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Deep Cleaning Service For Your Home

10 Reasons Why You Need a Deep Cleaning Service for Your Home

A deep cleaning service for your home helps to get areas of your home that don’t get cleaned regularly. Over a period of time dust and dirt gathers up in hard to reach spaces in your home. Often where you would not be able to properly clean it out easily. In order to keep a home healthy and happy is often associated to keeping it spick and span. However, we all are well aware that time is precious. Therefore, house cleaning is often on the back burner whenever it is thought about.

Even if you actively take good care of of your home’s overall cleanliness, it often happens that your home will start displaying the need for a deep cleaning service. Just as it is required for a car to get a periodic oil change or just as you need to pay visit to your dentist to keep a check on your oral hygiene, your home requires the same treatment and care as well.


Do not even for the slightest second assume that you can perform a deep cleaning yourself. It is a tough task and requires a lot of devoted time and the services of a professional. The services that you will gain from a professional will be ten times more effective than the ones that you try to achieve yourself. A professional is also more likely to do a quicker job since he or she will be well-equipped at it as compared to a non-professional such as yourself.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why we believe you need a deep cleaning service for your home:

Say bye bye to viruses and bacteria

Unkempt homes are habitats to some of the most deadly germs that carry unruly viruses and bacteria. Wiping down quick-service areas can temporarily fix the problem. Though this only temporarily deters them from these areas. A deep cleaning will help to remove any breeding grounds in hard to reach areas. Deep cleaning service professionals will not just provide general cleaning services. They will also be dusting of ceilings to get rid of cobwebs, dusting window sills, baseboards, and other wall hangings where you would otherwise not pay attention.

Say hello to quality fresh air inside the home

Ever heard of allergies that result from dirty, dust-filled furniture, carpets and walls? Air quality will improve because deep cleaning service providers ensure that every little inch of your home are cleaned. All areas of your home from the edges of the furniture to the corners of walls are all cleaned impeccably. Cleaning such areas will definitely improve the air quality inside your home aiding in eliminating any medical ailments that could result from a dirty house.

Deep cleaning helps in reducing stress

A clean and healthy environment produces a stress-free environment around the house. Clean and tidy households reflect your inner state of mind. Eliminating stress out of your daily lives is essential and a big part of it is invoked by keeping your house clean. Deep cleaning professionals will provide you with this stress reliever simply by ensuring your house is kept immaculately clean.

Professional deep cleaners do it best

Every professional is skilled to perform his or her job at their maximum potential. Let’s face it, we cannot even speculate the spaces where dust or dirt could reach as compared to the deep cleaning professionals. It is easy for us to procrastinate and keep putting the cleaning off to later when we have the “time” to do it. Deep cleaning professionals, however, have time only for this particular job because they were hired to perform it. Letting them do their job will unleash their skills and talent. A deep cleaned home will let you will be more relaxed once you become witness to their cleaning abilities.

At Crisis Cleaners we include all the items cleaned during a routine cleaning as well as cleaning your interior windows, inside your refrigerator, in side the cabinet, and inside the oven. Make sure the areas are empty if possible to allow for a thorough cleaning. We can also add other items upon request to our deep clean service.

Who doesn’t enjoy peace of mind?

Again, it is all about leaving this chore solely to the professional so that you do not have to worry about getting the dirt off the furniture every other day. You can even customize your plan according to your wish when you order a deep cleaning service. Your bathroom will smell fresh. You will come home to a sanitized bathroom floor, vacuumed carpets, windexed mirrors, polished furniture etc. This results in the most comforting peace of mind state as possible.

Deep cleaning reaches out to places where you cannot otherwise reach

Have you ever taken a close look at your kitchen appliances or the inside and outside of your cabinets and drawers? What about your doors? Well, what did you find? Dust particles in areas where you cannot possibly reach. Deep cleaning professionals will target exactly those areas as well and give your house a complete face uplift by cleaning your house inside out.

It is a cost-effective service

Calculate and compare the amount of hours you would have spent deep cleaning your home. You would come to the conclusion that handing off this job to a professional would free up a lot of time. The cost for the deep cleaning and other cleaning tasks is not worth the effort when you realize how much of your own time you will get back.

Create a lasting first impression

When you welcome guests into a clean and tidy household, they are definitely going to spread the word around. You will create a lasting impression on your friends and family if you get a deep cleaning service done

Free-up some time on your hands

Freeing up time by handing over the cleaning task to professional deep cleaners will enable you to spend quality time with your friends and family. Go out, enjoy your life, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Greater home value

The worth of your house will automatically go up if you maintain it and keep it spick and span. Your home will potentially have a higher resale value. Your home will also be more usable for you even if you don’t plan on selling it to someone in the short term. Therefore, go for deep cleaning services at least once every couple of months. This keeps most of the dust and dirt away from piling up into corners of walls and furniture.

Next Steps

Crisis Cleaners can help you with your house cleaning services or periodic deep cleaning services as needed for your house. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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10 Reasons to Hire a House Cleaning Service

10 Reasons Why You Need a House Cleaning Service

A house cleaning service does more than just get your home clean. It can help you with your time management, health, and overall happiness. Cleaning your home and keeping it that way for long periods of time can seem like a task impossible to manage. With everyone’s personal daily routines and monthly to-do lists, cleaning the house everyday can seem like a task that can be put off. You would rather be doing other important stuff during the day then to spend a few hours cleaning your home. What do you do when societal pressures and even pressures at home itself demand the house cleaning job to be taken care of almost every single day?

An alternative method would be to opt for professional home cleaning service providers that will do the job for you within your presence or even in your absence, what ever your preference. A lot of people are going for this option as they save ample time for themselves and get the job done at very fair price.

Here are just ten reasons why you need a home cleaning service provider at your doorstep:

1. For Yourself

Imaging walking home to a messy, filthy home every day. Now compare this with the fact that at the end of a tough day at work, all you need is a relaxing, made bed to reflect on your day and coming home to a home that is spick and span. Professional home cleaning service providers will help you regain your peace of mind by ensuring that you come home to a squeaky clean apartment where you can relax and clear your head with utmost serenity.

2. For Your Spouse

Let’s face it, your spouse spends hours and hours cleaning your home every single day of every week and month only to find the house completely upside down the very next day due to the mess you or your children create! Give each other a break. Employ those professional house cleaners for a day every week or so, in order for your spouse can have some time to spend for themselves as well just doing what they likes to do most.

3. To Save Time

It takes at least a good three hours to clean any normal house and ensure that it is spotless. Given a larger house, it would take at least 5 hours to clean all of it, or maybe even longer. Simply put, you would not have to give up time you spend on yourself, or with your friends and family, if you gave away the task of cleaning your home to someone else. By hiring a professional house cleaning service providers you will be able to spend more time on your hobbies. You will also be enjoying things you otherwise would not have been able to do by saving ample time.

4. To Lower Your Stress

If you are always worried about your job, home, kids, car, groceries etc. how would you ever find the time to have eternal peace of mind? It is good to transfer some of the load off your shoulders and onto someone else. This will reduce the burden on you. It is a job and part of the skills that house cleaners are equipped with. Let them handle the home cleaning job. The experience is exactly the same as how food tastes ten times better when someone else makes it for you. Give it a go.

5. Coming Home from Work to a Hygienic House

There is absolutely no feeling better than the feeling you will get when you walk in to an immaculate home and knowing that you do not have to spend even a minute worrying about cleaning the rooms up. A clean home mitigates dust, dirt etc. and reduces the chances of illnesses. House cleaning services are equipped to cleaning even the most inaccessible spaces in your house, leaving the house spotless and germ free.

6. Convenience

Today’s fast paced technological world has become so advanced that you can avail almost any service within the proximity of your household. What could be more convenient than logging on to the home cleaning webpage and scheduling your appointment? Finding a good home cleaning service provider will not be an issue since word of mouth spreads like wildfire. You can even decide on the schedule of cleaning, the budget that suits your pocket and so many other features as well.

7. Professionals are Skilled to do a Better Job

It is true and you have to accept it and move on. No matter how talented you think you are with the tasks at work or at home or in the kitchen, there are somethings that are better left for professionals. A chef belongs in the kitchen and so does the professional house cleaning service deserve to be cleaning your home.

8. State-of-the-art Cleaning Tools & Equipment

Who would want to stock up and buy too many home cleaning costly equipment and pile them up at home? It would be an added mess at home. Home cleaning service providers are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning tools that you will otherwise not be able to afford. So it is a win-win situation for all.

9. Ductwork Cleaning is not for Everyone

Domestic cleaning services require you to not just swipe dust and dirt off the floor and accessible areas. Ductwork cleaning requires proper polishing, scrubbing etc. in order to be properly cleansed. This deep cleansing can only be carried out by a proper home cleaning professional.

10. Fresher Smelling Bathrooms

Photo by Ken Dyck / Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Do you ever bother scrubbing your bathroom floor and toilet once a week? You probably go for the “once every month” option. Well that is absolutely unhygienic and unhealthy for your home! Professional house cleaning services will wash your bathroom hygienically from cleaning out the sinks and faucets to scrubbing the floor and emptying out garbage bins. You can contribute by leaving an air freshener on the sink counter. The cleaner to spray once he/she is done.

So for all those who want to walk into a spotless home after a hectic day, hiring a professional house cleaning services should be on your to-do list!

Crisis Cleaners can help you with all of your house cleaning needs with our top rated house cleaning service!

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How to Hire Home Cleaning Services

Tips to Hire a Home Cleaning Service for the First Time

When looking to hire a home cleaning services company there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Keeping your home clean is not an easy task. Especially when you have to hire someone else to do the job because of your busy schedule. Domestic work is not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to make a choice when it comes to returning home to a sink full of dirty dishes. However, thanks to the wide variety of options available online, you can now even book your maid online.

Services such as these were previously only accessible to the elite class. Over time and with growing availability and access to the internet, everyone can find these services on their own convenience. Even though there are plenty of services and options and features to choose from online, it always good to have prior knowledge of how these services can fool a first-timer and take advantage of their limited knowledge. Therefore, here is a list of tips that can help you make a choice if you are hiring a maid for the first time:

Matthew G. Bisanz [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  • Knowing exactly how long it will take to clean one room in your house

This tip may sound futile at first because who doesn’t know their way around their own house right? Try cleaning your house yourself with a timer on and you will understand its significance. It is important that you know just how long it will take to completely clean a room. For instance for your bedroom how long does it takes to clean all of the dirt, dust and making up the sheets etc. Usually home cleaning services charge per hour. When they take more hours than it actually takes to clean up one room in your house, you know they are trying to trick you by earning more for less work actually being done or demanded.

  • Keeping informed of the market rate for an hour worth of cleaning service

First-timers are usually so desperately looking for someone to take up the job of cleaning their homes that they will do very little to inform themselves of how much their friends or relatives are paying for the service itself. The best way to compare would be your neighbors. Always ask your neighbors for their rates that they pay to their home cleaning services provider. This way you know that you are also being asked a fair price. This will protect you from being cheated. Though be aware some companies have minimum amount of time their maids will spend at a home.

  • Check if you need to actually pre-clean before the cleaner gets home

By pre-clean we mean picking up unnecessary objects that are lying around in the wrong places for example your socks on the floor that your maid will certainly not bother to move out of the way when mopping your floor. Being aware of these small things will help you to make the most of the home cleaning service. Instead of this ending up as additional tasks for you after the maid has left.

  • Staying at home when your maid is hired

It is completely up to you if you wish to be at home or not when the maid is cleaning your house. We suggest you be present for the first one or two times your house in cleaned. This helps to ensure that your home is being cleaned as per your demands. You will even be able to better monitor and guide the maid as and have a better experience overall if you stay at home.

  • Choose which chores you wish to divide between yourself and the maid

It is important to clarify whether you wish to hand over all the cleaning chores to your maid including the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and basements. Or do you wish to keep some tasks to yourself. This could be because they are very important to you or you simply want to save up on cost by saving up on the expense? Try to make sense of which tasks actually need to be hired out. Otherwise you will have to spend hours trying to complete them. For instance, you may be very particular about where your personal belongings are kept around the house. So, you may leave out the dusting part from the home cleaning service and you will save up on the hours the maid is hired as well.


The concerns highlighted above will keep you safe when hiring a home cleaning service for the first time. An advice on tipping would be to check whether the overall cost of the service includes the tipping charges as well. If not, then you can tip about ten percent of the overall cost. Happy cleaning!

Next Steps in Hiring Home Cleaning Services

Contact us at Crisis Cleaners to find out more about our residential cleaning options.

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