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Total House Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your whole house with a checklist

Taking out time to clean your entire house is one big achievement in itself. Now that you have devoted a time and day, you need to start planning on how you’ll go about this cleaning task otherwise it will all end up with you trying to clean your house in a haphazard manner. Do not waste time trying to figure out where to start or how messy your house is, will you ever be able to clean it? The best solution to all your problems would be to maintain a standard cleaning checklist that you can use and reuse every time you decide to clean your entire house. Our total house cleaning checklist will guide you through the process and get your home clean.

Here is a list of things to include on the checklist that will help you make it through your cleaning schedule:

Total House Cleaning Checklist

  1. Checklist of all cleaning supplies

The first most important task on your list has to be of all the items that are required to get your cleaning task done. Check your supplies of dish washing liquid, glass cleaners, mops, dusters, etc. that will all be required while cleaning. It is important you do this task first so that when you are in the middle of your cleaning and you realize something is missing or a product has finished, you do not end up getting agitated and giving up. Let’s be honest you can’t clean if you are missing items so this is why this is our top item on our total house cleaning checklist.

  1. Shopping for required items

Once your cleaning supplies have been listed down, it is time to go shopping. Get everything you need. Make a separate list for all these items if you are not very good at remembering things.

  1. Having a good playlist ready

The next most important list that you need to have ready is a good music playlist. This playlist will keep you up and running during your cleaning. It will also help lighten up the mood and make the cleaning task fun.

  1. Starting with the bedrooms

Have your bedrooms on the list next because the most mess you’ll clear up is from your bedrooms. Once you’ve dusted the beds and made them, picked up all your dirty laundry lying around, you’ll be able to breathe better in your room. Next cover the bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen. Try it, you’ll feel the difference.

  1. Dusting the furniture

This is a task that should be on your daily or weekly cleaning checklist. It is important that you dust all furniture of dirt piling up so that it doesn’t become permanent. It becomes almost impossible to get rid of dust and dirt that accumulates from leaving the furniture untouched for days.

  1. Walls and ceilings

A good tip to clean up the walls and ceilings is to first dust them. Then use a little bit of dish washing liquid to get rid of any stains or marks. If you do not want to risk using a dish washing liquid then make sure you have an all-purpose cleaner in the cleaning supplies for cleaning up walls.

  1. Counters

Ensure that you have wiped away your kitchen and bathroom counters thoroughly. Messy counters are not at all pleasing to the eye. Make use of warm, soapy water or a nonabrasive counter cleaner to clean laminate countertops. To clean stains from edging, use a soft toothbrush. Counters always get dirty and that is why they are a key item on our total house cleaning checklist.

  1. Vacuum

Once all the dusting of the dirt is over with you can begin vacuuming around the floors and/or carpets to wipe it off. Ensure that you vacuum in every nook and corner of the house. Otherwise a little bit of the dirt lying around in corners can leave a very bad impression. Vacuuming should always be towards the end of every house cleaning list. Because the purpose of the vacuum should be to swipe away all the mess that you have cleaned. All that dusting, sweeping off the furniture, walls, ceilings etc leaves the residue on the floor.

  1. Mopping the floors

Mopping up after a round of vacuum is imperative. A vacuum will help get rid of the large chunky bits out of the way whereas the mop will help clear out the small particles of dirt. Use a damp mop to remove any excess soil or leftover dust from the floors.

  1. Emptying the waste bins

Last but not the least of all the steps is to empty out your garbage from each and every room including the bathroom and kitchens! Do not miss this step because garbage that has been piling up in the bins for too long can start to smell bad.



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Moving Out Checklist

Moving Out Checklist

Moving out of your house is not an easy decision. Once you make the decision there is a list of tasks that will need to get done and you might even be prone to a nervous breakdown. But, worry not because planning is imperative. A big part about planning requires you to list down all the important tasks that need to be done. Then doing them by hook or by crook before you step out of the house for good. Once you have a list of tasks that need to be done start prioritizing them. Then ticking them off the list as you complete them one by one and use our moving out checklist to make the process easier.

Making a Checklist

There’s a big chance that people who are moving out face double the stress because with the stress of buying a new house, clearing out the old house is another stressful task. But, you need to get the old place ready and looking as good as new for its new owners.

One very significant tasks that everyone puts off till the end is the cleaning of the house you are moving out from. It is very important that you leave a clean and tidy house behind for any new owners that might move in. The least it does is leave a good impression of the previous owner on the new owners. Who wouldn’t want that? A good tip would be to clean as you go over the other tasks. Then as you move down the list so that you do not pile up all the cleaning towards the very end.  Here is an ultimate checklist that anyone considering to move out should try to follow since it covers pretty much everything:

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Top House Cleaning Checklist

House Cleaning Checklist

Everyone enjoy a well-kept, tidy looking house for themselves but when it actually comes down to the cleaning part, procrastination tops the list of things to do. Cleaning a house requires good planning and our house cleaning checklist will help you stay on track. To begin with, you need to start going around the house to take a good look of what needs to be cleaned and whether you need to hire the services of house cleaning professionals or not. Once you are done investigating your house, a good idea would be to prepare a checklist of things to do so that you are well-prepared to start cleaning.

Photo by OpenClipArt Vectors / Pixabay


Here is a list of items and tasks that you might add to your checklist. Adding these to your house cleaning checklist before starting the job:

  1. Analyze the need for a deep cleaning professional service. Before you start cleaning your house yourself, you need to decide whether you can perform the task on your own. Or whether you will require the services of a deep cleaning professional. The reason for this is that you might actually want to take some time off and relax while the professionals complete the cleaning task for you. Professionals are good at what they do and they will probably clean the house better than you would yourself.
  2. Picking up the clutter that is in the way. Ensure that every little piece of unnecessary items lying around in every room has been picked up. Do this before you invite the house cleaning service professionals to your home. Or if you decide to start cleaning your house yourself. Anything that comes in the way will definitely cause annoyance and delay the task.
  3. Check your appliances around the house. Especially the kitchen, so that you have a good enough idea of which appliance needs to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out.
  4. Try to get rid of all the dirty laundry and wash it off before you start the house cleaning job.
  5. Add all the mirrors and windows and anything made of glass to the list. Ensure that your house cleaning professionals wash the glass around the house properly. Again, if you decide to complete the house cleaning yourself then ensure that you clean all the items made of glass thoroughly.
  6. Add vacuuming the vents and woodwork around the house in the list. This will help to get rid of dust and dirt from places you wouldn’t have otherwise cleaned on a regular basis.
  7. Add on descaling and polishing of counters to the list. You will need to polish the kitchen and bathroom counters after cleaning them to give them an overall renewed look.
  8. Clearing out the gutters is a very unpleasant task. Nevertheless it needs to be added to the cleaning list. Once you decide to get to cleaning, it is imperative you add all the unpleasant tasks to the list as well in order to get everything that had been laid off for months done and over with!

Following Up

There are certain checklists you may want to divide on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. If you have a handy checklist of house cleaning tasks, for instance, that you want to get done daily you must note them down and attend to them daily. Making the bed, cleaning the dirty dishes, wiping down the kitchen should be done daily.  Bathroom surfaces, mopping the floors around the house for example are all routine tasks to be tackled as needed. Monthly tasks would entail blinds cleaning, vents vacuuming, cleaning the dishwasher etc. Similarly, yearly tasks would include clearing out the refrigerator and cleaning it thoroughly inside out. Also cleaning the drapes and curtains and deep cleaning windows etc. It all depends on how frequently you’re willing to clean your house and whether you are employing the services of a house cleaning service for it or not.


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Top 10 Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

10 Steps to Get Your House Cleaned Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With lots of dinners and guests to attend to, hosting thanksgiving can turn out to be a really big deal. There is so much to do in the kitchen that most people do not even give a second thought to any other chore that might need to be completed for general house cleaning. Cleaning your house, however, before thanksgiving and before any guests arrive is of utmost importance. Don’t stress about it though. Here a few simple steps, using our Thanksgiving cleaning tips, to get you through the cleaning part before thanksgiving:

Top 10 Thanksgiving Cleaning Tips

  1. Cleaning Supplies

    Before you start the cleaning task, you need to ensure that you have all the supplies required to get this done at home. Take a good look at your supplies and make a list of items to get. Then, head to the market and get all the cleaning equipment and tools you need.

  2. Bathroom

    They say that you can tell a lot about a person’s personality by the way he or she keeps their bathroom clean. Since every guest of yours will definitely pay a visit to the bathroom at least once while they are at your place, you must make sure that the bathroom is clean and tidy. Wipe the bathroom counters off any unnecessary items and keep the filled hand wash or new soap bar on the counter along with a new hand towel cloth. Ensure that the floors are wiped and the toilets are well-scrubbed and bleached. Make sure you leave a good air-freshener in the bathroom so that it smells good all the time.

  3. Vacuum and Mop

    Ensure that all the rooms where you think your guests might be are vacuumed and mopped properly. This includes but is not limited to the entryway, your dining room, living room, perhaps a guest room and the bathroom as well. With people moving around your house all day this may be the most important of our Thanksgiving cleaning tips.

  4. Replacing all the bed sheets and blankets

    It is pivotal to replace your bedsheets and covers before your guests arrive. Thanksgiving is an occasion for which you need to replace any old covers or mattresses around the house with cleaner, new ones.

  5. Fluff up the pillows/cushions

    Once you’ve replaced your bedsheets and covers, make sure you fluff up your pillows and cushions as well. Don’t forget to replace them when you replace your sheets and covers. Also, do not forget to fluff up those sofa and seat cushions for the guests as well.

  6. Keeping the Kitchen tidy

    Let’s face it. The kitchen will be the busiest area of your house around Thanksgiving. It is important that you keep tidying up your kitchen after every few hours so that the mess does not pile up. Keep wiping up the counters once you are done making a dish. Ensure that the floor is mopped from time to time and keep emptying the trash.

  7. Emptying the Fridge

    You will need ample space in your fridge before and after your thanksgiving dinner. The space before thanksgiving arrives will be needed to stuff up all the chicken or meat that you will cook on Thanksgiving Day for your family and friends. Obviously, the space that you will require after the occasion will be to store any leftovers.

  8. Dust the Furniture

    Keep the dust and dirt out of your house on a weekly basis by dusting your furniture. Dust is most likely to pile up on wooden and glass furniture. Make sure you use a good wood cleaning liquid or glass cleaning water to wipe off all dust.

  9. Lining up Garbage Bins

    Garbage bags and bins are one of the most important items that you will need. They will ensure that you have enough of so that you can keep emptying the trash whether it is disposable items or food leftovers that you need to get rid of. Therefore, make sure each and every bathroom has a garbage bin with a garbage bag in it. Also, make sure your garbage bin in the kitchen is emptied right away once it piles up. It is important that you take good care of this step because garbage piled up for too long will begin to leave an unpleasant smell around the house.

  10. Porch/Driveway

    Ensure that your porch or driveway is swiped clean off all the dead leaves or trash lying around. It is the first spot that your guests will hit as soon as they land to your house so make sure they receive a clean and clear entrance into your house.


All in all, before the Thanksgiving Day you will need to keep a check on all of these necessary cleanliness routines around the house. Make sure you don’t miss any spot for anyone to complain about later. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Crisis Cleaners and we hope you enjoy our Thanksgiving cleaning tips!

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10 Reasons to Hire a House Cleaning Service

10 Reasons Why You Need a House Cleaning Service

A house cleaning service does more than just get your home clean. It can help you with your time management, health, and overall happiness. Cleaning your home and keeping it that way for long periods of time can seem like a task impossible to manage. With everyone’s personal daily routines and monthly to-do lists, cleaning the house everyday can seem like a task that can be put off. You would rather be doing other important stuff during the day then to spend a few hours cleaning your home. What do you do when societal pressures and even pressures at home itself demand the house cleaning job to be taken care of almost every single day?

An alternative method would be to opt for professional home cleaning service providers that will do the job for you within your presence or even in your absence, what ever your preference. A lot of people are going for this option as they save ample time for themselves and get the job done at very fair price.

Here are just ten reasons why you need a home cleaning service provider at your doorstep:

1. For Yourself

Imaging walking home to a messy, filthy home every day. Now compare this with the fact that at the end of a tough day at work, all you need is a relaxing, made bed to reflect on your day and coming home to a home that is spick and span. Professional home cleaning service providers will help you regain your peace of mind by ensuring that you come home to a squeaky clean apartment where you can relax and clear your head with utmost serenity.

2. For Your Spouse

Let’s face it, your spouse spends hours and hours cleaning your home every single day of every week and month only to find the house completely upside down the very next day due to the mess you or your children create! Give each other a break. Employ those professional house cleaners for a day every week or so, in order for your spouse can have some time to spend for themselves as well just doing what they likes to do most.

3. To Save Time

It takes at least a good three hours to clean any normal house and ensure that it is spotless. Given a larger house, it would take at least 5 hours to clean all of it, or maybe even longer. Simply put, you would not have to give up time you spend on yourself, or with your friends and family, if you gave away the task of cleaning your home to someone else. By hiring a professional house cleaning service providers you will be able to spend more time on your hobbies. You will also be enjoying things you otherwise would not have been able to do by saving ample time.

4. To Lower Your Stress

If you are always worried about your job, home, kids, car, groceries etc. how would you ever find the time to have eternal peace of mind? It is good to transfer some of the load off your shoulders and onto someone else. This will reduce the burden on you. It is a job and part of the skills that house cleaners are equipped with. Let them handle the home cleaning job. The experience is exactly the same as how food tastes ten times better when someone else makes it for you. Give it a go.

5. Coming Home from Work to a Hygienic House

There is absolutely no feeling better than the feeling you will get when you walk in to an immaculate home and knowing that you do not have to spend even a minute worrying about cleaning the rooms up. A clean home mitigates dust, dirt etc. and reduces the chances of illnesses. House cleaning services are equipped to cleaning even the most inaccessible spaces in your house, leaving the house spotless and germ free.

6. Convenience

Today’s fast paced technological world has become so advanced that you can avail almost any service within the proximity of your household. What could be more convenient than logging on to the home cleaning webpage and scheduling your appointment? Finding a good home cleaning service provider will not be an issue since word of mouth spreads like wildfire. You can even decide on the schedule of cleaning, the budget that suits your pocket and so many other features as well.

7. Professionals are Skilled to do a Better Job

It is true and you have to accept it and move on. No matter how talented you think you are with the tasks at work or at home or in the kitchen, there are somethings that are better left for professionals. A chef belongs in the kitchen and so does the professional house cleaning service deserve to be cleaning your home.

8. State-of-the-art Cleaning Tools & Equipment

Who would want to stock up and buy too many home cleaning costly equipment and pile them up at home? It would be an added mess at home. Home cleaning service providers are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning tools that you will otherwise not be able to afford. So it is a win-win situation for all.

9. Ductwork Cleaning is not for Everyone

Domestic cleaning services require you to not just swipe dust and dirt off the floor and accessible areas. Ductwork cleaning requires proper polishing, scrubbing etc. in order to be properly cleansed. This deep cleansing can only be carried out by a proper home cleaning professional.

10. Fresher Smelling Bathrooms

Photo by Ken Dyck / Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Do you ever bother scrubbing your bathroom floor and toilet once a week? You probably go for the “once every month” option. Well that is absolutely unhygienic and unhealthy for your home! Professional house cleaning services will wash your bathroom hygienically from cleaning out the sinks and faucets to scrubbing the floor and emptying out garbage bins. You can contribute by leaving an air freshener on the sink counter. The cleaner to spray once he/she is done.

So for all those who want to walk into a spotless home after a hectic day, hiring a professional house cleaning services should be on your to-do list!

Crisis Cleaners can help you with all of your house cleaning needs with our top rated house cleaning service!

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Duration of Cleaning Supplies

How Long Do Household Cleaning Items Last?

We use a variety of cleaning supplies everyday and take many steps at replacing cleaning supplies on a set schedule. At Crisis Cleaners, we do this for our customers and employment safety and well being. We hope to share with you some of our best practices and why do it this way. Many food items have product dates on them that indicate the product should be “used by”, or “best if used by” or “sold by” an assured date. In most of the cases, these dates are posted willingly by the producer to help the customer to know the time limit to purchase or use the product at its finest value. But, some cleaning solutions and other products don’t have a dates that can tell the recommend time an item is considered effective, fit for use or sale. Replacing cleaning supplies helps lead to a safer and overall cleaner home. The following are the products that often don’t have a product life and thus can affect their efficiency.


Sponge is the one of the most important household cleaning item used for washing and cleaning things. They are effective for 15 to 20 days thus they should be replaced between these days. They are especially good for water based solutions and gripping water. It contains more germs than anything else in your house. Thus, it is very important to keep the sponge clean if you want your sponge last longer.

 The following are some easy steps to clean the sponge:

  • After every use of the sponge, you should wash it with hot water and squeeze it for dry before placing in soap stand.
  • You should use a good and germ-free spray when cleaning your counters with your sponge daily.


The mop is a bundle of yarn or a piece of absorbent material such as sponge or cloth used to soak up liquid for cleaning surfaces. Mop heads are typically flat and are frequently removable so that they can be washed and used once more. As there is no product dates on it so you should replace the mop head when it shows signs of needing to replace

Photo by voltamax / Pixabay

 Following are some steps which will make your mop last longer for use on your floors:

  • Whenever you finished mopping you should wash the dirt and the cleaning detergent from the mop. If the traces of dirt left on the mop then it can be damaging.
  • Before storing the mop wring it and allow it to dry to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Hang the mop so that mop head is not brushing against the floor and store it in a cool dry place until the next use.

Dish Rag:

Dishrags are household cleaning items made by microfiber, cotton or other cloth that are used in kitchens to clean dishes and other surfaces. These are sometimes called dish cloth and towels.

Following are some steps that will make your dish rag last longer:

  • Use the dishcloth only for washing dishes and do not wipe anything else with your dish cloth.
  • After you wipe your kitchen surface wash your dish rags in hot water.
  • You should use the paper towels for wiping up a huge puddle of spilled milk instead of dish cloths.
  • Do not be afraid to use more than one dish rag per day, you should use more than one dish rag if needed.


A duster is a cleaning item which is used to remove the dust from floors and furniture. Cleaning dusters come in many shapes and sizes. There are many types of dusters available in the market such as feather dusters, vacuum dusters, microfiber dusters, compressed air dusters and much more. But the purpose of all dusters is to remove the dust. You should replace the duster when it shows signs of needing to replace.

Following are some points which will help you maintain your dusters for longer:

  • If you are using feather duster then clean it after every use.
  • Do not wash dusters in the washing machine.
  • By following the above methods your household cleaning items will last longer.


We can make this process easier for you with our residential maid cleaning service. Replacing cleaning supplies should be done at regular intervals for a safer home.

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How to prepare your home for cleaning

Prepare for an Initial Cleaning

We commonly hear from our customers before initial cleanings on how to prepare your home for cleaning. Although each customer is different when it comes to what should or should not be done within their home there are some best practices we can share. The following are a few suggestions on what can be done to prepare for the cleaner’s arrival.

Declutter Floor and Counters

Be sure to declutter as much as possible. The fewer items sitting out on surfaces, the more effective dusting can be. If table tops or counters have too many items to remove, dusting will be done around those items. Also, pick up as much as you can from your floors to ensure our cleaners are able to vacuum or mop all areas of your flooring.
Our cleaners will change the bed sheets if you want them to. If you want your sheets changed be sure to place the clean sheets on the bed the day of scheduled cleaning. This allows the cleaner to have no doubt whether the beds should made or the sheets need to be changed.

De-clutter your home

While are staff is trained to move items around to give your house a thorough cleaning the more items that are out on floors or counters will limit how much they can get to in one cleaning.


Special Cleaning Supplies

If you prefer the cleaners to use your cleaning products, be sure to leave them out in an area where the cleaners can find them when they first arrive to your home. While our cleaners use safe cleaning products we recognize that many of our customers have different sensitivities and allergies. Making our staff and our cleaners aware that you will provide cleaning supplies helps us avoid confusion and be better prepared for your home for cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Services

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