaning professional. The reason for this is that you might actually want to take some time off and relax while the professionals complete the cleaning task for you. Professionals are good at what they do and they will probably clean the house better than you would yourself.
  2. Picking up the clutter that is in the way. Ensure that every little piece of unnecessary items lying around in every room has been picked up. Do this before you invite the house cleaning service professionals to your home. Or if you decide to start cleaning your house yourself. Anything that comes in the way will definitely cause annoyance and delay the task.
  3. Check your appliances around the house. Especially the kitchen, so that you have a good enough idea of which appliance needs to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
  4. Try to get rid of all the dirty laundry and wash it off before you start the house cleaning job.
  5. Add all the mirrors and windows and anything made of glass to the list. Ensure that your house cleaning professionals wash the glass around the house properly. Again, if you decide to complete the house cleaning yourself then ensure that you clean all the items made of glass thoroughly.
  6. Add vacuuming the vents and woodwork around the house in the list. This will help to get rid of dust and dirt from places you wouldn’t have otherwise cleaned on a regular basis.
  7. Add on descaling and polishing of counters to the list. You will need to polish the kitchen and bathroom counters after cleaning them to give them an overall renewed look.
  8. Clearing out the gutters is a very unpleasant task. Nevertheless it needs to be added to the cleaning list. Once you decide to get to cleaning, it is imperative you add all the unpleasant tasks to the list as well in order to get everything that had been laid off for months done and over with!

Following Up

There are certain checklists you may want to divide on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. If you have a handy checklist of house cleaning tasks, for instance, that you want to get done daily you must note them down and attend to them daily. Making the bed, cleaning the dirty dishes, wiping down the kitchen should be done daily.  Bathroom surfaces, mopping the floors around the house for example are all routine tasks to be tackled as needed. Monthly tasks would entail blinds cleaning, vents vacuuming, cleaning the dishwasher etc. Similarly, yearly tasks would include clearing out the refrigerator and cleaning it thoroughly inside out. Also cleaning the drapes and curtains and deep cleaning windows etc. It all depends on how frequently you’re willing to clean your house and whether you are employing the services of a house cleaning service for it or not.


Top 10 Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

10 Steps to Get Your House Cleaned Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With lots of dinners and guests to attend to, hosting thanksgiving can turn out to be a really big deal. There is so much to do in the kitchen that most people do not even give a second thought to any other chore that might need to be completed for general house cleaning. Cleaning your house, however, before thanksgiving and before any guests arrive is of utmost importance. Don’t stress about it though. Here a few simple steps, using our Thanksgiving cleaning tips, to get you through the cleaning part before thanksgiving:

Top 10 Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

  1. Cleaning Supplies

    Before you start the cleaning task, you need to ensure that you have all the supplies required to get this done at home. Take a good look at your supplies and make a list of items to get. Then, head to the market and get all the cleaning equipment and tools you need.

  2. Bathroom

    They say that you can tell a lot about a person’s personality by the way he or she keeps their bathroom clean. Since every guest of yours will definitely pay a visit to the bathroom at least once while they are at your place, you must make sure that the bathroom is clean and tidy. Wipe the bathroom counters off any unnecessary items and keep the filled hand wash or new soap bar on the counter along with a new hand towel cloth. Ensure that the floors are wiped and the toilets are well-scrubbed and bleached. Make sure you leave a good air-freshener in the bathroom so that it smells good all the time.

  3. Vacuum and Mop

    Ensure that all the rooms where you think your guests might be are vacuumed and mopped properly. This includes but is not limited to the entryway, your dining room, living room, perhaps a guest room and the bathroom as well. With people moving around your house all day this may be the most important of our Thanksgiving cleaning tips.

  4. Replacing all the bed sheets and blankets

    It is pivotal to replace your bedsheets and covers before your guests arrive. Thanksgiving is an occasion for which you need to replace any old covers or mattresses around the house with cleaner, new ones.

  5. Fluff up the pillows/cushions

    Once you’ve replaced your bedsheets and covers, make sure you fluff up your pillows and cushions as well. Don’t forget to replace them when you replace your sheets and covers. Also, do not forget to fluff up those sofa and seat cushions for the guests as well.

  6. Keeping the Kitchen tidy

    Let’s face it. The kitchen will be the busiest area of your house around Thanksgiving. It is important that you keep tidying up your kitchen after every few hours so that the mess does not pile up. Keep wiping up the counters once you are done making a dish. Ensure that the floor is mopped from time to time and keep emptying the trash.

  7. Emptying the Fridge

    You will need ample space in your fridge before and after your thanksgiving dinner. The space before thanksgiving arrives will be needed to stuff up all the chicken or meat that you will cook on Thanksgiving Day for your family and friends. Obviously, the space that you will require after the occasion will be to store any leftovers.

  8. Dust the Furniture

    Keep the dust and dirt out of your house on a weekly basis by dusting your furniture. Dust is most likely to pile up on wooden and glass furniture. Make sure you use a good wood cleaning liquid or glass cleaning water to wipe off all dust.

  9. Lining up Garbage Bins

    Garbage bags and bins are one of the most important items that you will need. They will ensure that you have enough of so that you can keep emptying the trash whether it is disposable items or food leftovers that you need to get rid of. Therefore, make sure each and every bathroom has a garbage bin with a garbage bag in it. Also, make sure your garbage bin in the kitchen is emptied right away once it piles up. It is important that you take good care of this step because garbage piled up for too long will begin to leave an unpleasant smell around the house.

  10. Porch/Driveway

    Ensure that your porch or driveway is swiped clean off all the dead leaves or trash lying around. It is the first spot that your guests will hit as soon as they land to your house so make sure they receive a clean and clear entrance into your house.


All in all, before the Thanksgiving Day you will need to keep a check on all of these necessary cleanliness routines around the house. Make sure you don’t miss any spot for anyone to complain about later. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Crisis Cleaners and we hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving cleaning tips!

Cleaning Services and Successful Realtors

Cleaning Services Help Realtors

They say first impression is the last impression and when buyers come to buy a potential home, cleanliness of that home is the first thing they will take good note of. There are many ways of cleaning services help realtors, the most important is improving the visuals inside a home. Realtors use multiple strategies to make the potential home look like it is bright and shiny, gaudy and what not. But, everything falls apart when you notice a dusty or dirty rug or furniture. A clean home is worth ten times more since it communicates value. Therefore, realtors have started making use of home cleaning service providers to make potential homes ready to be sold off look as good as brand new. Why does the involvement of cleaning services make these realtors successful in the market? Let’s take a look:

Focus Areas

There are many areas of the house to get thoroughly cleaned. Clean windows are always important. A clean bathroom also always makes a good first impression. Lastly make your bed, having it made each morning conveys the image that you take the time to do the upkeep in your house.

Market Ready Home

So you are getting a house constructed to sell it off in the market. How will you keep up with competition if the most basic requirement of keeping the house clean is not met? Adopting a cleaning service to do the job for you will benefit you as these professionals will know exactly how to clean up the place. Before you put up pictures of the house for advertising purposes, you will definitely need to ensure its cleanliness.

Cleanliness is healthiness

Keeping the house clean is not just good for advertising or business reasons. Staying clean and keeping the environment around you clean will boost your overall health. Therefore, a clean home is a healthy home. Professional cleaning service providers have good, hygienic equipments that they use to keep the house healthy. Realtors make use of their services so that they can keep the new or renovated house healthy.

After Construction Necessities

You already know the kind of mess that results post-construction of a new house. Would you like it if you as a realtor were showing a potential client around the house and they happen to spot debris lying around? Be very careful about keeping those brand new items around the house sealed and protected to ensure that it seems brand new whenever a potential client visits to have a look around. Professional cleaning service providers can be ideal for cleaning up after the construction mess. A house cleaning service will also help to keep the builder’s equipment in a tidy place.

Vacation Spot

You could be even planning to set up your newly built house as a vacation rental property. Well these vacation spots require cleaning not just before use but after the customers have left as well. Thus, hiring a professional house cleaning service will definitely stand in good stead for realtors who have houses set up as vacation spots for tourists.

Surprise the New Owners

When someone is moving, they are moving due to an occasion. Usually it is because of a new marriage, relocation, retirement or any other life turning event in a person’s life. In order to make this new “move” memorable, realtors should surprise their clients by getting the property deep cleansed by a professional deep cleaning service. The clients will definitely never forget the personal touch that you will add to their special day.

Property conditions have a big impact and influence on the realtor’s ability to make a sale. Most clients shy away from a property that requires a lot of work. This is because they will be looking to reduce expenses and buy a house that does not require any maintenance or cleaning work. Professional cleaning services often recognize this difficulty that realtors face in their everyday business routines and help ensure that the property is kept spick and span.

What Crisis Cleaners Can Do For You

At Crisis Cleaners we partner with many realtors in our area. They use us to get a house ready to be placed on the market. Most opt for some version of our deep cleaning services to get a more thorough clean in some hard to reach places. Our cleaning services help realtors around the region already now let us help you out too!

6 Move In Kitchen Cleaning Tips Before

6 Ways to Clean the Kitchen of Your New House Prior to Moving In

Prior to moving use these moving kitchen cleaning tips in order to get your kitchen into great shape. Whenever you move into an apartment or a house, one of the first important things you will need to do is to clean the kitchen. Therefore, even if you are moving to another country or state, you must always do a deep clean of your new apartment or house, especially your kitchen, before your things and your furniture arrive.

4 Projects You Can Do Prior to Moving into Your New Home or Apartment

4 Projects Before Moving In

Prior to moving it is ideal to have a moving house checklist. This lets you prepare for some tasks that are easier before furniture arrives and areas become hard to reach. Moving into a new house is not always a fun experience. However, with our quick guide to the most important things you should do prior to moving in, you will definitely be ready when your things, especially your big furniture arrives. The entire moving process can really be time consuming since you will have to do the planning, packing, cleaning and moving.

The moment you arrive in your new house or apartment, you will definitely be faced with more challenges. It might seem like a small thing. Deciding where to put your everyday dishes, huge appliance, etc will be easier if planned ahead. All the work and processes involved in moving out of your old home or apartment is daunting. The last thing that you need right now is to have another major project or another big decision.

Moving House Checklist

But doing something to your new house right before you move in will surely make your moving in experience feels great. If you are moving to a brand new home you might not need to do so much work at all. However, if you have bought a house with carpet flooring that you do not like, you probably want to replace it. The question is, should you tackle the job now, or wait until you are moved in?

You might be saying that right now is not the right time to think about it, that you must leave the replacement decision for later after you have settled in. Aside from that, you might not have the time or budget to do anything but just the moving. You may need to be sure that you are able to weigh the time and hassle if you wait at a later date. Waiting to do a necessary project for the new house you’ll move into just delays the pain.

Replacing major items is a really big project, and money is often an issue. If you are  able to make the decision at the time of moving, then you will be doing yourself a great favor. However, if you want to put it off, chances are that you will be faced with moving all the furniture out of your rooms. This is truly a hassle not only for you but for the carpet installers as well.

Carpet Installation

During your moving day, there will be a lot of furniture and boxes all over the space. You will have to spend time and effort to move it into some areas temporarily. Then put it back in when the flooring replacement process is done – very time consuming. If you can do it when you move, you also have to make sure that you order the carpet in advance of your moving day.

You should also make arrangements to have your new carpeting installed a day or two prior to moving in. It also pays to cover your new flooring with tarps, area rugs or mats. This helps so that the movers do not scratch the wood or track in dirt and hire a professional residential cleaning service to clean the carpet thoroughly before you arrive. After they set your coffee table and sofa in place – you will then feel you’re home.

In this article, you will learn some important projects before moving in. They can actually help you save trouble and time.  Choose pre-move-in tasks that you believe are the most pressing. In addition to that, if your budget will not allow replacing the carpet flooring of the entire home, then you can just do one room. If you cannot totally decide the painting job for each single room of the house, then you can simply do the rooms where you can make much easier and quicker decisions.

1. Painting Job

Whether you do the painting job on your own or hire a professional to do it, it is a whole lot easier to do it when the room is empty. This is due to the fact that there’s no need for you move items around. Such as taking down draperies, moving the furniture. Or even taking every mirror or picture frames off the walls, or clearing out the closets. You should also bear in mind that allowing several days to repaint prior to moving is a great idea, most especially if you are planning to do the painting job on your own. But, you also need to remember that this type of job always takes longer than you can ever imagine.

Get Help from a Professional

Hiring a professional to do the job will certainly get it done in just a matter of one to two days. Painting every part of the home prior to moving in can truly help you save time. But, in order to make sure that the entire painting job will be done in an easy and fast manner, consider hiring a professional residential cleaning service first before your hired painters do their duties. This will help ensure that the entire painting process will be done neatly, effectively and efficiently.

2. Electrical Wiring

With the proliferation of electronics in our homes these days it is easier to wire up for them before adding furniture. Whether it is for a TV, computer or any other electronic device. Doing the work before moving in makes it easier to hide wires and prevent unsightly bundles from forming. This is a key reason this has become a top item for our moving house checklist.

3. Ensure a Thorough Cleaning

It’s very important that you thoroughly clean the area first before painting because if you cannot decide on what colors you use for every room, you can have the walls and ceilings painted with clean white, light beige, or other light background color that you love, which also depends on what color works best with your color schemes and furniture. Once the major priming, patching, base coats and trim work are in, adding another color on a wall at a later date is a great idea.

4. Ensure Organized and Clean Closet Systems

Having all things organized as well as fitting well into your new house will definitely make you feel great. You will surely love wonderful closet systems with organized drawers and neat shelves. If you are able to wait until later, you will have to take every piece of your clothing out of the closet. Then pile all your clothes on the floor or bed, and live out of boxes or suitcases. This can last for a few days until the closets are installed and thoroughly cleaned. This is why experts highly suggest that you consider installing closet systems prior to moving in. So you can then hire a professional and experienced residential cleaning service to thoroughly clean your closets. Having closets setup before moving is key to successfully using this moving house checklist. At Crisis Cleaners we always try to instill that an organized home tends to stay a clean home.

How Often Is House Cleaning Service Required?

A lot of customers utilize a recurring house cleaning service to make keeping the upkeep simpler. The tough part is determining how often is right for you. Do you think you are keeping your house clean enough? Think again. Often times we tend to believe our house is staying fairly clean. We fail to understand that there are a variety of factors, both internal and external, that effect this decision. Here is a list of factors to consider while deciding how often you should get a house cleaning service done for your home:

Number of household members

The number of people that share your house with you be it friends or family, are a significant factor to consider when you want to order a house cleaning service. The frequency of the house cleaning service needed will be higher if you have more people in your house. Many people in one house tend to create a large amount of mess. Not only this but, their age groups also play a pivotal role in determining how frequently your house cleaning service should be ordered. The smaller the age, the greater the amount of time house cleaning will be required.

Size of the house

A larger house will require a greater amount of cleaning time. However, be sure to take note that a large house may require more time to clean up than a regular sized house. Therefore, when ordering a house cleaning service you may want a more customized schedule. You can split the house cleaning into two different days or areas or however you like to suit your needs.

Typical Recurring House Cleaning Service Schedules


It is essential to wash the floors around your house, whether it is the kitchen floors or the bathroom, at least once a week. When you need your floors mopped and the furniture surfaces scrubbed, be sure to book a house cleaning service. Weekly cleaning essentials also include dusting around the house, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning kitchen appliances etc.


Bi-weekly is the most popular recurring house cleaning service typically. It affords the customer enough time to enjoy a clean home but not the added stress of preparing for a house cleaner each week.


If you plan on getting your house cleaning services booked once a month, then it is a good idea to include cleaning and vacuuming of the vents, woodwork and light fixtures. Than that you might want to go into a little more detail and get your blinds dusted off. Or also possibly the inside of the laundry machine


If electing a schedule for longer periods than monthly it may be needed to consider a deep cleaning. Every six months it is a good idea to get the insides of your fridge, microwave, oven etc. cleaned up and your comforters and mattresses properly washed out. So when you order a house cleaning service after six months, be sure to include the above along with your other cleaning activities.


Once a year your fireplace and chimney, vents and drapes, curtains and windows will need to be deep cleaned. So when you order a house cleaning service after a year’s time, be sure to consider also finding a company that handles this as well.

Other Considerations


In the end, it will all come down to the amount of you have budgeted for house cleaning. Then deciding whether to allocate it weekly, monthly, or annually to the house cleaning service from your expenses. The greater the budget, the most frequent can be the house cleaning service.

Crisis Cleaners provides services are going to offer a wide range of schedules to choose from including weekly, monthly, bi-annual or annual cleaning. The most common cleaning schedule ordered is almost always bi-weekly. Typically customers that get this prefer the convenience but also recognize that keeping up in between cleanings is difficult. A large amount of customers prefer weekly so they keep their home spick and span. This is also often determined by the greatest length of time your house can remain clean from the last time the house cleaning professionals provided you’re their service. So be sure to follow the tips given above when wondering how often to order your house cleaning services.

There are many consideration to consider when determining how often to have a recurring house cleaning service come to your home. The items discussed above are just some of the things to consider. As you have any questions or wish to discuss the frequency of your cleaning in more depth please contact us.




Deep Cleaning Service For Your Home

10 Reasons Why You Need a Deep Cleaning Service for Your Home

A deep cleaning service for your home helps to get areas of your home that don’t get cleaned regularly. Over a period of time dust and dirt gathers up in hard to reach spaces in your home. Often where you would not be able to properly clean it out easily. In order to keep a home healthy and happy is often associated to keeping it spick and span. However, we all are well aware that time is precious. Therefore, house cleaning is often on the back burner whenever it is thought about.

Even if you actively take good care of of your home’s overall cleanliness, it often happens that your home will start displaying the need for a deep cleaning service. Just as it is required for a car to get a periodic oil change or just as you need to pay visit to your dentist to keep a check on your oral hygiene, your home requires the same treatment and care as well.


Do not even for the slightest second assume that you can perform a deep cleaning yourself. It is a tough task and requires a lot of devoted time and the services of a professional. The services that you will gain from a professional will be ten times more effective than the ones that you try to achieve yourself. A professional is also more likely to do a quicker job since he or she will be well-equipped at it as compared to a non-professional such as yourself.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why we believe you need a deep cleaning service for your home:

Say bye bye to viruses and bacteria

Unkempt homes are habitats to some of the most deadly germs that carry unruly viruses and bacteria. Wiping down quick-service areas can temporarily fix the problem. Though this only temporarily deters them from these areas. A deep cleaning will help to remove any breeding grounds in hard to reach areas. Deep cleaning service professionals will not just provide general cleaning services. They will also be dusting of ceilings to get rid of cobwebs, dusting window sills, baseboards, and other wall hangings where you would otherwise not pay attention.

Say hello to quality fresh air inside the home

Ever heard of allergies that result from dirty, dust-filled furniture, carpets and walls? Air quality will improve because deep cleaning service providers ensure that every little inch of your home are cleaned. All areas of your home from the edges of the furniture to the corners of walls are all cleaned impeccably. Cleaning such areas will definitely improve the air quality inside your home aiding in eliminating any medical ailments that could result from a dirty house.

Deep cleaning helps in reducing stress

A clean and healthy environment produces a stress-free environment around the house. Clean and tidy households reflect your inner state of mind. Eliminating stress out of your daily lives is essential and a big part of it is invoked by keeping your house clean. Deep cleaning professionals will provide you with this stress reliever simply by ensuring your house is kept immaculately clean.

Professional deep cleaners do it best

Every professional is skilled to perform his or her job at their maximum potential. Let’s face it, we cannot even speculate the spaces where dust or dirt could reach as compared to the deep cleaning professionals. It is easy for us to procrastinate and keep putting the cleaning off to later when we have the “time” to do it. Deep cleaning professionals, however, have time only for this particular job because they were hired to perform it. Letting them do their job will unleash their skills and talent. A deep cleaned home will let you will be more relaxed once you become witness to their cleaning abilities.

At Crisis Cleaners we include all the items cleaned during a routine cleaning as well as cleaning your interior windows, inside your refrigerator, in side the cabinet, and inside the oven. Make sure the areas are empty if possible to allow for a thorough cleaning. We can also add other items upon request to our deep clean service.

Who doesn’t enjoy peace of mind?

Again, it is all about leaving this chore solely to the professional so that you do not have to worry about getting the dirt off the furniture every other day. You can even customize your plan according to your wish when you order a deep cleaning service. Your bathroom will smell fresh. You will come home to a sanitized bathroom floor, vacuumed carpets, windexed mirrors, polished furniture etc. This results in the most comforting peace of mind state as possible.

Deep cleaning reaches out to places where you cannot otherwise reach

Have you ever taken a close look at your kitchen appliances or the inside and outside of your cabinets and drawers? What about your doors? Well, what did you find? Dust particles in areas where you cannot possibly reach. Deep cleaning professionals will target exactly those areas as well and give your house a complete face uplift by cleaning your house inside out.

It is a cost-effective service

Calculate and compare the amount of hours you would have spent deep cleaning your home. You would come to the conclusion that handing off this job to a professional would free up a lot of time. The cost for the deep cleaning and other cleaning tasks is not worth the effort when you realize how much of your own time you will get back.

Create a lasting first impression

When you welcome guests into a clean and tidy household, they are definitely going to spread the word around. You will create a lasting impression on your friends and family if you get a deep cleaning service done

Free-up some time on your hands

Freeing up time by handing over the cleaning task to professional deep cleaners will enable you to spend quality time with your friends and family. Go out, enjoy your life, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Greater home value

The worth of your house will automatically go up if you maintain it and keep it spick and span. Your home will potentially have a higher resale value. Your home will also be more usable for you even if you don’t plan on selling it to someone in the short term. Therefore, go for deep cleaning services at least once every couple of months. This keeps most of the dust and dirt away from piling up into corners of walls and furniture.

Next Steps

Crisis Cleaners can help you with your house cleaning services or periodic deep cleaning services as needed for your house. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Top House Cleaning Blogs and Websites

At Crisis Cleaners we are always looking for ways to help our customers stay cleaner and hope these top cleaning blogs will help. These 9 blogs are some of our favorites and we often share articles from them on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Top Cleaning Blogs

1. Queen of Clean

Former owner of a cleaning company that now provides great tips for lots of cleaning headaches. With her humor and wealth of knowledge it is definitely worth the read.

Facebook – 17K

Pinterest – 50

Instagram – 200

Twitter – 500

Quick Guide For A Successful Bedroom Cleaning

Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Bedroom Successfully

A successful bedroom cleaning will be a great start to keeping your home in better shape. Professional home cleaning service providers have cleaned a fair share of messy and dirty bedrooms and learned some important lessons along the way. In this post, you will learn some general cleaning tips in order to maximize your time as well as bedroom cleanliness. Prior to deep cleaning your bedroom, consider removing all clutter that might be in the way. Some things such as dirty clothes, shoes, as well as office supplies must be put away in their respective areas prior to starting your deep cleaning process.

Top Cleaning Bedroom Tips

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

Studies have shown that most people wash their bedding every 2 weeks and every month. However, experts recommend that you wash your pillowcases and sheets every week. As a matter of fact, cleaning your sheets in a frequent manner can help prevent breakouts. As well as decrease your need to wash your mattress. In addition to that, you can be able to maximize your time through throwing your bed sheets in your washer before you start cleaning your room.

Crisis Cleaners will also change your linens during our cleaning if you so desire, just leave them on the bed the day of the cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mattress?

Now that you have removed your bed sheets, it is time to have your mattress cleaned. It’s actually a very important task that is most overlooked by a lot of homeowners. Mattresses collect dead skin cells, pollen, hair, dust mites as well as food particles that can breed bacteria. Cleaning a mattress is very time consuming and it must be done at least once to twice a year. Having and washing a mattress pad regularly will also help in keeping your mattress much cleaner. It will not also replace the need for a deep and professional cleaning.

Begin cleaning your mattress through removing the mattress pad and utilize a vacuum hose in order to get rid of any noticeable debris. After that, sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and let it sit there for at least twenty minutes. Then, re-vacuum the surface of your mattress and use a mild cleaning solution as well as a damp sponge, wiping down the mattress generously. Whenever possible, place your mattress in a sunny spot in your house since the UV light will help in killing bad bacteria. After that, let your mattress dry completely. At this point, you may want to repeat the cleaning process on the other side of the mattress. Anyway, it is highly advised that you flip your mattress every 3 months.

How Often Should You Wash Your Pillows?

Pillows should be washed every few months in order to keep them fresh. Greasy pillows can trigger allergies and cause breakouts. Just like your mattress, pillows can also gather skin cells, pollen, as well as provide a haven for dust mites. Depending on your pillow’s make, different cleaning methods are okay. Synthetic down can often be washed in your washer while real down pillows need professional dry-cleaning process. In order to be completely sure, you can check the tags of your pillows. Then find out what is the best or recommended cleaning process for your pillows basing on their make and model.


If it can be machine washed, you can wash your pillows through a hot cycle using minimal detergent. Only do two at a time in order to even out your load. After a hot cycle, you can then put your pillows through additional once rinse cycle. This makes sure that you are able to wash out all soap. When it comes to drying, you can again refer back to your pillow’s tag. While some pillows can be dried through a machine, there are actually other makes that are only supposed to be air dried. If you need to air dry your pillows, you can try placing them in the sun just like your mattress. As a matter of fact, drying pillows in direct sunlight can help in killing lingering bacteria.

How Often Should You Vacuum Under Your Dresser and Bed?

Carpets can be really deceiving – they might look clean, but the truth is that it can be full of dirt, crumbs, and dust. This is a reason why expert home cleaning service providers have cleaning recommendations. For the bedroom they suggest that you vacuum under your bed and dresses at least once a week and more often in places of high traffic. When you are cleaning your bedroom, you should vacuum from the inside of the room to the exit. This prevents you from stepping over the newly vacuumed areas. When vacuuming under dressers and beds, you should find time to vacuum thoroughly at least once a month. Pollen and dust can actually settle beneath and behind your dressers and beds, creating a very stuffy environment.

Fortunately, expert home cleaners totally understand how precious your time is. Cleaning your bedroom thoroughly is very time consuming. This is why professional home cleaning service providers recommend that you tidy your bedroom at least once a week in order to spread out all the tasks. In addition to that, when you are in a pinch, let a professional and expert home cleaner lend a helping hand.

Why Hire a Professional and Expert Home Cleaner?

Professional home cleaners are highly trained to perform effective, efficient and swift cleaning services. Reputable cleaning companies make sure that all their employees have gone through intensive training before they are sent out to the field and perform exceptional home cleaning services. They also carry the most specialized and up-to-date home cleaning tools and equipment. This means you’ll also be able to save money the moment you hire them. Aside from cleaning your house regularly, it’s important that you also have to thoroughly clean your home, especially your bedroom, where you relax most of the time with the help of a professional home cleaning service provider.

If you are one of those busy people nowadays who does not have the luxury of time to clean their living space due to business or work, then hiring a professional home cleaner is the best thing to consider. Fortunately, most professional home cleaning contractors have flexible service hours. Which means they are more likely to be available at your most convenient time.

Successful Bedroom Cleaning

With these tips your bedroom will cleaner in the short term and also stay cleaner going forward. Successful bedroom cleaning takes time to become a habit. Once it does and it becomes routine your bedroom will look amazing day to day.

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