Customer Testimonials

“My previous landlord has used Crisis cleaners for years and included the service when I rented his condo- the service was always awesome and extremely thorough. After purchasing our own home, we started using their services and are so incredibly pleased. They are worth every penny and I often want to hug the ladies after they are done. My house smells clean and fresh and looks fantastic. They are super easy to schedule a cleaning. I highly, highly recommend Crisis Cleaners!”
Sarah P., Bethesda, Maryland


“Crisis cleans our house every two weeks. Our cleaner shows up when scheduled and does an outstanding job. We have one girl that is our regular cleaner. She is here anywhere from 3 to 4 hours and does a wonderful job.”


“We have used Crisis Cleaners for about 10 years. Crisis Cleaners does an excellent job of cleaning and are reliable. They send the same employee to our house for each cleaning. They underwent an ownership change several years ago; however, we have not noticed any impact to their services. We have not had any issues regarding theft. Crisis Cleaners does the payroll and social security taxes, so it is one less thing for us to worry about. Sometimes we do have to point out places that needed cleaning. Needless to say, their employees are courteous and they do a good job. I do recommend this company to anyone looking for a cleaning service.”
– Stephen M., Kensington, Maryland


I have used Crisis Cleaners on and off for years. Just since this summer on a regular basis. I have been very pleased with their services. I now use one person every two weeks and specifically ask for her since she is so thorough, timely, and friendly. They are under new management I believe and I like the fact the new owner has an email to reach them when needed (just my personal preference).”
– Trish W., Gaithersburg, Maryland


“Cleaned kitchen, bathrooms and other living areas.” One woman came for 4 hours of work. My husband had been living in the house while I’ve been in Florida. I came up north for a wedding. From past experience when returning to my house and seeing its condition, I decided to have a cleaning service tackle the mess. I hope to make arrangements for regular service.“ – Toby M., Bethesda, Maryland


Our cleaner shows up every two weeks. She vacuums carpets in all rooms, put clean sheets on the bed, damp mops the wood floors and cleans the bathrooms and kitchen. It is an outstanding cleaning for a fair price. My review is based on my actual experience with the person who regularly cleans our house.“
– Betty C., Germantown, Maryland